43% Giant Minimal Electronic WAV
43% Giant Minimal Electronic WAV
Taking cues from Trentemøller, Robert Lippok and Brain Eno, this 4th pack in the 43% Giant series shifts gears away from the loud and into the quiet. Swapping dense leads and distorted bass lines for soft swells and fidgeting beats.

Inside the pack you’ll find Arpeggios, Convolution Reverbs, Drones, Keys, Melodic Sound Design, Percussion, Rhythmic Reductions, Sparse Bass, Textures/FX and of course, Synths!

All made to lock in together to create light, rich creations perfect for headphone orientated music or evolving late night mixes. Download today and start putting together your own minimal electronic creations!

•383 Lush Beat loops and samples
•Pristine 24 Bit Wav
•100% Royalty Free Loops & Samples

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Inspired by the experimental approach to both Ambient and HipHop composition, lead by artists as far apart as Brian Eno and Death Grips, ‘Ambient Hip Hop’ pushes the walls of both genres in this heaving collection of sounds.

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This 43% Giant pack embraces some of the more weirder, experimental and non-linear ideas within contemporary Techno, spearhead by artists like Clark, Jon Hopkins and Moderat.

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As with most of 43% Giants packs, Atmospheric Dub seamlessly blends elements of two production styles into one inspiring pack. With soft, explorative sound design providing a backdrop to Dub tempo beats and melodic ideas, Atmospheric Dub provides exciting and useful sounds at every turn

Raw Loops Romanian Underground WAV Raw Loops Romanian Underground WAV
550+ MBs of the proper Romanian minimalistic underground vibe. Romanian Underground, the sound which seems to have won the hipster world over, comes packed with massive breathing baselines, small and sparse percussion, morphing & pumping top end, liquid like lead lines, rhythmic texture backgrounds & more.

For those who venture out into the later hours of the evening, or early mornings, will surely understand and respect this sound in a big way, as its effect on the dance floor is extremely impactful with its smooth ear pleasing sound and funky centralized bass hooks. Deep & Tech House producers should not shy away from this pack as the groovey nature of the loops & samples can be incorporated with any genre.
Freaky Loops Dark Neurofunk and Cinematic DnB Vol 2 WAV Freaky Loops Dark Neurofunk and Cinematic DnB Vol 2 WAV
Our new secret weapon has just arrived! "Dark Neurofunk & Cinematic DnB Vol 2” is here and waiting to be discovered!!

Inside you will find everything you need to inject the harsher and darker side of DnB into your music. From cranked-up beats to tear-out basslines, industrial breaks to melodic ambience, chest pounding drum loops to skull smashing drum hits, scintillating synths to deep keys, dark atmospheric drones to the deepest of modulating sub bass, dense textural noise to eerie pianos, lush pads to a slew of stunning drum one-shots, dark otherworldly textures to frantic percussions, stacked stabs to creepy sound effects, gritty leads to manic hits, big cinematic drums to crazy percussions, cone-tearing mid range screamers that will shake the bones out of anything in close proximity. This heavy hitters collection delivers you high-quality source sounds which have only been waiting to fall into your creative hands, featuring a dark or heavy feeling to the music, but also with an edge of funk..

In detail expect to find 666 MB of raw content including 315 Loops & Samples locked at 174BPM. This pack consist of, 60 Bass Loops, 141 Drum Tools includes 10 Cinematic Drum Loops, 45 Drum Hits, 66 Drum Loops and 20 Break Loops, 26 Music Loops, 20 Synth Loops, 49 FX, 13 Textures and 6 Piano Loops - All sounds organised into folders for easy access and can be used in your productions, also all loops & samples are key and tempo-labelled for flexibility

"Dark Neurofunk & Cinematic DnB Vol 2” inspired by the darker production styles of Neuro and mixed with the criminally insane side of DnB and the result is - perfect creations of psycho-killer cinematic sounds in a minute. Whether you are producing Drum & Bass, Drumstep, Jungle, Neuro or Dubstep and like to switch it up with something Heavy - this pack will have the ingredients needed to create your next big production. Also perfect for use in Film Scores, Trailers, Video Game backgrounds and all types of music composers who want to add just the perfect sonic texture to their creations.

This pack going to explode your creativity and take it to the next level!

•24 Bit Quality
•315 Loops & Samples
•60 Bass Loops
•141 Drum Tools
•66 Drum Loops
•20 Break Loops
•10 Cinematic Drum Loops
•45 Drum Hits
•49 Fx
•26 Music Loops
•20 Synth Loops
•13 Textures
•6 Piano Loops
Raw Loops Über Underground WAV Raw Loops Über Underground WAV
550+ MBs of heavy & groovy beats, distorted synth shots, and riffs, shuffly machine based hats, live & hardware percs, & much more. Über Underground represents an intimate late night sound, delivering samples and loops to aid you in creating your own deep tracks. From deep to tech House, minimal and slower paced techno this pack hits the current sound for this trend of tunes in these genres.


Music Loops – 28 crunchy & distorted synth hits, hooks, & all out mind benders.

Percussion Loops – 37 percussion loops from machine-based to live and organic tribal rhythms.

Top Loops – 41 machine-based swinging top end loops pack with hi-hat, claps, & snare samples.

Beat Loops – 81 beat break-downs for track writing speed and inspiration.

Bass Loops – 27 über-subby bass loops for low-end rhythms & melody driven bass-lines.

Vocal Loops – 10 vocal samples from glitches to spoken words.

RAW_Kick Loops – 27 deep kick loops for fast programming.

FX – 10 straight-forward effects samples from synths to rhythmic textures.

ALL Loops are 24 bit WAVs @ 123 bpm

261 Total Loops X 550.3 MBs