Audiority SideFilter v1.1 [WiN-OSX] Incl Keygen-R2R
Soft / VST Instruments 11-03-2016
Audiority SideFilter v1.1 [WiN-OSX] Incl Keygen-R2R
Side Filter is special High Pass filter focused on removing bass frequencies from the Side portion of a stereo mix. This filter is very useful to tighten up the low end of your mix or to help you prepare a vinyl ready master. 

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Tek'it Audio Genobazz R v1.3 Tek'it Audio Genobazz R v1.3
Soft / VST Instruments 16-02-2016
Genobazz R is the first anniversary edition of our free monophonic bass synthesizer plugin, with more bass, more acid, more fat sound, inside.

We have added, envelope modulation to the filter, an envelope decay, a filter drive, a BIGGER user interface and numerous improvements over the original Genobazz!
Feature highlights

Based on Genobazz version 1.
8 Waveforms: saw, square, pulse, double sine, saw-pulse, reso1, reso2 and reso3.
8 Filter types: 24dB Fat low-pass, 24dB low-pass, 24dB VCF Ladder, Modulo Filter, 36dB State Variable, Fat filter, 12dB High-pass, Band pass.
Envelope attack, decay, glide and retrigger.
Full MIDI automation support.
Easy MIDI learn on all parameters.
Use 7-bit MIDI Continuous Controller or High resolution 14-bit MIDI NRPN and RPN.
Maximum MIDI pitch bend range selector.

NOTE This plugin is only x86
TBProAudio gEQ12 v1.3.2 AAX RTAS VST3 VST CE-V.R TBProAudio gEQ12 v1.3.2 AAX RTAS VST3 VST CE-V.R
Soft / VST Instruments 15-02-2016
gEQ12 is 12 band stereo/MS graphic equalizer with accurate spectrum analyzer and minimum/linear phase modes. Today's mixing and mastering processes require a full featured but easy to use equalizer which can accurately shape the tone of a track , bus or master track. eEQ12 provides all necessary tools in one package paired with some unique features. 

The display shows the spectrum curve of incoming and outgoing signal. gEQ12 has the unique feature that the outgoing spectrum is directly calculated from incoming spectrum (incoming spectrum - filter curve = outgoing spectrum). This allows you to capture the incoming signal, to freeze it and to modify then the filter curve based on the altered outgoing spectrum. The filter response is controlled by 12 individual filter bands. Each filter band has its own display handle, which can be adjusted by mouse. 

gEQ12 consists of 12 stereo filter in series. Each filter can be configured individually by setting type, stereo placement (all, left/mid and right/side), slope, frequency, gain and q-factor.

gEQ12 offers 9 analog modeled and 8 digital (Butterworth) filter. The filter quality can be increased by using oversampling. This ensures "analog" filter magnitude/phase response near Nyquist frequency. On top of it gEQ12 can operate in several minimum or linear phase modes, which can lower CPU usage and makes filter phase response linear. 

12 independent filter bands, extended frequency range 10Hz - 48kHz
17 filter types, analog/digital design, zero delay IIR
filter slope up to 96dB
independent stereo/left/right/mid/side processing per band
7 processing modes: zero latency, minimum/linear phase
stereo/MS processing (e.g. stereo/mono split)
sample rates up to 192 kHz
"real" over sampling, up to 4x
hi-res spectrum analyzer with 32k FFT based ISO R40 frequencies
pre/post-EQ, average/live spectrum, stereo/left/right/mid/side
narrow-band sweeping mode
spectrum freeze mode
very easy alignment of filter response curve to audio spectrum
sample exact A/B toggle for all processing modes
precise parameter input
large and easy to use GUI
interactive spectrum/EQ display
full DAW automation support, smooth filter frequency change
64-bit internal processing
very efficient CPU usage design
AudioThing Valve Filter VF-1 v1.5.0 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R AudioThing Valve Filter VF-1 v1.5.0 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R
Valve Filter VF-1 is a multimode resonant filter plug-in with vintage valve emulation. The filter section is modelled after a classic ladder filter with low pass and high pass modes. The valve section is modelled after the vintage Telefunken ECC83 tubes but with added grit and custom gain control.


Multimode resonant filter: LP and HP
Valve Emulation with drive
Preset system with randomizer
Formats: AU and VST (32/64bit)
Platforms: OSX, Windows
Rob Papen RP-EQ v1.0.0 MacOSX - HEXWARS Rob Papen RP-EQ v1.0.0 MacOSX - HEXWARS
Soft / VST Instruments 11-12-2015
In the virtual music world there are a countless number of different EQ’s why another one?
Well, Rob Papen is all about sound and he was convinced he could add something special to the EQ plugins.

When you first open RP-EQ in your DAW software you will see that it is far from a basic bread-and-butter equalizer. Unique elements were added to the core equalizer unit.
The toolbox includes a Mid/Side equalizer mode and Mono/Stereo split filter which is used frequently in modern EDM/Dance music styles. The Air section is fantastic on your master channel and the proven X/Y Pad adds a dynamic and creative edge to an already very musical RP-EQ.

In true Rob Papen style, RP–EQ comes with many great presets to get you started and with the 'sound' of RP-EQ you will have a great go to plug-in for your top notch music productions!
SuperWave Sirius v1.0 Incl.Keygen-R2R SuperWave Sirius v1.0 Incl.Keygen-R2R
Soft / VST Instruments 9-12-2015
Sirius is a powerful virtual analogue synthesizer incorporating a Moog Filter for that nostalgic warm and fat analogue sound.

If you're looking for a synthesizer capable of huge leads, pads, strings and basses, then you must check out the Sirius. The Sirius features much of the technology used in the Tarkus synthesizer, but has a Moog 4-Pole 24dB Filter instead of a State Variable Filter. In short, think of the Sirius as a Mini Moog Synthesizer using the Korg MS2000 Block diagram for the sound structure. The Sirius features four sixteen step Sequencers, Arpeggiator and Multi-Effects which include Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Distortion and EQ. If you're lucky enough to own a Korg MS2000, then you can use the MS2000's control surface to edit most of the Sirius's common control parameters.

Side Notes

R2R has decided to release some of their earlier INTERNAL releases to the public today
Noisebud Curello 1.5 WiN Noisebud Curello 1.5 WiN
Soft / VST Instruments 26-10-2015
Curello is a mix and mastering tool to quickly filter out excessive low and hi-end for a tighter bass and correcting phase issues.
One common approach to tighten up the low end and at the same time prepare the audio for both club plays and vinyl production is to put a HiPass filter on the side channel. This is often done in the mastering stage but the more aware producer or sound engineer might this at the mix stage. Curello make that process as easy as sipping coffee.

Changelog 1.5:

Reworked the Warmth process
Changed to knobs instead of switches to be able to control the warmth more
Added a Preview button to Warmth