'MNML' is unlike any collection ever created before it. It brings minimal melodies that melt the heart and opens wide the canvas of Hip Hop and R&B like never before. This pack gives you a near blank canvas, from the staccato pianos and plucks to the legato leads that LGND is now known for, married with custom drums that are the hallmark of the genre.

'MNML', with the inspiraton most notitably of The Weeknd, creates a new sound entirely. 

Blurring the lines between Hip Hop, Pop, Trap and R&B, this collection is one not to be missed. With One Shot drums included, MNML gives you nothing short of pure inspiration. 

......:::::: Product Specifications ::::::......
• Format: 24-Bit WAV & AIFF/Apple Loops
• 5 Genre-Bending Construction Kits
• One-Shots & MIDI Files Included
• 24-Bit Quality
• Over 1.4 GB Of Content
• 100% Royalty-Free

......:::::: Please Note ::::::......
• The vocals heard in this pack are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the pack.

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'Monster$' lays the groundwork and provides you with a blueprint for Hip Hop and Trap music in a cinematic style. With influences from Young Thug, The Game, Future, Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Fetty Wap, and the like, this collection is current yet constructive and forward thinking. 

From the live drums that are its heart and soul, to the soul stirring strings and violins, it marries both theatre and thug together across five Construction Kits.

For the first time in the this collection, LGND provides you with WAV, AIFF, MIDI as well as individual one-shots from each Construction Kit, making this the most monstrous pack to date. 

......:::::: Product Specifications ::::::......
• Format: 24-Bit WAV & AIFF/Apple Loops
• 5 Construction Kits
• MIDI Files Included
• 4 Drum Kits
• 40 One-Shots
• Over 1.6 GB Of Content
• 100% Royalty-Free
'Base' is the brand new series from LGND that sets the standard once again for Hip Hop, Trap and RnB. This collection brings innovation at its finest, with airy pads and synths laced with speaker-splitting 808's. With five Construction Kits, LGND brings one of its most creative packs to date, breaking every barrier and standard set before it, bringing nothing that has ever been heard before. 

Pulsed Records Glamour Pop Vocals Only WAV AiFF APPLE LOOPS Pulsed Records Glamour Pop Vocals Only WAV AiFF APPLE LOOPS
'Glamour Pop Vocals Only' from Pulsed Records is a collection of Dry and Processed Vocal Construction Kits, ready to detonate the charts. Inspired by labels such as Hed Kandi & Ministry of Sound among others, this product comes with Stunning Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Harmonies, Whispers and more.

The vocals in this pack are suitable for a wide range of genres, such as House, Dance, Pop and more.

Recorded by a professional session vocalist, this product features lead vocals, backing vocals, harmonies, whispers and more. All Vocals are available as dry and processed versions, so you can use the effect processing heard in the product demo, or apply your own effect chain. 

In addition, the lyrics are provided as PDF files. This collection comes with a 100% Royalty-Free license.

......:::::: Product Details ::::::......
• Format: WAV & AIFF/Apple Loops
• 5 Vocal Construction Kits
• Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Harmonies, Whispers
• Dry & Processed Vocals
• Lyric Sheets (PDF Files)
• 24-Bit/44100kHz Quality
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Compatible with all DAWs

......:::::: Please Note ::::::......
• This pack contains vocal stems and lyric sheets only. Instrumentation heard in the product demo is for illustration purposes and is not included in this product.
LGND Media Intermission WAV AiFF APPLE LOOPS LGND Media Intermission WAV AiFF APPLE LOOPS
'LGND: Intermission' is the genesis of the most dominantly different series to ever come from LGND. This product is all but an intermission from the incredible innovation crafted into Five Construction Kits.

This collection brings pure creativity in a genre bending series that will never be duplicated from the bending plucks to the powerful pads. 'LGND: Intermission' is the result of months of hard work and sound design to bring the most creative collection in Hip Hop today. 

Complex melodies marry seamlessly with minimal hard hitting 808s and snares. From sounds of African tribes to deconstructed pianos, this pack was born to be brash and bold. 

Unlike anything before it, every Kit was designed from creative whitespace, taking in nothing from its classic predecessors. It employs custom designed drums, vox shots and screams, and analogue synths. This soon to be classic was inspired by its own creativity and will soon inspire your future classics.

......:::::: Product Details ::::::......
• Formats: WAV & Aiff/Apple Loops
• 5 Construction Kits
• Over 2.19 GB of Content (Including WAV Demos)
• 100% Royalty-Free 
• 24-Bit Audio Quality
LGND Media Skylines Vol 2 WAV AiFF LGND Media Skylines Vol 2 WAV AiFF
'Skylines Vol 2' is the sequel to this great Hip Hop collection. LGND brings back this timeless genre neutral series in four Construction Kits, bringing the best in minimal Hip Hop, Soul and Chill Trap. This classic collection is the embodiment of Chill and Trap becoming one with its minimal melodies and addictive drums. This second installment tak...

In the second installment of 'Skylines', LGND takes a brand new approach in minimal Chill and Hip Hop. With this genre creation in mind, this collection has stellar sound design, bringing the heart and soul of EDM and Chill to the 808 driven core of Hip Hop. 

From the lovely vocal chops to the custom designed drums and analogue synths, this product is the soundtrack for every seductive night. 

This timeless pack invokes the late night downtempo minimalism with lush pads, soulful live guitars, cold snaps and snares, heart thumping kicks and sonically seductive 808s. 

With over 1.2 GB of beautiful content, this collection is sure to be the soundtrack you've been waiting for. 

Product Details: 
• 4 Chilled Hip Hop Construction Kits
• Over 1.2 GB of Content
• 100% Royalty-Free
• 24-Bit Quality
LGND Empires 2 LGND Empires 2
'Empires 2' from LGND is the long awaited and highly anticipated sequel to one of the most innovative and influential Hip Hop products to ever be created. The most successful Hip Hop collection of 2014 returns to reign again and set the standard for its genre with seven heart-stopping Construction Kits.
'Empires 2' is as much a soundtrack as it is a sound pack, drawing influences from the kings and queens of Urban and R&B music such as Jay Z, Jhene Aiko, Rihanna, Beyonce, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Drake, Pharell and many more.
From the hopeful pads and pianos, to Hollywood influenced drums and booming 808s this 24-Bit library has all of the elements you need to reign supreme over the streets and the charts.
Product Details:
• Over 1 GB of content
• 7 Construction Kits
• 24-Bit WAV
• 100% Royalty-Free
Please Note:
The vocals heard in the audio preview are for demo purposes only and are not included. All vocals, lyrics, and melody composition rights and copyright are reserved by LGND/Laquan Green