Ask Video Live 9 409 Remixing Froya TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 11-02-2016
Ask Video Live 9 409 Remixing Froya TUTORiAL
Learn the art of remixing in Ableton Live! Join Ableton Live Certified Trainer, Rishabh Rajan (AKA code:MONO), as he remixes electro-pop artist and songwriter Froya’s "Uncomprehended Child" in this 25-tutorial remixing masterclass!

There’s so much to learn about remixing: audio editing, re-drumming, chopping, merging, rearranging, glitching, reharmonizing and then putting everything back together again in some kind of exciting and coherent way! It’s a lot of hard work and a lot of fun at the same time. And that combination comes through big-time in this Ableton Live remixing course by Rishabh Rajan.

Wearing his code:MONO moniker, Rishabh shows you all the amazing remix tools that are at your disposal in Ableton Live. First off, you listen to Froya’s (Michelle Lee’s) original production. This is where Rishabh analyzes the song’s structure, harmonic progressions and melodies. Then, he grabs the original stems that he wants to work with and begins building a completely new production.

Watch and listen as Rishabh describes the techniques he employs to build the remix from its intro, verses, chorus, drop, bridge and outro. It’s always a great experience to watch a remixer like Rishabh at work as he carefully creates a new version of a song while, at the same time, respecting and cherishing the original song’s power and intent. Learn the art of remixing in this 25-tutorial course!

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Ask Video Reaktor 6 103 Ensembles Explored TUTORiAL Ask Video Reaktor 6 103 Ensembles Explored TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 10-01-2016
Did you know there's a bunch of FREE synths that are available for Native Instruments’ Reaktor? Devour this 27-tutorial course as synthesist Rishabh Rajan explores and explains 9 of his favorite factory Ensembles.

Reaktor is powerful. It’s the same technology behind some of Native Instruments’ most exclusive and unique instruments like Razor and Monarch. But it’s also the same, open technology that is the creative force behind literally thousands of unbelievable FREE synths that have been created by the Reaktor community and Native Instruments

In this course, synthesist Rishabh Rajan picks 9 of his personal favorite Factory synths (that you can download for free) and shows you how they work:

• GoBox
• SineBeats
• Spiral
• Travelizer
• Akkord
• Metaphysical Function
• Space Drone
• Steam Pipe
See these Reaktor synths in-action and listen to their incredible sounds. By the time you complete this course, you will have a complete new set of FREE sound tools to spice up your tracks and live performances. So join Rishabh and make the most out of Reaktor!

Udemy Learn How to Remix Any Song You Want and Get Noticed TUTORiAL Udemy Learn How to Remix Any Song You Want and Get Noticed TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 12-06-2016
Have your music take you somewhere! All the step you need to create a remix in Ableton Live from any song you want.

Build a following and have your music take you somewhere! This course will teach you every step to remixing any song and getting your music noticed.

Taking an original song and developing a remix is supposed to be fun but using the vocal or audio from another song can become extremely difficult without the right steps.

That's why I've decided to reveal all the secrets to remixing ANY song with almost no prior experience necessary. Simply follow the steps in this course and get your music to stand out from the crowd.

Find out all the secrets to remixing any song and get your music noticed fast 

Use any vocal or piece of audio using all of Ableton's unique warping capabilities.
Pick out the key and notes of a song using one simple ableton feature.
Create louder remixes by understanding perceived loudness and how to mix properly.
End writers block using music theory steps that I'll show you
Create a tighter low end with a simple tool I use on every track
...and much more!

I'm also giving you a few additional resources including

A list of affordable sound engineers that I'd recommend for mastering.
A special website I use on almost every remix I create!
A constantly growing number of presets you can download and use!
"The course is very detailed yet, spot on. I highly recommend it!" - Elian

This course will be especially helpful to you if your interested in signing up for a remix competition.
Ask Video Roland PLUG-OUTS 101: Roland PLUG-OUTS Revealed TUTORiAL Ask Video Roland PLUG-OUTS 101: Roland PLUG-OUTS Revealed TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 25-11-2015
Roland PLUG-OUTS are digital versions of their classic hardware synths. Join synth maestro Rishabh Rajan and learn what synthesis on these awesome instruments is all about!

Roland has been making extraordinary synthesizers since the early 1970s. These highly collectable instruments are still used by topnotch producers the world over. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to get your hands on one of these historic instruments… until now!

With the re-issue of these synths, in the new PLUG-OUT collection of virtual synths, Roland has made it possible for everybody to benefit from the sonic sweetness these instruments provide. In this course, expert synthesist Rishabh Rajan dives into these amazing re-issues, explains them top to bottom and teaches how they work!

So learn about the PLUG-OUT versions of the SH-1, SH-2, PROMAR Compuphonic and the esteemed Roland System 100 in this highly recommended, 20-tutorial course by one of our top trainers! What are you waiting for?!
Groove3 Ableton Live 8 Explained Vol 2 TUTORIAL Groove3 Ableton Live 8 Explained Vol 2 TUTORIAL
Soft / Video Lessons 10-09-2015
Compatible with Live 7 & 8, this collection of advanced Ableton Live video tutorials, presented by Ableton Certified Trainer Craig McCullough, takes it to the next level and explains the deeper features and functions of Ableton Live.

Learn about the major Live instruments, commonly used effects, warping, mapping and many other exciting topics. Craig offers knowledge that is sure to take your Live skills to the next level and make you a master.
Product Highlights

20 Tutorials / Over 4 Hours Total Runtime
For all intermediate to advanced Ableton Live 7 & 8 users
Tutorials written by Ableton Certified Trainer Craig McCullough
Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
Watch Online, Download, Stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod
Ask Video Arturia V Collection 101 The Classic Synths TUTORiAL Ask Video Arturia V Collection 101 The Classic Synths TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 28-06-2018
The virtual synths in the Arturia V Collection are the electronic instruments that forever changed the music world. Learn them all with the expert help of synth expert Rishabh Rajan.