Groove3 Extended FX Chains in Studio One 3 TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 6-03-2016
Groove3 Extended FX Chains in Studio One 3 TUTORiAL
PreSonus gives you massive flexibility when creating effect chains using Extended FX Racks in Studio One 3. In this 8-video tutorial series, Studio One expert Bill Edstrom demonstrates how to create and use this innovative and powerful Studio One 3 feature.

Bill starts with an explanation of what Extended FX Chains are all about, followed by a complete UI walkthrough. Next, he demonstrates how to use the Splitter Module to create more advanced effects chains and how to set up a "New York Style" parallel compression Extended FX Chain.

From there, Bill explores how to map parameters from an Extended FX Chain to the Macro Controls, and how to Scale using Transitions with Extended FX Chains. After that, Bill demonstrates using the X-Y Pad Control with Extended FX Chains. Wrapping it up, Bill ends the series with eight examples of creative uses for Extended FX Chains.

Whether you're new to Extended FX Chains yet, or you're an experienced user looking for a deeper understanding of them, watch "Extended FX Chains in Studio One 3" today! 

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Groove3 Studio One 3.2 Update Explained TUTORiAL Groove3 Studio One 3.2 Update Explained TUTORiAL
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Chock full of new features, Presonus expert Bill Edstrom walks you through all the new enhancements in Studio One 3.2 and demonstrates how you can use them in your sessions!

Bill starts with an exploration of the new Console Shaper, the first new Mix Engine effects processor included with Studio One and how to use it to sweeten your sound with analog console emulation.

Next, Bill demonstrates how you can use the new VCA Faders to create mixing groups and how to use the new VCA Folder Tracks feature to create a VCA for all the tracks in a folder for better control when mixing.

From there, Bill explores all the new Tab-to-Transient modifiers, and changes to the Smart Arrow, QuickZoom, and Automation Bracket tools. After that, he covers the new Track Console Sync and Transport options.

Bill now focuses on Selecting and Dragging improvements such as how to use the new Select to Start or Select to End commands. From there, Instrument Part to Audio Event and dragging effects around is discussed.

Moving on, Bill teaches you quick ways to open the Channel Editor and access new Appearance options. Finally, he covers the improvements to Comping and how to incorporate them in your workflow.

Whether you're new to Studio One 3, or you're an existing user looking for the lowdown on the new features in 3.2, don't miss "Studio One 3.2 Update Explained"!
Groove3 Master Mix Explained TUTORiAL Groove3 Master Mix Explained TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 27-02-2016
Master Mix, Tracktion's powerhouse mastering plug-in, includes six high end processing blocks as well as other sonic utilities. In this tutorial video series, studio guru Bill Edstrom dives deep and teaches you how to surgically correct your mixes and more with Master Mix.

Bill begins with a video on Master Mix's signal flow through its six processor blocks. The next video walks you through the Master Mix UI, including how to load presets and activate and deactivate the various processors.

After that, Bill starts demonstrating the various elements of Master Mix with a video on faders and meters. That leads into an explanation of the PreEQ module, and how to utilize it's various filters.

Moving on you'll learn about the 3-Band dynamics processor, the dynamics contour editor and how to set up compression for each band, as well as how to add notes for additional tone shaping.

Bill then covers the Post EQ, along with offering advice on when to use post EQ vs. Pre EQ. Cool creative uses are then shown for inspiration when using Master Mix.

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Groove3 Studio One 3 Tips & Tricks Vol 2 TUTORiAL Groove3 Studio One 3 Tips & Tricks Vol 2 TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 22-02-2016
Michael Tomblin is back with another batch of creative tips and tricks when working with Presonus Studio One 3! In this video tutorial series you'll learn classic production and mixing techniques using Studio One 3's built-in features and effects.

Michael starts with demonstrating the benefits of using the Pro EQ to clean up a mix, and then shows you how to add realism to virtual instruments by using fades. Next, Michael shows you how to use the powerful new Note FX feature to add groove to a MIDI track.

Michael then explores ways in which you can use the PreSonus Fat Channel to emulate the workflow of using a physical mixing desk. This leads into two videos demonstrating how to create console-style FX channels in Studio One 3.

Finally, Michael shares cool, creative tips on how to use the PreSonus Binaural Pan plug-in to enhance your mix. Whether you're new to Studio One 3 or an experienced user looking to pick up more creative tips and tricks, don't miss "Studio One 3 Tips & Tricks Vol. 2"!
Groove3 SPL Transient Designer Plus Explained TUTORiAL Groove3 SPL Transient Designer Plus Explained TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 18-02-2016
In this in-depth tutorial series, studio guru Bill Edstrom teaches you how to use and abuse this latest version of SPL's secret weapon for controlling transients, Transient Designer Plus!

Bill begins with an overview of what Transient Designer Plus can offer you, which segues into a walkthrough of the plug-in's UI.

Next, Bill demonstrates the two main controls of the plug-in, the Attack and Sustain knobs. That leads into an exploration of one of the new features of Transient Designer Plus, its Soft Clip Limiter.

Bill covers both the internal and external side chains in separate videos, showing you how you can use them to key off key rhythmic sources such as a kick or snare, and how to impart the transient envelope of one track to another track.

Bill then demonstrates all of this with demo videos. First, he fixes a hi-hat in a loop, then processes a kick, snare, bass, and room mics using Transient Designer Plus. Finally, he creatively processes a reverb return to create a cool rhythmic effect.

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Groove3 Sidechaining in Studio One 3 TUTORiAL Groove3 Sidechaining in Studio One 3 TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 16-11-2015
The elusive art of using Sidechains and Side Chain Compression to make tracks come alive is one of the most exciting musical weapons in your arsenal. In this 11 video tutorial series, Studio One 3 expert Michael Tomblin makes Sidechaining creative, fun and easy.

Product Highlights

- 11 videos / 1 hour 28 mins total runtime
- For all beginner to intermediate Studio One 3 users
- Tutorials written by Studio One expert Michael Tomblin
- Simple to use video control interface for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android
- Watch Online, Download, Stream to iOS or Android devices
Groove3 Studio One 3 Advanced TUTORiAL Groove3 Studio One 3 Advanced TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 27-09-2015
Studio One 3 includes tons of advanced features, and this series by Studio One guru Marcus Huyskens digs into them. In this in-depth video series, you'll learn how to use some of the less obvious and most powerful features that Studio One 3 offers.

Marcus begins with how to use Pipeline to connect your outboard gear, how to capture IRs with IR Maker, Vocal Comping, advanced Console/Arrange Window Options, and Creating Monitor Mixes.

Marcus then covers the Project Page, Mastering with Extended FX Chains and integrating Melodyne with Studio One 3. He then ends with videos on Studio One 3's groove features, such as how to Extract Grooves, Detect Transients and place Audio Bend Markers, as well as the powerful Quantize/Slice Mode.

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