Big Fish Audio South American Traditions MULTiFORMAT
Big Fish Audio South American Traditions MULTiFORMAT
From Venezuela to the southern tip of Chile, South American Traditions will take you across this great continent full of rich culture. 89 construction kits highlight the diversity of this passionate music. From the cajita and cavaquinho to the piano and bandoneon, the variety of instruments will be an invaluable resource for many of your productions. Recorded at the source, South American Traditions was created by some of the premiere musicians of these great styles and rhythms. With 7.6 GB (3.2 GB of 24-bit WAV files) of material, you'll get a wide range of styles and instruments from Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, and other remote regions. Enjoy these spicy flavors of traditional South America.


7.6 GB on disc (3.2 GB WAV content) 1001 WAV loops on disc

89 Construction Kits

The styles and instruments used are wide-ranging. You will hear sounds and traditional instruments from Peru,Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia,Venezuela, Colombia, Chile,and other remote regions. 

Instruments Include:
Drum Kit 
Tambor Piano 
Timbal Bell 
Electric Guitar 
Acoustic Guitar 
Reco Reco 
and others

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Cumbia is a traditional gender of folkloric music born in the north coast of Colombia, South America. The Atlantic sea combined with African and Indian American roots gave birth to one of the most important rhythms all across Latin America. Cumbia, born in Colombia and present from Mexico to Argentina is one of the most important influences in the new Colombian sounds.

Champeta was born in Cartagena, Colombia, the most important peer during the conquest. It is the place were not only African, Indian American but European influences were so strong that produced a very peculiar sound full of energy, drums, bass and a lot of ´Sabor´.

Ragga is a very important influence in Latin American new sounds. Born in Jamaica in the middle 80´s has been crucial part of the dance floors around the world since then.
Producers Vault Cumbia Latinoamericana MULTiFORMAT Producers Vault Cumbia Latinoamericana MULTiFORMAT
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We’ve studied the genre from the past 4 decades a came out with Cumbia Latinoamericana with grooves heard in styles from Mexico, Central America Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia.

The perfect tool for composers, songwriters, producers, DJs or remixers looking to create or remix in the Cumbia type productions or backing tracks for live performers.

The Loops

Weather you are composing a full song with or making a fusion of styles you will find our full line of Cumbia Beats really flexible for your productions.

This loops were played by live musicians and recorded in the highest quality include full ensemble already pre-mixed to perfection and also in single instrument stems for more flexibility in the mixing process.

We have also included Urban Style loops sampled from different sources or created in our sound design facilities with a Vintage Old School feel excellent for Urban Styles of Cumbia Rap Styles and Remixes.
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- 62 construction kits

- 5.3 GB of content on DVD 

- 1.85GB of 24-bit acidized WAV files 

- 1.85GB of 24-bit Apple Loops (AIF) 
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When it comes to Hip Hop and RnB loops, Off the Hook has set the standard. Once again, Anthony Myers raises the bar with this incredible offering dedicated to urban guitar loops. Off the Hook Guitars gives you smooth acoustic and electric guitar loops, licks, leads, wah wah, riffs, rhythm parts, and more. These 40 live recorded construction kits contain several guitar parts that work great together, or they can be used individually to give you that sexy guitar feel you've been lookin' for. As a bonus, you get the drum mixes as well. It all comes in WAV, REX, Apple Loops, Acid and with a special RMX installer.


- 5.6GB of content on disc

- 549 WAV loops on disc

- 40 Construction Kits

- BPM range from 57 to 114

- Bonus "Licks and Loops" folder included

Big Fish Audio South American Construction Kit Pak MULTIFORMAT-PAD Big Fish Audio South American Construction Kit Pak MULTIFORMAT-PAD
Big Fish Audio is proud to present this collection of original South American music. These kits are a taste of the musical culture of various regions of South America. Peru, Argentina, Columbia, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Chile are some of the countries represented here. These construction kits include instruments such as chekere, cajon, piano, congas, drums, bass, guitar, bandoneon, charango, sikus and more. Over 400 megabytes of material are included in WAV, REX, and Apple Loop formats as well as our included RMX installer for quick access to theses loops in Stylus RMX. Feel the rhythm and passion of South American culture in these traditional loops.

Seven construction kits are included in four formats: WAV,REX,Apple Loops,and RMX. Each kit contains a main mix to preview the elements of the kit and each loop individually broken out for your use. A total of 414 MB of material are found on this product with 165 MB of content found in the WAV format.

Instruments Included: piano, bass, bandoneon, charango, quena, sikus, guitar, guitar bordoneo, guapeo, cajon, drums,cajita,quijada,cajon,and chekere
Big Fish Audio Roots of South America Vol. 2 24BiT WAV REX AiFF DVDR-DYNAMiCS Big Fish Audio Roots of South America Vol. 2 24BiT WAV REX AiFF DVDR-DYNAMiCS
From the celebrated "Roots" series comes the next installment of South American Loops and Hits. "Roots of South America 2" comes straight from the source, being produced and recorded in Argentina. While the original "Roots of South America" was focused on pure authentic rhythms, the second installment continues in its authenticity while adding a more contemporary sound. Other styles like jazz, hip-hop, and funk were used to create a whole new sound that is perfect to add to a variety of projects you may have. Throw a loop into your hip-hop track or your film score and hear it come alive. This library comes with a huge assortment of instrument loops including, Congas, Bombo Shells, Cascaras, Quijadas, Cabasas, Timbas, and much more, played by the best musicians and recorded in 24-bit. A large hits section has also been included, that contains 29 different instruments, each with multiple files to capture every nuance of the instruments.