Ask Video Dance Music Styles 102 Dubstep TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 24-01-2018
Ask Video Dance Music Styles 102 Dubstep TUTORiAL
Since dubstep was first invented in the late '90s, it has become a mainstay of electronic music. Up your Dubstep game with this 21-tutorial course by pro music producer and sound designer, Adam Pollard – AKA Multiplier.

This collection of tutorials by Dance music producer, Multiplier, is designed to give you a deep understanding of what, exactly, Dubstep is all about. You learn how to create both the composition and extreme audio signal processing to get your tracks the attention they need to be heard.

Adam (Multiplier) first shows you the ropes of Dubstep songwriting. He then gets right into the sound design, where each element of your beat is carefully sculpted, one piece at a time. Once you’ve got the raw materials, he reveals industry standard processing techniques as well as more unconventional methods to ensure that your Dubstep tracks turn heads.

Wrapping up this course, Adam shows you the 3 most common mistakes that Dubstep producers make. This is invaluable information that electronic musicians everywhere wish they had known when they were starting out. So don’t fumble around trying to get that Dubstep sound. Find it right here and rise above the crowd with "Dance Music Styles 102: Dubstep” by Adam (Multiplier) Pollard.

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Adam Pollard (A.K.A. Multiplier) –cutting-edge electronic dance music producer– created this exclusive Dubstep Drills course to provide you with an EDM arsenal of his Dubstep production techniques. It’s not to be missed!

When you listen to Adam Pollard’s music you can hear, right away, that there is something really sonically powerful going on. It’s because he’s a total perfectionist in the way he uses his production tools and he’s a creative genius in how he sculpts all the myriad elements of an electronic music track. We’re excited to have him creating courses exclusively for us!