Inear Display All Plugins Pack WiN
Soft / VST Instruments 22-02-2016
Inear Display All Plugins Pack WiN
This pack contains all Inear Display plugins including manuals. 

Most of these are old/hard to find R2R releases and come with a keygen. To the best of my knowledge these are the final versions before ID merged with Glitchmachines. As such they can be considered prototypes for Glitchmachines' current range of plugins. Don't be fooled though, they are only a couple of years old and are still superb sound-manglers in their own right!

BowEcho v1.1
Bucephal v1.22
Bucephal Legacy version
Danaides v1.0.1
Eurydice CM
Eurydice Legacy Version
Eurydice v1.2
Gorgon v1.0
Oxymore v1.1
R_Mem v1.0
Rmpx4 v1.0.1
SicknDstroy v1.2
Tkapik v1.0.1

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Audified inValve Pro v1.8.0 WiN/OSX Incl.Keygen-R2R Audified inValve Pro v1.8.0 WiN/OSX Incl.Keygen-R2R
Soft / VST Instruments 15-12-2015
Simulation of proven valve devices with exact modeling of analog circuits and valve characteristics.

These affordable plugins were originally prepared for TC PowerCore, but they now run on native platforms (VST2/VST3/AU - not AAX compatible). The latest version is 64 bit and supports the current versions of operating systems. Plug-ins can handle 1-8 channels without a need to use the special multichannel version (standard and multi-channels versions merged into one universal version).

inValve Preamp: a precise software emulation of a tube amplifier. The sound is not affected too much, it adds just warmth and smoothness you need for analog-like mixes

inValve Compressor: emulation of a standard analog compressor utilizing the characteristics of tubes

inValve Equalizer: a four-band parametric equalizer with additional HP and LP filters.


As some of you may know R2R has open up the vault to some of their earlier INTERNAL releases
Mission continues
DDMF Plugins Bundle 2015 WiN/OSX-R2R DDMF Plugins Bundle 2015 WiN/OSX-R2R
Soft / VST Instruments 15-12-2015
LVC-Audio Plugins Pack November 18 2015 By Kleen MAC OSX LVC-Audio Plugins Pack November 18 2015 By Kleen MAC OSX

No Keygen, no license needed!
Cracked are AU - VST 
Great thanks go to our friend Pitchshifter!

- Install from DEMO Installer
- Replace Plug-Ins with Ked 
- Done!
Wave Arts Dialog v1.34 incl.Keygen WiN/MAC Wave Arts Dialog v1.34 incl.Keygen WiN/MAC
Soft / VST Instruments 14-11-2015
Dialog combines in one plug-in all the processing needed to clean up, adjust, and sweeten recordings of the spoken voice. It is perfect for voice-over, film/tv recordings on location or sound stage, and broadcast.

Dialog includes brickwall filters, de-hum and de-buzz processing, broadband noise reduction, de-ploding, de-essing, 10-band equalization, compression, and limiting. Separate presets for each section allow you to get results fast.

The brickwall filters have variable rolloff slopes and can be used to cutoff low or high frequency ranges. The de-hum processor uses notch filters to eliminate 10 harmonics of either 50 Hz or 60 Hz hum. The de-buzz processor squelches nasty line frequency buzzes. The de-noise processor is the stellar sounding MR Noise algorithm with a simplified interface. De-plode and de-ess are custom processors; use de-plode to tame plosive sounds and use de-ess to adjust the amount of sibiliants. The EQ section is the powerful and easy to use TrackPlug equalizer, with 10 bands of equalization, 11 different filter types to choose from, and a variety of presets. The compressor is the TrackPlug Vintage compressor, with presets tailored to voice processing.

Tech Specs: 

10-band EQ section with 11 different filter types and 64-bit processing
Low and high pass brickwall filters with various rolloff slopes
Hum and buzz removal
Broadband noise reduction
De-plode function for plosive or wind rumble attenuation
De-ess function for sibilant attenuation
Peak limiter
Comprehensive metering
Master preset manager and preset manager per section
Latency compensation
Fully automatable
Up to 192K support
Mono or stereo

Wave Arts has updated their plug-ins:

Power Suite - v5.84.
Master Restoration Suite - v5.84.
Tube Saturator 2 - v2.02.
Dialog - v1.34.
Tube Saturator (legacy version) - v1.34.

All formats:
Fixed missing mkl_wavearts.dll in Windows Dialog installer.
Fixed bug that could cause false noise learning trigger in Dialog and MR Noise.
Fixed Dialog limiter enable affecting compress section preset modified.
Increased size of MR Click event buffer to fix display with small audio buffer sizes.
Updated PN and TP section presets to fix missing section preset issues.
Tools->Use As Default now works properly, loads selected preset when GUI opens for the first time.
To cancel "Use As Default", select Tools->Use As Default menu item holding SHIFT key.
Fixed possible crash with Windows 64-bit plugs when closing GUI due to text edit window not deleted.
Main preset bar shows first preset matching current parameters, else modified preset with "*".
Section presets show first preset matching current parameters, else modified preset with "*".
TS2 now reports latency to host for delay compensation.

Installation Notes: Choose Wave Arts in License Method. NOT THE ILOK ONE. And not AAX (ILOK only). Run one of the plugins in your DAW, grab your machine code, run the keygen and generate a key code.
If you don't see your machine code go to the plugin menu Tools / Unlock Plugin. Enjoy. 

MAC Users. Install the plugin, get your Machine Code, and use Parallels or a VM to run the keygen and generate your Key code.
Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle v1.1.8-r1 REPACK [k] 64BiT AU MacOSX Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle v1.1.8-r1 REPACK [k] 64BiT AU MacOSX
Soft / VST Instruments 23-10-2015
Simple Interfaces & Good Audio.
Goodhertz is an audio software company that currently makes audio plugins and licenses audio algorithms for embedding on the Mac & iOS platforms.

— Introducing: Midside
— Tooltips on key controls throughout all plugins. Wondering after the full-name of a control? Just hover.
— Fix for intermittently misrepresented values in controls
— Fix for number-displays in 10.11
A.O.M.Factory Total Bundle Plugins Pack v1.7.3 VST x86 x64 Patched and KeyGen-CHAOS A.O.M.Factory Total Bundle Plugins Pack v1.7.3 VST x86 x64 Patched and KeyGen-CHAOS
Soft / VST Instruments 7-09-2015
Invisible Limiter - transparent mastering limiter
Stereo Imager D - true-stereo image manipulator
Wave Shredder - waveform destruction
tranQuilizr - transparent equalizer
Cyclic Panner - Axis transformation panner 


New features and enhancements

[All Plugins] Supports "Compare” button in hosts.
[All Plugins] Supports control automation in Ableton Live.
[All Plugins] Supports dynamic plug-in latency change.
[All Plugins] Removes GUI update rate throttling. Plugin GUI update rate now depends on host’s callback rate.
[All Plugins] Implements lightweight denormal number handling. This change prevents CPU spike caused by denormal numbers as same as previous implementation, but consumes fewer CPU cycles. SSE3 is now required.
[OSX Plugins] Introduces *.pkg installer.
[Invisible Limiter AAX] Enables "LATENCY” parameter.
[Invisible Limiter, tranQuilizr, Wave Shredder] Supports surround configuration up to 8in/8out. (EXPERIMENTAL)
[tranQuilizr] Improves performance slightly.
[Cyclic Panner] Supports 1in/2out configuration.