Bassgorilla Electro House Start To Finish With Ryan Enzed TUTORiAL
Soft / Tutorials Audio 1-12-2016
Bassgorilla Electro House Start To Finish With Ryan Enzed TUTORiAL
Watch This Top Notch Electro House Banger Of A Track Get Built From Scratch To Final Mixdown By A Producer Who's Released Music On Leading Record Labels, Like Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Records And Lazy Rich's Big Fish Records

Imagine What You'd Discover If You Could See The Entire Workflow Of An Electro House Banger Get Built, Step-By-Step...

See Ryan Enzed’s workflow revealed step-by-step as he creates each layer from scratch, from kicks to snares to aggressive electro basses to ripping lead synths, atmospheres and everything in between!

This course is designed specifically for those interested in making aggressive electro house music, inspired by artists like DYRO and Henry Fong.
After watching this course you will know how to:

Synthesize a wide range of leads, basses and other aggressive synth sounds for a dance floor - ready electro house banger
Create captivating arrangements that switch between different sounds to create excitement and variety in an energetic production style
Write impactful basslines & melodies that will have your listeners rushing for the dance floor to get down and dirty
Create every section of an electro house track from intro to build up to different sections for your drop, to your breakdown and beyond!

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