Udemy Classical Guitar Finger-Picking: Right Hand Arpeggios TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 29-02-2016
Udemy Classical Guitar Finger-Picking: Right Hand Arpeggios TUTORiAL
Learn how to pick with your right hand fingers accurately and confidently with this easy- to- follow course

This is a short, easy-to-follow course where you will learn how to use your right hand fingers to pluck the strings in a variety of musical contexts so that you'll be able to play the pieces that you love with accuracy and confidence.

The sounds and the music that you can make on the guitar with your right-hand fingers is beautiful and complex, but that doesn't mean that playing with your right-hand needs to be complicated or difficult. You'll start by learning the most important principles of using your right hand fingers to play, and by then gradually building on these skills, you'll be able to play guitar better and express yourself with more interesting and complex music.

You're going to really enjoy this course if you would like:

to start playing guitar with your right-hand fingers
to learn the correct way to play the strings with your right-hand fingers and avoid bad habits
to learn how to sound like 2 people at once by playing a melody and a finger-picked accompaniment at the same time
to impress others with your ability to play guitar music that's sounds more challenging and interesting
The premise of the course is straightforward, that if you want to play music that has more than 1 part going on at a time, then it's necessary to use your right hand fingers to play the strings. The most common way to use your right-hand fingers to finger-pick on the guitar is to play an arpeggio. In the course, you'll learn what that means and you'll see there doesn't need to be anything difficult or stressful about that, and you don't need any special background or skills to learn how to finger-pick.

You'll start by learning the basics of playing an arpeggio with your right-hand fingers, then you'll move on to playing an arpeggio pattern while you have a melody playing at the same time, first in the highest voice, and then in the lowest voice. You'll move on to some useful picking patterns and approaches, and you'll wrap up with a bonus section on a more challenging technique called tremolo.

By the end of the course, you and everyone who listens to you play will be able to hear a difference as you play music that sounds more complex and interesting.

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Udemy Absolute Beginner's '30 Day Guitar Challenge' TUTORiAL Udemy Absolute Beginner's '30 Day Guitar Challenge' TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 10-02-2016
Let me hold your hand as I take you from "beginner" to playing chords, fun solos, and complete songs in 30 days

If you're a complete beginner at the guitar, or you're tried and failed at learning the guitar, this course is for you!

As a beginner, you're in a very sensitive position; if you don't practice your guitar every single day, you're likely to lose what you've learned.

You may have tried weekly lessons, but it would sure be nice to learn what to do every day.. wouldn't it?

But, paying for lessons every day would be very costly, as well as extremely time consuming.

You might be strapped for time; you might have kids, or a demanding job, so you might be too busy to take regular lessons.

Here's your solution.

Today, Enroll in the '30 Day Guitar Challenge' and Take Your Guitar Playing to the Next Level!!

Believe it or not, the guitar is not one single skill; it is dozens of individual skills that you must learn in order to 'play the guitar'.

Each day, I hold your hand and teach you these skills, one at a time. I start with the very simplest (holding a pick, playing a note) and take you to the complex (playing an entire song). Then, we start playing skills at the same time, stacking them.. it's a very exciting process.

Each lesson takes 5-15 minutes, but gives you enough material to practice for 30-60 minutes, and is guaranteed to keep you engaged, interested, and CHALLENGED.

If any specific day is too challenging, feel free to spend extra time on it. But what I can promise you is that after 30 days, you will have the motor-skills to call yourself a 'guitar player'.

The best part is that this challenge is completely complementary to any lessons, books, videos that you might already be taking. In fact, it will make you a better player!
Udemy Acoustic Guitar After The Basics TUTORiAL Udemy Acoustic Guitar After The Basics TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 18-01-2016
Improve your knowledge of chords and rhythm and start fingerstyle guitar

This follow-on course will improve your guitar playing.

I will show you:

how to read TAB
exactly where to place your fingers to play finger-style guitar
how to decide what rhythm to use in a song
how to play chords of A, A7, A7sus4, B7, D7, Dsus2, Dsus4, E7, Em7, F, Fmajor7, G6
more complex strumming patterns
how to pick individual notes using a plectrum
how to use a capo
techniques hammer-ons and pull-offs
The videos follow a carefully designed order to help you improve quickly. The course is divided into sections, the first dealing with improving your rhythm by introducing more complex strumming patterns using various songs while also introducing new chords. The next section gets you started reading TAB and learning the basics of finger-style guitar. And the final section takes a look at some more advanced techniques such as hammer-ons and pull-offs.
Udemy Learn To Play The Guitar In A Day TUTORiAL Udemy Learn To Play The Guitar In A Day TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 8-01-2016
This course will guide and educate you on how to learn and play your favorite song on the guitar in a day.

This course will guide and educate you on how to learn and play your favorite song on the guitar. After Completion of these videos, you will:

Understand know the names of the strings
Learn how to read tabs
Learn how to translate tabs into chords
Learn how to position your fingers on the strings of the guitar using tabs
Learn basic Strumming Technique
Learn how to Transition between the chords
Re-enforce your knowledge on some commonly used chords
Learn how to pick up the guitar and play about 100+ songs
Build your confidence with playing the guitar
Udemy The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar TUTORiAL Udemy The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 27-12-2015
This proven scientific method for learning guitar will turn you into a real guitar player! All levels, all styles

Traditional guitar instruction methods are essentially the same. They teach you the notes on the first few frets, then they show you what your fingers need to do to play them. Or, they show you a few chords, and give you a song to play.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of students will be unable to do these things in any kind of comfortable way, they will struggle to make the movements, and no matter how much they practice, they will be unable to actually make music. As time goes on, their physical problems in playing will increase, and they will have a mountain of music they play badly. "More practice" will only make things worse, because beginners are never aware of the tension being built into the muscles through the power of muscle memory - more practice only makes locks in more tension. I have seen this hundreds of times in my 43 years of teaching guitar.

This course is vastly different, and it's effectiveness has proven itself with students of every style, every level, and every age since it's publication in 1998. Our focus is where it needs to be, and must be, in the beginning: learning to train your fingers so they become professional grade guitar playing fingers, capable of making smooth movements. That is the only way you can become a guitar player who can make music.

The first fret is the hardest place to play. No beginner can do that without struggling and building harmful tension into the muscles. This tension will limit or prevent your development as a guitar player. We avoid that with a special set of exercises that begin up the neck, where the left hand should begin its training.

When you are done this course, you will have the strong foundation in both your hands you need to make continuous progress, and be a happy guitar player! You will also know an effective practice method you will use to learn all new music.

If you are a beginner, this is the course you need to start correctly, and continue learning without hitting the usual playing plateaus. If you are one of the many long time players who have been stuck for years, and can't get better, this course will break down the barriers to your progress.

"The Principles" method is the most effective guitar learning method in existence, and it will work for you!

Udemy Learn BASS GUITAR Have Fun, Amaze Your Friends It's Eas TUTORiAL Udemy Learn BASS GUITAR Have Fun, Amaze Your Friends It's Eas TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 16-08-2017
Everything you need to know to get started playing the bass today. Learn the basics then take your skills to new levels.

What is this course about?

Learn to play the electric bass guitar. It is a BEGINNER level bass guitar course that will cover everything you need to go from a total beginner to playing your first scales and songs. You will learn about strings, frets, playing techniques, scales, improvisation and much more.

Why take this course?

- Learn everything you need to know to start playing the bass guitar.

- Learn your first songs on bass guitar

- Learn about scales, frets, strings and progressions

Do you want to learn an instrument and be able to confidently play the songs you love for family and friends, jam with musicians, or even play on a stage with a band?

If so, then this bass guitar course is right for you!

You'll be playing recognizable music in no time!
Udemy 51 Left Hand Techniques for Guitar TUTORiAL Udemy 51 Left Hand Techniques for Guitar TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 3-10-2015
Everything you need to start playing guitar with great technique.

This course is all about developing great left hand technique on the guitar. The video lectures take you from the basics of sitting and hand position to more advanced concepts and techniques.

The course uses simple, easy-to-follow directions and terms, so there is no complicated jargon that you need to worry about. It is assumed that you have basic guitar literacy, so if your an absolute beginner (you're holding a guitar for the first time), then the course isn't for you for right now.

The course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their technique, whether you've been playing for a short time or your more advanced and play pieces from the classical guitar repertoire. Although I had a classical guitar audience in mind, you can benefit from the lessons in this course no matter what style of music you play.