APM Productions Halloween Vocal Intros Vol.1 WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE
APM Productions Halloween Vocal Intros Vol.1 WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE
Halloween Vocal Intros Vol.1, brings you that Suspense & Scary Voices. 

This Library has been created for dj`s & producers who want to produce amazing intros for playing in the best EDM Festivals. 

The most powerfull Male Vocal Intros for your sets .

• 11 Vocal Intros
• 80 Vocal Phrases
• Wav 24 Bits

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APM Productions Brazilian Male Vocals Vol.1 APM Productions Brazilian Male Vocals Vol.1


Brazilian male Vocals Vol.1 Ipanema Series, contains the essence of Brazil.

These voices has been recorded by APM Productions and the Singer of our Agency Agenor Lima from Sao Paulo (Brazil).

This short library created to producers and artists who want to produce different styles of Electronic Brazilian songs, like; Lounge, Brazil Chill, Deep-Latin-House, or Afro-Beat, etc. 

Info Sample Pack: 

221 MB - 223 Male Vocal Samples - 4 & 8 Bars 


83 Main Vocals 

22 Harmonic Choirs 

60 Spoken Phrases 

58 Adds 


- Wav 24 Bits 

- 100% Royalties Free Use 

- All Tempos & Route Keys are Included 


This library only contains Samples of Voices, not include Music..

Only we use the music in the demo to create differents possibilities of arrangements and harmonies to combine….ONLY FOR YOUR INSPIRATION!!
Sounds In HD Scattered RnB Vocal Pack Sounds In HD Scattered RnB Vocal Pack
Scattered R&B is a vocal sample pack geared for R&B inspired and urban producers to bring a live vocal touch to their music productions. This kit contains 30+ folders of vocal sample phrases featuring dry, delayed, chords and long throat vocals popular in modern music production.


Adding reverb and/or delay and other effects to add mood to tracks
Chopping, Stretching and Re-sampling
Inspiration for lyrics to your own songs and beats

Every folder contains dry vocal variations to build with. Add effects, stretch, cut and chop to get precise results to your tracks.


Some folders in the sample pack contain the vocals in the form of a chord. These were created with Antares Harmony Engine to showcase fast results and inspire your own chord structures. *You will need the Antares Harmony Engine or another VST capable of forming chords or vocoding. Add these into your production with a quick pitch shift or build around them.


Most folders include Long Throat versions of the vocal samples. This style is popular in modern and electronic music and gives the singer the effect of a deep bellowing voice without actually pitching them down. There are many ways to achieve this effect (FL Studio Pitcher can accomplish this). Antares Harmony Engine was used to achieve the ones in this vocal pack.  These are perfect for adding that modern feel to your productions.


These were included sparsely to give you inspiration on what is possible with the vocal pack. We chopped individual words or cut-off phrases and added delay to draw attention to the last or only word in the phrase. This can help add a certain mood and rhythm to your tracks by using the vocals. We hope you experiment with your own to add new depth to your own tracks.


Among all the phrases and variations this vocal pack contains vocal laughs, hums, and other vocal sounds to play with. Build your own melody lines with boops and oohs.
2Be Crazy Presents Producer Tools Vocal Shouts Vol 1 2Be Crazy Presents Producer Tools Vocal Shouts Vol 1
This Pack deliveres you the best Vocal Shouts to make your Tracks even better. It contains 81 Samples. 
Velvet Season Samples Lena Grig Vocal Sessions 2 Velvet Season Samples Lena Grig Vocal Sessions 2
Created & sung by Lena Grig.

Each sample contains original vocal line & lyrics, each sample is free & ready to be used in your projects.

You can use it as a kit & make a real song.

This pack contains 92 samples in 3 folders, presented in WET & DRY versions. 

Also you can find here a special folder " PITCHED " with male [pitched] voices.

This pack will be excellent tool 4 producers of many genres: house, chillout, progressive. 

- this pack contains 92 vocal samples in dry & wet versions 
- female & male[pitched] vocal lines, phrases, back vocals & melismas 
- 277 MB unzipped 
- tempos : 90 - 134 BPM 
- wav 44.1 KHz, 24 - bit 
- all samples are key & tempo-labelled 
- original vocals & lyrics 
- royalty - free 
- contains vocal samples only!

Other genres may include:
Disco / Nu-Disco
Progressive House
Deep Data Loops Vocal Edits WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE Deep Data Loops Vocal Edits WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE
DDL strike back with their 3rd marvelous vocal pack. 

200 heavily processed loops crafted for Deep, Tech, Electro, Minimal House and Nu Disco. Machined voices with vocoder-like melodies and robotic characteristics (partly modulated), glitchy and chopped vocal lines - it´s all here to spice up your productions. 

Unique 361 MB guaranteeing lots of fun and serious results.


• 100 Machined Vocals (Vocoder/ Robot-like)
• 64 Glitched Vocals
• 36 Chopped Vocals

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in:

• Disco / Nu-Disco
• Electro House
• Minimal
• Tech House
Platinum Hit Factory Urban Pop Vocals Vol.1 WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE Platinum Hit Factory Urban Pop Vocals Vol.1 WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE
'Urban Pop Vocals Vol 1' is inspired by the top-charting R&B & Urban Billboard artists of 2015 like Jordan Sparks, Tinashe, Becky G, and many more. You'll find vocal hooks ready to be dropped straight into your productions, all Royalty-Free.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a session singer when you can have more for less, all in one vocal pack?

These vocal hooks are Royalty-Free and are created for music producers to increase their beat & product sales, with radio-ready hooks, bridges and verses all at a very low price.

Wet and dry vocals are included.

Product Specifications:

• 615 MB of Content
• 58 WAV Files
• 24-Bit Quality