MJ Tutoriels Waves C6 TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 24-09-2016
MJ Tutoriels Waves C6 TUTORiAL
Technique Pro pour gérer les conflits de fréquences (ex. Sub + Kick)
C'est sans aucun doute la question qui revient le plus souvent : Comment gérer les conflits de fréquences, notamment entre la basse et le kick ? ... Sidechain compression ? Techniques d'équalisation sélective ? ... Aucune de ses deux solutions n'est parfaite.v

Il existe pourtant une méthode en multibandes, bien moins connue, transparente et radicale pour permettre à des sons conflictuels de partager un même espace sonore sans se géner ... Dans cette video de niveau avancé, je vous présente l'astuce Majeure des Pro pour regler les conflicts Fréquenciels (avec le Waves C6) .

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Voici les deux plugins Waves les plus indispensables (à mon avis) ... Maxx Volume et MV2 sont des accélérateurs de Mixage, et vous offrent le Son actuel (la Compression de bas niveau), que l'on entend sur tous les disques de Pop ces dernières années.
MJ Tutoriels Le Layering Facile TUTORiAL MJ Tutoriels Le Layering Facile TUTORiAL
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Si vous créez vos propres Kicks et si vous avez suivi mon Tutoriel Platinum sur les Techniques de Drum Layering, l'astuce que je vous révèle aujourd'hui - plus connue sous le nom de Layering des Fainéants - pourrait bien changer votre vie ainsi que le Punch de vos Kicks !
ADSR Sounds Echo Sounds Work Mixing For The Kick TUTORiAL ADSR Sounds Echo Sounds Work Mixing For The Kick TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 3-06-2016
It’s every producer and mix engineer’s worse nightmare – you’ve got a stunning vocal and the perfect lead mixed into a killer drop. It’s all coming along great but then there’s that super sad kick that sucks all the energy out of the dancefloor…

It’s time to wake up and learn to make the kind of music you dream about. Get some fresh perspectives on how to mix for the kick with this 8-part video course presented by Echo Sound Works.

In just over an hour you will learn to manipulate the various elements of your track to energize the kick and allow it to drive your track.

PART 1 – Introduction - This video briefly covers the course topics.
PART 2 – Mixing Philosophy - This video talks about classic mixing engineer’s philosophy and how it can apply in the modern digital age.
PART 3 – Defining The Low End - In this section, we look at how to define the low end of your mix in regards to the kick and the bass and how they affect each other.
PART 4 – Gain Staging The Kick - This video will discuss how to properly gain stage your kick with both peak and RMS levels.

Making the Kick King
PART 5 – Panning Around Center - It might sound weird, but the whole reason we pan things is to strengthen the center of our mixes. When you think like this, you can use panning to improve the quality of your kick.
PART 6 – Envelope Shaping - This video offers some really unique uses for Envelope shaping.
PART 7 – Offsetting Values - A fairly basic technique, but when used in the right context it can be a powerful way of opening up the mix for the kick.
PART 8 – Ducking & Side Chaining - Saved the best for last, these two techniques can be used in almost every song you work on to help make the kick bigger and punchier.
Udemy Piano Runs and Fills 4 C6 Rolling Waves and Waterfall Runs TUTORIAL Udemy Piano Runs and Fills 4 C6 Rolling Waves and Waterfall Runs TUTORIAL
Soft / Video Lessons 16-11-2015
Piano Runs & Fills 4: C6 Dreamy Rolling Waves & Waterfall for Songs Ending

Do you want your piano playing to sound more like a professional?

Many beginners just end their song in a boring way. When they get to the end of the song, they just play a long tone in the empty measure. They do not know what to do with the long measure. Often times, the song sounds very abrupt when they come to an ending.

How would you like to create a dreamy ending so that your audience can sit back to flavor the ending of your performance?

Here's the Secret: One way to create a dreamy ending is create contrasting rolling and dancing sounds at the end of the song. You want your audience to sit back to flavor your performance right to the end. You are going to take them up to a climax with the rolling waves going up. And just as when they think you are ending the song, you are going to start dancing with your fingers creating a waterfall dance coming down.

In this course, I will show you 2 Big piano techniques on Runs:

1. Rolling Waves going up

2. Dancing Waterfall coming down.

3. C6 Chord - 4 Tone Chord

4. Use C6 Inversion - E G B D with thumb on E

5. Learn my 4T6 Magic Handshape for Fingers Rolling

6. Use Left Hand Smart Fingering: L5 L3 L2

7. Coordinating Both Hand by Thinking Simply: L R L R L R

8. C6 Dancing Waterfall Run

9. Train Fingers to dance on staggered notes down 3 octaves

10. Creatively add Extension to Endings

11. Combine 2 techniques: C6 Rolling Waves + C6 Waterfall Run

12. Combine 3 techniques: C6 Rolling Waves + Chromatic Chord Movement + C6 Waterfall Run
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In this Ableton Live course, legendary producer Olav Basoski demystifies several dance music genres from House to Trance. See how they're similar and what makes them unique, in this 28-tutorial dance music exposé.

What is House Music and how does it differ from Deep House?
What determines whether a track is EDM Standard or Hard Style?
What type of techniques are used to create Techno and Trance?
Groove3 Waves Musicians 2 Bundle Explained TUTORIAL Groove3 Waves Musicians 2 Bundle Explained TUTORIAL
Soft / Video Lessons 21-09-2015
The world's top producers, engineers, sound designers, and recording artists use Waves plug-ins, shouldn't you know what they're all about?. The Musicians 2 bundle is an indispensable collection of audio tools that are both affordable and amazingly powerful sonic sculptors.

Enter Bill Edstrom, DAW expert and Waves power user. He takes you step by step through every plug-in in the bundle which includes the , showing every feature and function as well as practical uses and common settings so you can get the most from your Waves plug-ins and make your tracks shine.

If you use or are interesting in utilizing the Waves Musicians 2 bundle, this collection of video tutorials is a must have. Learn all there is to know about it... Get Waves Musicians 2 Explained today...
Product Highlights

23 Tutorials / Over 2 Hours Total Runtime
For all beginner to intermediate Waves Musicians 2 users
Tutorials written by DAW Expert Bill Edstrom
Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
Watch Online, Download, Stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod