Udemy Piano Building Blocks Learn the 24 Most Common Chords TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 27-11-2017
Udemy Piano Building Blocks Learn the 24 Most Common Chords TUTORiAL
Simple guide to the 24 most common piano chords. With them, you'll be able to play about 95% of all popular songs.

Playing the piano doesn't need to be complicated. All you need is to learn the building blocks.

Get ready to learn the basic building blocks of all music: chords. You'll learn to put them together to play popular songs like Counting Stars by OneRepublic, Viva la Vida by Coldplay, Oceans by Hillsong United and many more!

Experienced instructor Nathan Lawrence guides you step by step through the process of learning to play piano by chord. Many online piano methods teach you what you need to know, but in an impersonal way. You might be able to see the piano and what to play, but there’s no human being there to make it feel like you’re learning in a personal lesson setting. That’s why this course has a fundamentally different approach. Every lesson is taught with a simultaneous view of both your teacher and the keyboard, as if you’re looking in a mirror.

Piano Building Blocks uses one-of-a-kind, shape-based approach to chord learning. All 24 major and minor chords are taught in intuitive groups by hand position shape, with basic descriptions like "mountain” or "valley” to help you remember how to place your hand.

With each group of chords you’ll learn a popular song that uses those shapes.

This course focuses on right hand, root position chords and covers every major and minor chord. It also gives you tips on what to do to improvise with your left hand. You'll get a small sneak preview of content that you’ll learn in future courses–like chord inversions and more complex chords such as diminished, augmented, or 7th chords.

You’ll be able to play simple versions of the vast majority of popular songs after learning these 24 building blocks.

The only way to reach your goal is to take the first step.

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Udemy Quick & Easy Piano Chords: Play more songs with more chords TUTORiAL Udemy Quick & Easy Piano Chords: Play more songs with more chords TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 29-02-2016
85 piano chords to learn or use as a video chord book. More chords, more songs. Know more chords & play with confidence

Learning to play piano or keyboard is a wonderful thing to do. It takes time but every minute spent learning piano is worth it.

Anyone who has learned the basics will love learning these chords.

Anyone who knows nothing about piano will love learning these chords. (beginner lessons are included.)

Being able to play in a wide range of keys is essential if you want to play with a band. Or for that matter to play at home. Imagine playing for someone who cannot sing in the key you know. You can easily change key if you know this many chords.

You could find a new song in a key you don't know, not if you know this many chords. Or if you don't know the chords for a particular key, have a ready lesson source, to teach you how to play the chords required.

Are you using your fingers properly for the chords you do know? Get it wrong and it will be difficult to move on to the next chord. That’s where Quick and Easy Piano Chords comes in.

Quick and Easy Piano chords is designed by a qualified piano teacher to teach over 80 chords in 17 keys, so that you will only have to learn songs, you already know the chords.

Ideally the course is suitable for someone who has learned the basics, knows their fingers and their notes and wishes to increase their chord knowledge. Of course anyone even just starting out could take the course. A video on finger numbers and a second one on notes of the piano is included, so it is suitable for even a total beginner.

The course consists of:

HD Video lessons- so that you can clearly see how you should be playing each chord.
High Quality Sound- so you can here how you should sound when playing your chord.
All Major, Minor, Major 7, Minor 7 & 7th chords in 17 keys covered- so one chord course will be all you need.
Teaching is provided by a qualified piano teacher, who will only teach you the correct way to play each chord. Just as she would teach you if you were a private student coming to her school for lessons.
Proper fingering taught for both left and right hands, to ensure you play properly and can reach all of the chords, even the difficult to reach chords.
Can be used as a teaching course to teach you all or some of the chords you wish to learn, or as a video chord book for you to check chords you have forgotten and need refreshing.
Each chord is taught in an individual video to ensure quick and easy access any chord.
In order to take the course, you will need
A piano or keyboard
A means of accessing the internet which can be
A computer
A tablet
In fact anything that can play video
A printer to print the documents but this is not essential as they can be viewed on screen
Udemy Piano Lessons How To Play Piano The Fun, Fast & Easy Way TUTORiAL Udemy Piano Lessons How To Play Piano The Fun, Fast & Easy Way TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 7-02-2016
Learn How To Play The Piano And Keyboard Quickly And Easily. A New Approach To Playing Piano For Beginners.

Yes You Can! You Can Learn Piano or Keyboard!

Imagine being able to sit at the piano and play beautiful, entertaining music. The joy and reward that playing the piano brings is unmatched.

You can certainly learn to play the piano or keyboard, thanks to the many, perfectly explained lessons in this course. Everything is broken down to its very basics so that you can totally and perfectly grasp each concept presented.

In this beginner's piano course, you will learn how to play the piano in a way that is fun, fast and easy. Traditionally, piano lessons have been very boring. Most learners and even music teachers will tell you that it's because of the absolute focus on the most uninspiring aspects of music theory. In this course, the lecturer takes a different approach to get you playing quickly. You learn the fundamentals of reading sheet music only towards the end.

This piano lessons course will teach you how to play the piano in a well-presented step by step manner. It starts with very basic, easy lessons and continues to build upon this, lecture after lecture. By the end of this course, you will have all the knowledge you need to totally understand piano and keyboard playing. By doing the various exercises, watching videos and putting in the time, you will be able to play songs, from very simple, to popular hit songs that you hear on the radio.

Here's a preview of what you will learn in this course.

The piano keyboard. The names of the keys. White and black keys. Pattern of black keys. Repetition. Finger numbers.
Enharmonics. What are sharps and flats? Location of C and F will help you find the other keys.
Major scales: C, D, E, F, G and A major. Correct fingering for right and left hand. Major scale formula for every key.
How to form basic major and minor chords. Chord formulas.
The keys of C, D, E, F, G and A major. Basic chords in these keys. I IV V vi Chords.
Major and minor chords in all keys. Chord diagrams.
How to play chords in root position, 1st and 2nd inversions. Voice Leading.
Play chords and melodies to simple songs and more advanced pop songs.
How to play common chord progressions for popular songs. Voice leading, fingering and chord inversions.
More advanced chords. How to play dominant 7th, major 7th, minor 7th, diminished and augmented chords.
How to read notes on the bass and treble clef. Quarter, half and whole notes. Timing.
And much, much more.
If you want to learn how to play piano and keyboard, you absolutely need this course.

Udemy Play ANY Major or Minor Scale and Triad on the Piano Instantly TUTORiAL Udemy Play ANY Major or Minor Scale and Triad on the Piano Instantly TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 29-12-2015
Discover several easy to follow formulas that even a child can use to play chords and scales on the piano!

Course Updated: September 2015

Are you tired of being frustrated with your piano teacher?

Do even the basics of music theory make your head hurt?

Remove the stress from playing the piano!

You will learn the basics of playing the piano in on easy course. And the best of all is you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to get started.

The course material is very easy to understand (even a five year old can take this course).

Check out what students are saying:

"I RECOMMEND this course to ANYONE who wants to learn the basics of piano. Dude, after 4 months of piano lesson, I NEVER learned major and minor keys that easily. Thank you for this course!"

"this is a very basic course for beginners, but gives you the foundation building blocks with which to build your playing on. It's a short course but gives you scales chords and exercises you can go on to practice and improve on in your own time. I like his style, it was enjoyable to go through."

"It is a short course but it discusses some complex things within a short time. Short and too the point. The lecture on scales is pretty good too. You have a good deep voice by the way! Thumbs up =)"

I walk you step by step how to:

Quickly navigate the piano
Play half steps and whole steps
Play any major or minor scale on the piano
Play any major or minor basic chord on the piano
And much, much, more
Best of all this is a risk free opportunity! Try it out for 30 days and get your money back if it doesn't meet your expectations. I bet your piano teacher won't do that!

Udemy Piano for Complete Beginners: Learn your first song today! TUTORiAL Udemy Piano for Complete Beginners: Learn your first song today! TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 14-11-2015
Learn your first song and the building blocks needed to play any other song!

This introductory course to the Piano is aimed at complete beginners and will teach you everything you need to know to play your first song.

By the end of the course you have learned the following:

Step By Step

How to label all the notes on the Piano (white and black)
Identify reference notes
Notes and how they relate to each other
Understand MAJOR and MINOR chords (and learn how to work out ANY chord you want)
Basic terminology of the Piano
Read a chord chart
The correct way to hold your hands
Use the pedal
Play your first song with both hands (Let It Be, The Beatles)
Learn the tools needed to to play ANY song you want!
This course is for the complete beginner. No prior knowledge is needed!

Join me in this comprehensive, step-by-step course designed to give you the building blocks and tools to apply what you learn to anything.

Udemy What you can learn before Piano Lessons TUTORiAL Udemy What you can learn before Piano Lessons TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 6-09-2015
This course covers what I often teach young children for 3-9 months of beginning piano lessons. What a 6 year old do it.

Learn the basics of piano before you even go to a teacher.

We will teach you good practice habits and easy ways for your kids to do them everyday. In this course we will show that a 4,5, or 6 year old can learn how to do this because a 6 year old will be helping to teach it.

What you learn in this course;

Scales (Scales are the building blocks of almost all our modern songs, in this course we show them their first scale and how to build off of that)
Chords ( Under every melody we have chords. In this course they will learn to play them and sing along with them.)
Finger Exercises (We will show them how to do basic exercises that will strengthen their fingers for the upcoming songs)
Simple Songs ( Everyone plays better with something that they like. We picked four songs that are easy and fun for them to play.)
Who is this course for:
Udemy Piano: Incredibly Quick and Easy Shapes Based System TUTORiAL Udemy Piano: Incredibly Quick and Easy Shapes Based System TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 1-12-2017
Why didn't I know this before!? Here we simplify the piano using no notation so that you can play any pop song you want.

Everyone would love to be able to play the piano but most people believe the piano is too hard to play and that you have to read music to do it. This is simply not true and we have plenty of great reviews that prove this point.