Particular Spectrality Dark Spatial Impulses WAV TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 30-03-2016
Particular Spectrality Dark Spatial Impulses WAV TUTORiAL
Spectrality: Dark Spatial Impulses' builds upon knowledge gathered over the last Spectrality AIR libraries. Particular set out to create some really dark and twisted impulses that still has that airy lushness to them. Suitable for just about any style craving great reverberation effects with a dark edge to them.

Created in the same way as the previous instalments, by playing very short bursts of broadband sounds through a diverse range of hardware effects, this pack has been focused much more on dark tonal and resonant post-processing to get that dark twist and depth into the impulses. 

To keep the air, or sometimes artificially insert it, the same technique has been used as in the AIR series and every impulse has been sweet-spotted through a set of Pultec clone tube filters, a Clariphonic parallell filter and a set of Rupert Neve Portico 542 tape saturators to get every impulse into ultimate shape before recording it.

Bear in mind that your convolution plugin through this process becomes a combination of reverb, high end equaliser and resonator, creating all kinds of responsive dark and eerie tones, chords and acoustical spaces for your sounds to shimmer through. Also, some impulses have a stronger inherent tone in the broadband noise, so watch your speakers. Total alignment in pitch might cause recursive feedback.

In detail expect to find 149 impulses sorted into 'Large' and 'Medium'. As stated in the folder names, the 'Medium' impulses are between 6 - 15 seconds long and 'Large' between 15 - 22 seconds long. 

Number in folders correlate to impulse length. The higher the number, the longer the impulse, across both folders. 

All impulses in the demo are loaded into SIR2 by Christian Knufinke.

Product Specifications:

• 149 Impulses
• 24-Bit WAV
• 48kHz

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Jeroen Snik aka Icicle is a household name in the electronic music scene, having released on some of drum and bass’s most renowned labels, including Hospital Records, Critical Music, and Shogun Audio. His 2011 debut album ‘Under the Ice’ received widespread critical acclaim, and this was followed up in 2015 by ‘Entropy’, topping DnB charts worldwide and spawning the Entropy Live tour, an audio-visual experience like no other. Icicle has always been hugely respected for his intricate sound design and meticulous productions, which have won him plaudits across the globe and cemented his place as one of DnB’s biggest names.

In this course, Icicle provides a real insight into his detailed production methods, sharing with you a variety of useful tips and tricks. He shows you how to create all the elements of a heavy DnB track, kicking off with some FM synthesised drums. After these are processed with FabFilter plugins, Icicle proceeds to create a warping resampled bassline in FM8 and some FX risers with Massive. The course concludes with a guide to mixing and arrangement, providing you with the knowledge needed to create tense builds and earth-shattering drops.


Module 1 - Using an Analyser 
The course kicks off with a look at the importance of using a spectrum analyser, specifically Voxengo's Span plugin, which is a free download.

Module 2 - Synthesising a Kick
Icicle teaches how to synthesise a punchy kick from scratch using Ableton's Operator synth, and then resamples it.

Module 3 - Kick Drum Processing
The kick drum from the previous module is processed using a selection of FabFilter plugins to create a powerful kick that will cut through the mix.

Module 4 - Creating an FM Snare
Icicle walks through the creation of a crisp DnB snare, synthesised from scratch with Native Instruments FM8 plugin.

Module 5 - Building a Drum Loop
This video shows the construction and processing of a basic DnB loop, using the kick and snare from previous modules, along with some hi hats to add some high frequency elements.

Module 6 - Slicing the Loop
Icicle shows how to slice the drum loop to a MIDI clip, that can be controlled by a variety of macros, and can also be saved to be used in other projects.

Module 7 - Making an FM Bass Sound
Using FM8, Icicle walks through the principles of FM synthesis, before applying this knowledge to create a dark, warping bassline.

Module 8 - Processing the Bass
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Module 9 - Bussing
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Module 10 - Mixing Part 1
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Module 16 - Finishing Touches
The course concludes with the addition of some crashes from Kontakt's sample library to fill out the intro and build up sections.
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Soft / Video Lessons 3-02-2016
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Timo Preece is a master sound designer. In this exclusive "docu-torial”, you join him on a audio journey recording objects found in a derelict Nazi ballroom and the abandoned, former Stasi counter-intelligence headquarters. With a camera crew and a cool collection of mics and field recorders, he records all kinds of strange and wonderful audio from old metal pipes, ghostly pianos to eerily reverberant former torture chambers.

Along the journey you learn all about field-recording with all of its technical challenges. Timo explains different kinds of microphone recording techniques using X/Y mic placement, ORTF, Spaced Pair and more. You also learn reamping and worldizing techniques that’ll turn any pre-recorded sound into a symphony of electro-acoustic goodness.

The final section of this course explains the science and art of creating your own impulse responses. Timo records the acoustic ambient fingerprints of these decrepit locations and then he shows you how to convolve them with any sound in your library. These convolutions, essentially, bring the essence of field-recording environments directly into your DAW enabling you to infuse any sound with the spaces that you’ve recorded.
QuantizeCourses Stabs and Harmony Video Course TUTORiAL QuantizeCourses Stabs and Harmony Video Course TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 2-12-2015
Learn how make music that touches your listener’s emotions. Create tracks that are dark and edgy or uplifting and euphoric. Make music people will remember.

If you’ve struggled with music theory before, this is for you.

Product Description
This is a downloadable pack consisting of around 4.75 hours of HD tutorials demonstrating step by step techniques and an Ableton Live 9 set containing all of the examples from the course. The tutorials cover innovative techniques for designing classic and unique sounds that fit perfectly with underground club music.
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This course will teach you how to understand some of the popular adjectives used to describe audio.

This course consists of the explanations of popular adjectives used to describe audio.

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This three part course starts out with a collection of tutorials that explore rhythmic processing. Here, Diego shows you how to create a complete percussion ensemble from a single recording of guitar strings being struck with sticks. The audio processing chain that he's designed is a signal flow masterpiece. It’s like he creates something out of nothing. It’s truly magical.

Next, Diego takes you on a convolution journey. Here is where you learn how to create unusual and stunning impulse responses that become resonant models that you can use to further modify and convolve regular audio into morphed, spectrally sublime versions of the originals. This is not to be missed!

Part 3 of this course teaches you how to creatively capture, modify and perform sound in ways that open up your imagination like no other recording course anywhere. With his inventive microphone and acoustical recording techniques Diego, like a hi-tech, sonic surgeon, microscopically inserts microphones into places where sounds are born to capture their very audio essence. Watch and see how these close-up, molecular stereo miking techniques and acoustic processing strategies reveal audio landscapes and percussion sounds that cannot be produced any other way.

Want to be sonically inspired? Watch this course!
Sonic Academy How To Make Techno 2015 with Vince Watson TUTORiAL Sonic Academy How To Make Techno 2015 with Vince Watson TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 17-09-2015
Sonic Academy proudly presents ‘How To Make Techno 2015 with Vince Watson’ in Ableton. 

Vince servers up another slice of dark melodic techno, with moody moog baselines, dirty Detroit stabs and strings, techie trade mark 909 drums. Taking us through the setting up of your project, programming and grouping processing the drums, modulating the stab and arps to create real movement through to designing and manipulating drop effects to make the production come alive. 

Vince is master of the melodic, the dark and the deep having released on Bedrock, Cocoon, Ovum and Planet E - this guys, is one not to be miss