Splice Tom Cosm Black Noise Sample Pack WAV
Splice Tom Cosm Black Noise Sample Pack WAV
They say silence is golden, however many producers today overlook the true raw power of utilizing silence (or Black Noise) in their production. Black Noise creates space, tension, release and can even bring your entire mix together. 

We've teamed up with Ableton certified trainer Tom Cosm to bring you a cutting edge and carefully crafted sample collection of Black Noise and it's many variants. Tom has spent several painstaking weeks perfecting the art of true, raw Black Noise, producing the ultimate collection ready to drop in and use in your productions.

Black Noise has many incredible uses, including:
- Dramatically increasing your dynamic range
- Great for outros/fade outs
- Place just before your drop to pack more of a punch
- Mix with other musical elements to reduce unwanted amplitude
- Use as a place holder for future ideas
+ The possibilities are endless!

But that's not all, Tom has generously created a custom

Check out the tutorial video Black Noise generator Max for Live patch for those of you who use Ableton. Simply drop the patch into an Audio track and tweak the silence to your liking. You can choose from a range of different types of Black Noise, or simply try your hand and creating your own. The patch also comes with a special rhythmical gate function and an export area so you can export your Black Noise creations as WAV files.

The best part? We think this pack is so cutting edge that we've decided to offer it at a cost of zero credits. That's right, we feel this pack will help so many producers that it would seem criminal to place a monetary value on it. We hope you enjoy using this Black Noise pack to it's full advantage.

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