Future Loops Nebula Progressive Trance Kits WAV MiDi REX AiFF
Future Loops Nebula Progressive Trance Kits WAV MiDi REX AiFF
Future Loops is proud to present Nebula - Progressive Trance Kits, a powerful collection of huge Progressive Trance kits in WAV , AIFF,REX and MIDI that will blast your productions into hyperspace!

Nebula - Progressive Trance Kits features 1.5 GB of epic Trance tools to build your next dance floor anthem : energetic drums, larger than life chord progressions , spaced out pads and leads, pounding bass lines, euphoric melodies & much more!

Organized into massively inspirational Construction Kits, in each kit you will access all the full drum loops and individual drum stems (kicks, snares, claps, etc), all the juicy melodic parts (bass, leads, plucks, pads,FX & more) as well as high-quality one shots!

Besides the standard WAV & AIFF formats , loops are also provided as REX Loops for ultimate tempo control and on top of all that you also get all the MIDI files for the melodic parts , allowing you to have fully reshape and tweak all the elements with your own magic touch!

In sum , here is what you will find inside:

286 WAV samples ( 688 MB )
286 AIFF samples ( 688 MB )
145 REX Loops ( 229 MB )
42 MIDI files
231A Loops
55 One-Shots
25 Bass Loops
13 Pluck Loops
22 Lead Loops
18 Pad Loops
49 FX 
3 Piano Loops
101 Drum Loops
8 Kick One-Shots
8 Snare One-Shots
6 Clap One-Shots
12 Hat One-Shots
4 Ride One-Shots
9 Percussion One-Shots
3 Crash One-shots
3 Tom One-Shots
2 Shaker One-Shots

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Future Loops G-Funked Soul and Hip Hop Kits WAV REX Future Loops G-Funked Soul and Hip Hop Kits WAV REX
Future Loops presents G-Funked - Soul & Hip Hop Kits, a super funky collection of royalty-free Construction Kits infused with an irresistible head nodding G-Funk vibe! 

G-Funked - Soul & Hip Hop Kits is packed with tight beats and swinging drums , trippy synths , groovy leads , phat bass lines , warm chords , licking guitars , keys , percussion and more!

Each kit in G-Funked - Soul & Hip Hop Kits features full drums, standalone drum elements (kick, hat, snare, clap & more), individual instrumental loops & one shots. You can edit, cut, mix, mash and squeeze these babies to create bangin G-Funk tunes! 

Here is what you can find inside G-Funked - Soul & Hip Hop Kits: 

//Drum Loops// 
Each beat includes full mix variations 

//Drum Multi-Tracks// 
Individual Kicks, Hats, Claps, Snares, Percussion etc.. You control the beat...! 

//Loop Elements// 
Bass, Synth, Keys, Guitar, Piano, Brass, Strings & more! 

//Drum One Shots// 
Pristine Drum One Shots 

- 401 WAV 

( 334 WAV Loops + 67 WAV Drum One Shots ) 

- 315 REX Loops
Future Loops Progressive Trance Producer WAV MiDi REX Future Loops Progressive Trance Producer WAV MiDi REX
GrooveBits presents Progressive Trance Producer a contagious collection of Trance and Progressive construction kits, samples & loops in WAV, MIDI and REX format.

Progressive Trance Producer is the perfect sample tool for all Trance and Progressive producers looking for creative, inspirational and high-quality ready to mix sound tools : expect to find crisp drums, big chords, infectious plucks, pumping basslines, huge pads, melodic leads, FX & more! 

Progressive Trance Producer features highly flexible and versatile Construction Kits that you can use as the starting point for your tracks or as a sound pool of inspiration to enhance your next Progressive productions!

Inside each kit you will find Full Drums, Drum Loop Elements, Melodic Loops and Drum One Shots.

Besides the standard WAV & REX formats we also provide REX Loops for ultimate tempo control PLUS all the MIDI files for total creative power , allowing you to truly shape the sounds as you please!

All samples in Progressive Trance Producer are 100% royalty-free and come Tempo and Key labelled!

Here is what you will find inside :

196 WAV Samples & Loops

166 WAV Loops
30 One-Shots

-Full Drums
-Drum Loop Elements (Clap, Hat, Kick, Snare, Ride & more)
-Melodic Elements (Bass, Pluck, Pad, Lead, FX, Piano, Chords)
-Drum One-Shots

// REX Loops
103 REX Loops

38 MIDI Files

580 MB
Equinox Sounds Hypnotic Trance MIDI Kits Vol 4 MiDi Equinox Sounds Hypnotic Trance MIDI Kits Vol 4 MiDi
'Hypnotic Trance MIDI Kits Vol 4' features 30 Stunning Emotional and Chilled Trance Construction Kits in MIDI Format. You'll get lots of melodic MIDI loops featuring Synth Leads, Basslines, Piano Melodies, Plucks, Pad & String Chord Progressions, and much more. All phrases are 100% Royalty-Free.

'Hypnotic Trance MIDI Kits Vol 4' includes 30 MIDI Construction Kits for creating deep and hypnotic Trance music such as Emotional Trance, Progressive Trance, Ambient Trance, Chill Trance and Dream Trance. Each Kit is provided with it's component parts.

You'll get MIDI loops featuring synth leads, basslines, epic piano melodies, plucks, ethereal pad melodies, string chord progressions, etc. These MIDI melodies are great for Ambient and Progressive Trance producers searching for some melodic inspiration.

As these Construction Kits are supplied in MIDI format, they will provide you with as much flexibility as possible. You can edit and transpose them, assign any sound you want and get your own and original melodic lines. The editing possibilities are endless as you can play the performances at any tempo or pitch without artefacts.

You can use these MIDI files as a jumping-off point to start your own track or base your production entirely around them as they are 100% Royalty-Free!

......:::::: Product Features ::::::......
• 30 MIDI Construction Kits
• 100% Royalty-Free

......:::::: Suitable For ::::::......
• Emotional Trance
• Progressive Trance
• Chill Trance
• Ambient Trance
• Dream Trance
Smokey Loops Boost Vocal Drops WAV MiDi Smokey Loops Boost Vocal Drops WAV MiDi
Smokey Loops presents "Boost Vocal Drops”, a new collection of sounds by the powerful bass. Boost Vocal Drops brings you 5 x Construction Kits with fluid paced rhythms and fresh tones, each containing a single song demo and all its audio components.

Each kits contains One-Shots, Melody, Vocals, you can mix your crazy fantasies melody very easily, perfect for producers looking for vocalized leads & drops!

You will find inside Drum Loops, Bass Loops, Melody Loops, Vocal Drops, MIDI, One-Shots, FX.

....:::: Drum Loops ::::....
• Contains mixed and single drum (Kick, Clap, Snare, Ride and more) very simply, you can create your favorite groove.

....:::: Musical Loops ::::....
• Also included are a sample tools to bring intensity to your tracks from Vocal Drops and Synth to Leads, FX, One-Shots & more!

....:::: MIDI ::::....
• Access the MIDI file and take total control of 100% of your sound!

Each file is named with Tempo and Key Labeled. Boost Vocal Drops is 100% Royalty-Free. Enjoy!

....:::: Construction Kits ::::....
• Kit_01_Crash_G_150Bpm
• Kit_02_Face_A#_150Bpm
• Kit_03_Party_F#_150Bpm
• Kit_04_Scary_E_150Bpm
• Kit_05_Trap_G#_150Bpm

....:::: Product Details ::::....
• 5 x Construction kits
• 46 Drum Loops
• 63 Music Loops
• 44 One-Shots
• 11 FX
• 32 MIDI
• 24-Bit
• 203 Files
• PC & Mac Compatible
• Tempo and Key Labeled
• 100% Royalty-Free
Smokey Loops Christmas Festival WAV MiDi SPF FXP Smokey Loops Christmas Festival WAV MiDi SPF FXP
Smokey Loops presents "Christmas Festival” a super collection EDM and Deep House, ready for your track. Inside you find 10 x Construction Kits with Drum Loops, Bass Loops, Melody Loops, One-Shots, MIDI, Presets, Fx and much more. All loops are optimized for the dance friendly tempo of 130, 125, and 108 BPM and are key labelled.

....:::: DRUMS ::::....
• This contains Drums mix and Oneshots (Kick, Clap, Snare, Hi Hat, Ride)

....:::: MUSIC LOOPS ::::....
• Inside you can find (Drop mixed - Sidechain - Not Sidechain, Bass, Synth, String, Fx)

....:::: MIDI ::::....
• Access the MIDI files and take 100% control of your sound!

Christmas Festival is 100% Royalty-Free.

....:::: Construction Kits ::::....
• Kit_01_Card_E_108Bpm
• Kit_02_Check_It_G#_108Bpm
• Kit_03_Dope_G_108Bpm 
• Kit_04_Jump_F_108Bpm
• Kit_05_People_G_108Bpm
• Kit_06_Word_D#_120Bpm
• Kit_07_Carry_D#_125Bpm
• Kit_08_Baby_D#_130Bpm
• Kit_09_Happy_D#_130Bpm
• Kit_10_Ready_G_130Bpm

....:::: Product Details ::::....
• 10 Construction kits
• 82 Drum Loops
• 89 Music Loops
• 9 Vocals
• 63 One-Shots
• 12 Presets (Sylenth1 - Spire - Serum)
• 23 FX
• 46 MIDI
• 24 Bit
• 336 Files
• PC & Mac Compatible
• Tempo and Key Labeled
• 100% Royalty Free
Auditory Air Trance Progressive Class ACID WAV AiFF MiDi-MAGNETRiXX Auditory Air Trance Progressive Class ACID WAV AiFF MiDi-MAGNETRiXX
Air Trance: Progressive Class from Auditory allows you to discover six of the highest quality Trance Construction Kits, including MIDI files. These awesome Kits provide you with that current Trance and Dance sound and feature enough material for you to mix and match with endless possibilities. All Kits are separated into ACID/WAV, AIFF and MIDI folders and include pluck, bass and pads. Air Trance: Progressive Class brings you the best deep, energetic sounds to enhance your Dance and Trance productions.



Product Contains:

6 Construction Kits
MIDI files
WAV files
All tempos are included.
WAV samples at 44.1 kHz/24-Bit quality
Basslines, drums loops, piano, guitar, pad, pluck, bass & leadline MIDI