FaderPro In The Studio With Thomas Gold TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 14-10-2016
FaderPro In The Studio With Thomas Gold TUTORiAL
In The Studio with Thomas Gold - Learn how to Produce Thomas Gold's "Saints & Sinners" 

Mega DJ & Producer, Thomas Gold has allowed us into his studio to show the world how he makes his music and specifically, how he created his newest single, "Saints & Sinners." He starts with a blank LogicPro session and works through every aspect of the production to its full completion. This is NOT a record deconstruction, this is a full-on step by step, in-studio course showing how an A-List producer & DJ makes his music.

Subjects covered include; creating the lead melody and what key's were used in making that melody, to working with the main vocals and how the vocal influenced his production style, working with Live instruments, including the guitar and how Thomas created guitar sounds in the box, then how he recorded those same parts using a live guitarist, to the arrangement of the sounds and song in its entirety. Thomas goes all the way through how he processed and mixed the record. You'll follow him through the entire creative and beat making process from start to finish.

This course is second to none and we are sure you will enjoy it!

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FaderPro In The Studio with Brian Matrix TUTORiAL FaderPro In The Studio with Brian Matrix TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 10-08-2016
In The Studio with Brian Matrix - Teaching His Production Process of "Get Down" 

In all the years that we at FaderPro have been teaching music production and shooting courses for our producers to learn from, we have never seen such an incredible talent as Brian Matrix. Brian is hands down without a doubt the best modern day music production instructor and mentor we have ever seen. His studios in LA and soon to be Orange County & Las Vegas are packed with everything from internationally known talents to rising stars all seeking the same goal, to make great music and become a better recording artist. Brian has worked side by side with names such as, GTA, Steve Aoki, DJ Vice, Tommy Trash, SNBRN, and numerous others

In this course, Brian takes you through his take on what a Spinnin-Deep record would sound like. A Spinnin Records artist himself under his numerous alias's, he teaches you not just the, "How to" in making a cutting edge record from start to finish, but also, "Why" his creative process will get you faster & more successful results and while always staying in that creative flow .

Subjects covered include, working with the legendary, Steve Duda's plug-in, Nerve, to working with audio samples, Midi vs Audio Bass, working with vocals, processing breakbeat loops, EFX, creating Macros, creating fills, creating movement with pads, energy flow and where & when to add energy and arranging a record from start to finish!

Brian pushes his Ableton software to places even we have never seen before. A course for all levels but a master class in Ableton Live is what you can expect. 
FaderPro Learn Ableton Live with iLL Factor TUTORiAL FaderPro Learn Ableton Live with iLL Factor TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 9-08-2016

Grammy nominated producer and Ableton expert, iLL Factor, teaches the production of "Champion Sound," chosen as the theme song for the video game, Assassins Creed Syndicate. 

Grammy nominated producer and Ableton expert, iLL Factor, brings us a very unique course teaching how he made not just any record, but a record that just received the official license as the theme song for highly anticipated Ubisoft video game, Assassins Creed Syndicate. Producers can learn exactly how this song, that is quickly becoming a YouTube sensation, was made.

Download the session files and follow along step by step as iLL Factor demonstrates each step along the way from start to finish. Like all FaderPro courses, once you complete this course, you will have created your own version of "Champion Sound." 
FaderPro In the Studio with Roger Sanchez TUTORiAL FaderPro In the Studio with Roger Sanchez TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 31-07-2016
This course follows the creative mind of grammy winning DJ/Producer Roger Sanchez and his workflow from start to finish around his latest single, as 'The S-Man' with "Dangerous Thoughts” on his new label - Under The Radar.

Roger will cover everything from setting up the project to building the beat, the arrangement of the song and even adding his own vocals to the record. 

This course is shot in Roger’s new studio and is the exact process he uses for all his record productions. Like all FaderPro courses, the source files will be provided for you so you can follow along and build this record just like he did, all the way until the finish. Stay tuned for free videos from the actual course. 

Software used: Logic & Ableton Live
FaderPro In the Studio with Dale Howard TUTORiAL FaderPro In the Studio with Dale Howard TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 3-05-2016
Over the last few years, Dale Howard has been able to firmly cement himself as a House music purveyor of the highest calibre.

Dale’s steady rise to prominence has seen him gain support from some of the biggest names in the music Industry, including Matthias Tanzmann, Steve Lawler, Jamie Jones, Richie Hawtin, Maya Jane Coles, Kenny Dope, Dennis Ferrer, DJ Sneak, Hot Since 82, Richy Ahmed and Pete Tong. Pete also featured Dale as one of his Future Stars on BBC Radio 1.

A FaderPro personal favorite, we were fortunate to hunt him down and get in the studio with him long enough to shoot a course with him and capture that true "house" sound that he is so well known for.

This course follows a step by step process from start to finish of how Dale Howard creates an original record from scratch. The entire Ableton session is available for you to download so you too can follow along and build a beat side by side with Dale Howard. Over 3+ hours of course content!

From a blank Ableton screen to a fully finished song, he leaves nothing out and covers: Drum sampling, vocals & editing vocals, which vocals to use & why. Working with lead sounds, creating a signature bassline & sound. Arrangement, creating melodies (when & how to), automation and some incredible insight as to how being an international DJ gives him (and you) a vantage point like no other when working in the studio on your own music.
Groove3 First Song with MASCHINE TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE Groove3 First Song with MASCHINE TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE
Soft / Video Lessons 19-09-2015

Ready to make your first song with Native Instrument MASCHINE? Let Maschine guru Mic Thomas show you step by step, how you can use it to create an entire song from start to finish.

Mic starts you off at the beginning with a basic intro to MASCHINE and how to get it ready to capture your ideas. Mic then reveals how to Find Sounds, Make Your First Beat, and use the Step Sequencer.

Once you have your beat laid down, Mic explores how to Add Chords, Melody, a Bass Line, and use MASCHINE's powerful Sampler. With your parts now created, Mic demonstrates how to Arrange, Mix, and Export your song, for all to hear.

If you just picked up MASCHINE and are ready to make your first 
production, or if you're a MASCHINE user looking for new song writing techniques, watch "First Song with MASCHINE" today!