FaderPro In the Studio with Roger Sanchez TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 31-07-2016
FaderPro In the Studio with Roger Sanchez TUTORiAL
This course follows the creative mind of grammy winning DJ/Producer Roger Sanchez and his workflow from start to finish around his latest single, as 'The S-Man' with "Dangerous Thoughts” on his new label - Under The Radar.

Roger will cover everything from setting up the project to building the beat, the arrangement of the song and even adding his own vocals to the record. 

This course is shot in Roger’s new studio and is the exact process he uses for all his record productions. Like all FaderPro courses, the source files will be provided for you so you can follow along and build this record just like he did, all the way until the finish. Stay tuned for free videos from the actual course. 

Software used: Logic & Ableton Live

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Sonic Academy HTM Tech House 2014 with Dirty Secretz TUTORiAL MERRY XMAS Sonic Academy HTM Tech House 2014 with Dirty Secretz TUTORiAL MERRY XMAS
Soft / Video Lessons 8-05-2016
Dirty Secretz is one of house music’s worst-kept secrets and with DJ support for his productions coming from the likes of Roger Sanchez, Andi Durrant, Fatboy Slim, Prok & Fitch and Fedde Le Grande – it’s easy to see why the UK DJ is causing a fuss on both sides of the Atlantic. For his first appearance on Sonic Academy Dirty Secretz AKA Richie shows us how to carve out that unmistakable, signature house groove into each of his tutorials, and how to arrange your productions to get the right impact on that all important dance floor.

Videos Overview
Tutorial 1 - Overview
Topics Covered -
Software - Ableton Live,

Tutorial 2 - The Hook
Topics Covered - Lead Programing,
Software - Ableton Live,

Tutorial 3 - The Drums
Topics Covered - Drum Programing, Drum Processing,
Software - Ableton Live,

Tutorial 4 - The Bass
Topics Covered - Bass Programing, Bass Processing,
Software - Ableton Live,

Tutorial 5 - Basic Arrangement
Topics Covered - Arranging,
Software - Ableton Live,

Tutorial 6 - More Drums
Topics Covered - Drum Programing, Drum Processing,
Software - Ableton Live,

Tutorial 7 - FX
Topics Covered - Spot FX,
Software - Ableton Live,

Tutorial 8 - Stab Mainline
Topics Covered - Stab Programming, Stab Processing,
Software - Ableton Live,

Tutorial 9 - Pad Siren
Topics Covered - Pads Programming, Pads Processing,
Software - Ableton Live,

Tutorial 10 - Tweaking Part 1
Topics Covered - Mixing,
Software - Ableton Live,

Tutorial 11 - Tweaking Part 2
Topics Covered - Mixing,
Software - Ableton Live,

Tutorial 12 - Mastering
Topics Covered - Mastering,
Software - Ableton Live,
FaderPro In the Studio with Dale Howard TUTORiAL FaderPro In the Studio with Dale Howard TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 3-05-2016
Over the last few years, Dale Howard has been able to firmly cement himself as a House music purveyor of the highest calibre.

Dale’s steady rise to prominence has seen him gain support from some of the biggest names in the music Industry, including Matthias Tanzmann, Steve Lawler, Jamie Jones, Richie Hawtin, Maya Jane Coles, Kenny Dope, Dennis Ferrer, DJ Sneak, Hot Since 82, Richy Ahmed and Pete Tong. Pete also featured Dale as one of his Future Stars on BBC Radio 1.

A FaderPro personal favorite, we were fortunate to hunt him down and get in the studio with him long enough to shoot a course with him and capture that true "house" sound that he is so well known for.

This course follows a step by step process from start to finish of how Dale Howard creates an original record from scratch. The entire Ableton session is available for you to download so you too can follow along and build a beat side by side with Dale Howard. Over 3+ hours of course content!

From a blank Ableton screen to a fully finished song, he leaves nothing out and covers: Drum sampling, vocals & editing vocals, which vocals to use & why. Working with lead sounds, creating a signature bassline & sound. Arrangement, creating melodies (when & how to), automation and some incredible insight as to how being an international DJ gives him (and you) a vantage point like no other when working in the studio on your own music.
Fader Pro Toolroom Academy Vocal House with Funkagenda TUTORiAL Fader Pro Toolroom Academy Vocal House with Funkagenda TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 27-04-2016
Toolroom Academy & FaderPro are excited to bring you the Ultimate Masterclass in learning how to produce Toolroom Vocal House featuring Funkagenda.

In addition to the full course which uses a classic vocal from the legendary, Roland Clark, Funkagenda also teaches an awesome section on Mixing & Mastering the record to teach you how to finish your record to completion and create that signature Toolroom sound.

In addition to the 4+ hours of In Studio content, we have also provided you with the full session that Funkagenda uses to produce the record + a bonus FREE download of the entire Toolroom All-Stars Vocal sample pack which contains over 350 megs of classic Toolroom vocals to use on your future productions.

This course covers everything from choosing the right vocal and how to match that vocal with the key of your record, to creating drums, EQ, compression, creating melodies, adding piano and signature sounds, producing the perfect bass, arrangement, creating macros, time-stretching, bussing, mixing & mastering and so much more!
Pro Studio Live Bob Horn Rock Mixing Session TUTORiAL Pro Studio Live Bob Horn Rock Mixing Session TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 25-04-2016
Learn from Grammy Award Winning Bob Horn as he Mixes a Rock Song from Start to Finish. 

Watch Bob Horn, a Grammy Award winning mixing engineer who's worked with artists such as, Usher, Timbaland, Akon, Ne-Yo, Brian Culbertson, Macy Gray, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, and many more, mix a song from the band Mayfield from start to finish. You'll see the whole mixing process from drums, bass, guitars vocals, automation and much more. 

First, Bob will show you the tracks that he is working on and the edits he made in order to facilitate his mixing style. This session was recorded by Bob Horn at Signature Sound, which you can find in our archives if you want to see how this was tracked more in depth. This is a pop rock song that has traditional elements like drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars and vocals. Bob Horn will pick out details in each element he adds to the mix and will address them with his own techniques. Not only does he demonstrate his favorite gear, but he will also explain why and in which cases it’s useful. He will mix mostly in the box but he will also use some of his outboard gear. By watching every move Bob Horn makes, you will get to see and hear why his decisions are so effective and his mixing workflow so efficient.

Topics include:

Episode 1
Getting familiar with tracks
Session set up and bus routing
Drum processing
Enhancing drums with samples

Episode 2
Parallel drum compression
Bass compression and eq
Side chain compression
Black Box HG-2 on master bus
Electric guitar processing
Mixing through guitar pedals
Slap delay on guitars

Episode 3
Miscellaneous mixing decisions he took while we were on break
More details on the HG-2
Master bus processing
Mixing in a guitar solo
Vocal effects
Mixing in claps
Mixing in main vocals
Slap delay on vocals

Episode 4 
Widening a guitar track with Ozone imager
Vocal processing
Locomotive compressor on vocals
Final adjustments and automation
Final questions

Sonic Academy How to Make Tech House 2011 R3 TUTORIAL-SYNTHIC4TE Sonic Academy How to Make Tech House 2011 R3 TUTORIAL-SYNTHIC4TE
Soft / Video Lessons 4-04-2016
In this course we take an indepth look at creating, editing and manipulating sampled loops to creat a fresh tech house track.

Videos Overview

Tutorial 1 - Slicing Loops using Recycle and Audacity
Tutorial 2 - Creating Unique Loops using sample slices
Tutorial 3 - Layering Drum Loops
Tutorial 4 - Layering Drum Loops Part 2
Tutorial 5 - Adding 808 and Sylenth Bass
Tutorial 6 - Refining the Groove
Tutorial 7 - Percussion Reverb
Tutorial 8 - Creating Glide Bass
Tutorial 9 - Using Percussion as a Main Riff
Tutorial 10 - Adding Vocal Hits
Tutorial 11 - Final Groove Tweaks
Tutorial 12 - Shortening Groove Length
Tutorial 13 - Basic Mastering
Tutorial 14 - Sorting Dynamics
Tutorial 15 - Adding Stabs
Tutorial 16 - Rough Arranging
Tutorial 17 - Pitching and timing percussion
Tutorial 18 - Adding snares and ride cymbal
Tutorial 19 - Adding Feedback Delay FX
Tutorial 20 - Reverb Riser
Tutorial 21 - Adding More Vocals
Tutorial 22 - Adding FX to Vocals
Tutorial 23 - Arranging the Intro
Tutorial 24 - Arranging the Middle Section
Tutorial 25 - Arranging the Middle Section
Tutorial 26 - Arranging the End
Tutorial 27 - Finish

Ableton Live


Project Files included

ADSR Sounds Electronic Music Production with Ableton Live TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE ADSR Sounds Electronic Music Production with Ableton Live TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE
Soft / Video Lessons 21-09-2015
Ableton Live 9 is the latest and greatest music software for electronic music. Whether you’re completely fresh to music production or looking to switch to Ableton Live, this is the course for you.

This complete course has over 9 hours of world class tuition from one of the planet’s leading trainers.

Join Ableton Certified Trainer and music producer Simon Stokes (Soma Records) as he guides you on how to create electronic music from start to finish in Ableton Live.

Ableton Live Made Simple!

If you love music, then producing your own is a no-brainer!

But learning your software of choice can be a daunting prospect.

That’s where Shoogle Studios come in, with this incredible comprehensive guide to electronic music production using Ableton Live.

With more than 9 hours of tuition you’ll learn about how to put together a full track from start to finish, with 20 included Ableton Live projects to show you the different stages of putting together an incredible track.

You’ll learn how to construct beats, use audio effects, manipulate audio and synthesisers, mix down and arrange your track plus a whole lot more!

Taught by one of the leading Ableton Certified Trainers who is an active music producer touring the UK and Europe, you know you’re in safe hands.

With this course you’ll get:

Over 540 minutes (9 hours) of world class tuition!50 comprehensive videos covering building a full track in Ableton Live!
20 Ableton Live projects relating to the videos
Create your own house, techno or any other style of electronic music!
A ‘cheat sheet’ of shortcuts to print off!