ModeAudio Resonate WAV
ModeAudio Resonate WAV
400 x Pristine Analog Drum Samples, each harvested from multiple sessions with Vintage Hardware, edited to Perfection and Processed with a hint of saturation, no exceptions. This is the deeply vibrant sound we've captured in our biggest drum sample pack yet, Resonate - Analog Drum Samples!

Containing every percussive element necessary to create big, bold and beautiful drum patterns, this expansive array of analog Kick Samples, Snares, Claps, Hi Hats, Shakers and assorted Percussion is steeped in vintage warmth, classic character and mountains of harmonics both low and high!

Each set of samples features a range of different hit types, perfect for matching the sounds to a whole host of different genres. Kicks span ultra low, powerfully resonant 808-style samples ideal for Trap and Hip Hop to punchy, full-bodied 909-style sounds perfect for House, Techno and EDM.

Crisp drum machine Snares mix with tight to richly reverberant Claps, sharp closed and open Hi Hat samples shimmer with driven upper harmonics, Toms pop with classic pitch decay and Crashes explode with astonishing clarity - this release really is a one-stop-shop of pure analog drum magic.

Alongside the samples you'll find 10 expertly matched Analog Drum Kit Presets, panned and mixed for instant use in your DAW. 5 Tuned Kick Presets deliver window-shattering low-end, playable across your keyboard and 4 Channel Strips offer professional effects processing options, straight after download.

Treat your drum tracks to new depths of boom, soaring percussive sparkle and rock-solid punch - download Resonate - Analog Drum Samples now!

......:::::: Product Details ::::::......
• Format: 44.1kHz 24-Bit WAV
• 113 Analog Kick Samples (Short, Mid & Long)
• 72 Analog Snare Samples (Dry, Wet & Saturated)
• 41 Analog Clap Samples
• 74 Analog Hi Hat Samples (Open & Closed)
• 74 Analog Percussion Samples (Cymbals, Toms, Rims, Clave & Cow Bells)
• 26 Analog Shaker Samples

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ModeAudio Soft Focus WAV MiDi ModeAudio Soft Focus WAV MiDi
Rolling hi hats, smooth synths, sweet electric guitars and huge, earth-shaking 808 bass - welcome to the point where two worlds collide, as the chilled, soulful sound of classic R&B interlocks with the thunderous low-end and supercharged rhythm of Trap in Soft Focus - Future R&B Loops!

Packing in a mammoth collection of 419 royalty-free R&B music loops, drum samples, synth and guitar tail samples and MIDI loops, this sound library is every bit as smooth with the groove as it is riotous with the rhythm!

With 155 loops spanning intricately programmed drum machine loops, fills and slick percussion, bottomless basslines, sultry electric guitar riffs and arpeggios, synths leads both relaxed and roaring, lilting keys and piano leads, this pack contains all you need and more to kick start your next slow jam or melodic chart-stormer.

This soaring library's secret ingredient is its vibrant combination of programmed drums and analog-style synths with live performed patterns, from guitars to shakers, hand claps and tambourine loops - yours to download and inject into your music in a heartbeat!

Next in line, 67 expertly-processed R&B drum samples range from booming 808 kicks and popping snares, to gentle percussion and slicing hi hats, both open and closed.

Finally, the collection is completed with 127 MIDI files, key and tempo-labelled, plus 70 synth and guitar tail samples, essential for bringing your chosen loops to a smooth, natural decay. 

We really have included all you need to push your R&B sessions into inspiring, forward-thinking territory - scoop up Soft Focus - Future R&B Loops and take your music there now!

Pack Contents

22 Bassline Loops
39 Drum Loops & Drum Fills
16 Electric Guitar Loops
49 Synth Loops (Leads, Arps, Pads & Chords)
11 Keys & Piano Loops
18 Percussion loops
14 Kick Samples
15 Clap & Snare Samples
21 Hi Hat Samples (Open & Closed)
17 Percussion Samples
70 Synth & Guitar Tail Samples
127 MIDI Loops
419 Files in Total
Raw Loops DRM1-Drum Hits WAV Raw Loops DRM1-Drum Hits WAV
195 smacking kicks, tricked-out analog percussion, hats, snares, & claps all from the infamous DRM1 drum machine. These sampled drum hits from the DRM1 have been recorded through a lot of vintage outboard gear including the Neve 1073, 1084, API 512s, Distressor, 1176, LA-3A, LA-2A, & more giving you the true sounds as though you had the real machine at your finger tips. Just import these samples into and DAW, sampler, or same based instrument of your choice to make your own pure analog machined beats.

Bass Drums – 30 Cracking DRM1 kick drums famous for their hard-hitting round punch.

Hi Hats – 34 Open & closed hi-hats from the DRM1 with different attack and decay times to capture the full & true experience of using the original machine.

Percs – 71 snares from the original at different pitches to grab every tone and bring it to you in the digital world.

Claps – 35 claps originating from the DRM1 with gentle processing for adding warmth.

Snares – 25 toms (hi,mid,low) from the DRM1 at different pitches/tunes & decay times giving you all the possibilities the hardware offered. An added folder of 15 triple layered unique tom sounds for the mega rhythm & tone lovers.

ALL One-Shots are 24 bit wav files

195 Drum Sounds X 44.6 MBs
Vandalism Ultra Bass House Elements WAV Vandalism Ultra Bass House Elements WAV
'Ultra Bass House Elements' is a versatile collection of percussion samples for the genre that is taking over the global charts. This set is a comprehensive Bass House sample pack which brings you 150 warm and unique samples with analog feeling, characteristic for sounds of Jauz, Ephwurd or Jvst Say Yes.

This pack is everything you need to create your next track with real unique vibes!

This is the very first Bass House sample pack in the market. Inside you will find everything that you need to start making tracks in this genre. There are insane claps, kicks snares, cymbals, drum loops and what is more even effects such as uplifters, downlifters and crashes. To sum it up, this pack brings you much more than you can expect! Made with maximum precision and with the highest quality, this pack is an amazing starting point for your next Bass House tracks!

......:::::: Product Details ::::::......
• 150 Bass House Drum Samples
• 20 x Claps
• 25 x Snares
• 25 x Percussive Sounds
• 15 x Closed Hi-Hats
• 15 x Open Hi-Hats
• 05 x Crash FX Sounds
• 05 x Downlifters 4bars
• 10 x Uplifters 4bars
• 10 x Kick Drums
• 10 x Vocals
• 10 x Drum Loops
ModeAudio Bang Deep House Drum Samples WAV ModeAudio Bang Deep House Drum Samples WAV
'Bang - Deep House Drum Samples' comes from a very special place in ModeAudio’s percussive production arsenal. Precision-designed to resonate your body in lock-step with the included cavernous kicks, the raw power of bottomless sub bass will swirl the air all around you. 

This collection of 314 full-phat drum samples has been crafted for one purpose only - to slam the awe-inspiring rush of the sound system straight into your music!

Packed to the brim with explosive percussive energy, this release shudders with the electric intensity of cutting-edge drum sound design and processing. 

Find your way from beneath the sheer weight of the included drum hits and you’ll find 72 earth-shattering kick samples, 50 blisteringly punchy snares, 75 crisp and sharp hi hats (open and closed) and 40 super-snappy claps to place on the very edge of your Deep House beats. 

The rhythmic euphoria doesn't stop there however, with 77 slinky shakers, handfuls of electrifying SFX, sizzling crash cymbals, punchy snare rims and powerful toms rounding out the collection.

...::: Pack Contents :::...

• 314 Drum Samples
• 72 Kick Samples
• 50 Snare Samples
• 75 Hi-Hat Samples (Open & Closed)
• 40 Clap Samples
• 19 Shaker Samples
• 28 FX & Percussion Samples
• 10 Crash Cymbal Samples
• 10 Snare Rim Samples
• 10 Tom Samples
Perfekt Groove Recordings Matt Minimal Perfekt Samples WAV Perfekt Groove Recordings Matt Minimal Perfekt Samples WAV
Matt Minimal comes back with a new fresh Sample Pack for the summer 2015, offer new fresh analog vibes and groovy music. 

After the success of the first sample pack he decide to create a new pack with more materials to build your own sound. 

Elements inside the pack with properly samples, recorded and arranged to sounds already fit into your tracks, mixed with the best analog equipment such as Universal Audio. 

The sound you will find in the pack will be groovy with a lot of harmonics. 

Perfekt Groove open a new series of quality samples packs. 

Don’t loose the chance to grab the copy of the first one. 

Into his pack: 

• 235 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 16-bit.
• 17 bass loops
• 13 beat loops
• 11 FXs
• 24 kick loops
• 12 music loops
• 82 one shots
• 19 perc loops
• 20 top loops
• 16 vocals 

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in: 

• Drum Hits
RAW LOOPS TR-9to5 Drum Hits RAW LOOPS TR-9to5 Drum Hits
TR-909, 808, 707, 606, & 505 Drum Hits ALL-In ONE package. 898 drum hits from the TR Drum Machine Line have been meticulously recorded through a lot of vintage outboard gear including the Neve 1073, 1084, API 512s, Distressor, 1176, LA-3A, LA-2A, & more giving you the true samples and amped sounds. 

Making the RAW LOOPS TR-9to5 sample pack the last TR drum machine package you will ever need.

TR-909 – 307 Phat Punchy Kicks, Hi-Mid-Low Toms, Open & Closed Hats, Rims, Snares, Rides, Crashes, & More

TR-808 – 264 Massive Kicks, Hi-Low-Mid Toms, Open & Closed Hats, Rims, Snares, Rides, Crashes, Hi-Low-Mid Congas, Claves, & More

TR-707 – 124 Bass Drums, Cowbells, Claps, Open & Closed Hats, Hi-Mid-Low Toms, Rides, Snares, Rims, & Tambourines

TR-606 – 95 Kicks, Snares, Cymbals, Hi & Low Toms, Closed & Open Hats

TR-505 – 108 Bass Drums, Claps, Open & Closed Hats, Crashes, Timbalas, Hi & Lo Congas, Toms, & Rims.

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in: 

• Electro House
• House
• Minimal
• Progressive House
• Tech House