Sonic Academy How To Use Spire with Echo Sound Works TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 9-07-2016
Sonic Academy How To Use Spire with Echo Sound Works TUTORiAL
Echo Sound Works shows you what he does when he first opens a new synth, to get an understanding of the synths strengths.

Sonic Academy proudly presents 'How To Use Spire with Echo Sound Works' A massive course for a massive synth. Here 'Echo Sound Works' takes an in-depth look at a synth that appears on many top producers kit lists. Spire is a versatile hybrid synthesizer that combines powerful sound engine, simple user interface and flexible modulation architecture. We look at all the different synth engine types, explain all the filter controls and where and when to use them, and delve into the power mod matrix and step sequencer possibilities, all expertly guided by one of the worlds best tutors and sound designers. If you liked 'Echo Sound Works' NI Massive course, then you'll love this!

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Echo Sound Works leaves no stone unturned with almost 7 hours of in depth video content! This course literally explains and demonstrates everything you need to know about OVO and Future RnB.

From a listen-and-learn style review of current OVO styled productions; to an indepth walkthrough of critical OVO sounds including drums, basses, leads and more; right through to building drum grooves, writing melodies and chord progressions as well as essential mixing tips and tricks for OVO.

As an added bonus, you also receive the OVO drum kit used in the tutorial course and three 808 instruments formatted in a custom instrument for NI Kontakt.

Learn the theory, watch it in action, Make the Music!

Learn how to create OVO style sounds and songs
Improve your Production & Mixing Skills
7 Hours of Practical Video Instruction
Bonus Drum kit and 808 Kontakt instruments

This course kicks off a new series on ADSR called GET THAT SOUND – a series of in depth tutorial courses that teach you how to achieve some of electronic music’s hottest sounds and genres. Learn how to audition, create and arrange all the sonic elements that go into record breaking track.
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Taking apart this stadium filling genre, 'Echo Sound Works' expertly guides you through every nuance and twist in what is the world's most popular sound today. Right from the first video where he crafts the chords, he goes into enormous detail on every aspect of this sound showing you how to achieve a world class production standard.

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In this collection delivered by both 'Echo Sound Works' and 'Chris Agnelli', you will get essential production tips like how to tempo sync a reverb for those big room lead lines, make super big super saws in NI's 'Massive', Mid Side EQing for synths, and lastly, quick and easy sample search in Logic's EXS24.

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In this tutorial course, Echo Sound Works walks you through the complex but rewarding world of all things additive synthesis. Additive Synthesis is one of the three main forms of synthesis. It’s actually the oldest form of sound synthesis. It’s methods and techniques predate subtractive and FM synthesis.

Featuring more than 60 minutes of intensive video tuition, this course is broken up into 5 parts and covers everything from the theory behind Additive Synthesis to how to make sounds using harmonics and partials.
Echo Sound Works Alchemy First Look ( Logic 10.2 Update ) TUTORiAL Echo Sound Works Alchemy First Look ( Logic 10.2 Update ) TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 28-08-2015
In this video, Echo Sound Works walks you through some of the features in the new Logic 10.2 synth Alchemy (previously from Camel Audio).

Alchemy transforms everything.

Logic Pro X now includes Alchemy, a powerful sample-manipulation synthesizer.

Quickly find and shape sounds from the massive Alchemy library or create your own with a choice of synthesis engines and advanced morphing tools.

Produce inspiring sounds with analog-modeled filters, multiple modulation sources, an integrated arpeggiator, and a broad range of effects.

Massive library. Powerful browser.

The expansive Alchemy library delivers diverse and inspiring sounds. Find sounds for any kind of music — from EDM to Hip Hop and a wide range of emerging styles.

Easily pinpoint the right sound from over 3000 presets with the keyword browser. Select category, timbre, and articulation keywords to serve up the perfect set of useful sounds.

Then organize your favorites with star ratings and custom keywords.

Performance Controls.

Easily explore and play with sounds. Click and drag on the Transform Pad to smoothly transition between eight sound variations.

All sounds provide thoughtfully designed Performance Controls that you can customize to suit your creative needs. And you can automate controls to add intricate and compelling movement to any Alchemy track.

One monster of a synth.

Alchemy is a powerhouse synthesizer offering multiple types of synthesis in the same plug-in. Choose and combine up to four of the synth engines, which include additive, spectral, formant, granular, and virtual analog. Add a robust sampler that can import EXS24 instruments and your creative potential is limitless.