Chocolate Audio The 88 Series Pianos Steinbach Upright KONTAKT
Chocolate Audio The 88 Series Pianos Steinbach Upright KONTAKT
When we chose to create piano Instruments, we carefully chose which upright piano to start from. When facing grand codas, the choice is rather limited, but upright pianos are a totally different world. We wanted a piano capable of producing both a full sound and the shallow on the edge of being out-of-tune tone characteristic of so many historical recordings. We sampled a beautifully made italian upright piano built by Steinbach in Torino and placed it in a mid-size roomy studio surrounded by a plethora of microphones.


We didn't settle for a single pair or a limited selection of microphones from the start, we wanted to make sure that the piano, after the sampling and editing process had the best chances to preserve its soul, something which can be hard to achieve. For this very reason, we used many more microphones than the ones we ended up with.

Choice of Microphones

These are the Mics we carefully selected after multiple playing and listening sessions on the edited samples:

a Royer R121 matched-pair in a coincident Blumlein configuration
another Royer R121 mathced.pair in a spaced configuration
a single Neumann M149 tube mic picking up sound from a very particular position
a pair of matched Oktava MK101 capsules to pick up the lively room sound

These microphones, by themselves or combined, give you the widest possible gamut of tonal colors you might imagine in an upright piano. To preserve tonal balance, we even carefully phase-aligned all of the microphones.

Mixing a-la-carte

One might think that having four different choices and combinations of mics plus the reverb would make finding the perfect balance impossible.

It is not.

This Instrument, we believe, easily opens up many different sonic worlds by using its on-board mixer. This tool is focused on easy-to-get results with a few tailored controls:

Panpot, places the sound in a specific direction
Mute and Solo
Width, controls the width of the stereo signals
Reverb Send, amount of signal for each microphone that gets processed by the on-board IR Reverb
Master effects are a 3-band EQ with cherry-picked frequency centers, a Preset Compressor & Tape Emulation and the IR Reverb
On each single channel you might use a simple but very effective 3-band EQ

Optimal resources management

Dealing with a piano Instrument featuring four microphones at the same time can bring an heavy load on system resources. The amount of playback voices for the CPU and Disk Streaming, preload in RAM and load times could suffer.

A click on Purge Muted simply removes from memory all muted channels, not anymore weighing on RAM, CPU and streaming resources. 

Simplicity, with depth

Our approach to sampled Instruments is to let the musician in you fly free of any technical burden. Fast, full satisfaction is guaranteed: you just need to play, the fastest possible learning-curve is always kept as a reference when designing our Instruments. At the same time, when there's that techie-need to tweak and fine-tune, our multi-layer user interfaces allow for it, giving you the best of both worlds.

Advanced sampling and scripting

We believe the real break-through in these ages is creating advanced, high-quality Instruments which don't require you to earn a master in computer programming before you start making music with them. Making matters easy for the musician always means introducing more and more layers of complication for us developers. First of all we are musicians, and we don't want you to end up putting our products on a virtual shelf and forget about them because they are too hard to learn and use.


Our effects section doesn't require a degree in audio-engineering to make the best out of it.

This is our job.

Just select one of the 23 main Presets and fine tune it using a few carefully selected parameters.

The Compressor & Tape Emulation section, usually hard to grasp for the inexpert in audio tweaking feature no less than 22 + 22 (for when using a single Mic only, marked with a + sign) presets with a simple Amount knob to rule it to your taste.

The Reverb section, so critical for acoustic pianos in particular, features an in-house developed collection of 17 carefully selected high quality Impulse Responses coming from both real spaces and revered vintage and contemporary studio hardware.


5.95 GB (lossless compressed) library size, 4688 samples
4 microphone sets: Royer ribbon Blumlein and Spaced, Neumann M149 mono and Oktava stereo room set
8 sustaining dynamic layers, chromatically sampled
4 release trails layers, chromatically sampled
independently controllable sustain-pedal resonances
key-release noise for added authenticity
sustain-pedal down and up noise layers
sampled with Millennia, Neve, SSL and Focusrite preamps fed direct into Apogee converters
all of the details of the piano recreated through the use of our custom advanced scripting
recorded at 24 bit / 96 KHz, released at 24 bit / 44.1 KHz
easy-to-use mixer for extreme sound-mangling

Kontakt engine features

custom User Interface
velocity curve management
piano tone control, makes the piano sound softer or harder under your fingers
custom touch response control: set at minimum you'll get the full sound of the piano with added latency (good for mixing), at higher levels cuts more and more into the piano pre-attack portion allowing for very low perceived latency when needed (good for tracking and live playing)
fine-tuned three-band EQ for each channel
many under the hood techniques to make the piano true to the original (life-like re-pedaling, release trails attenuation, intelligent attenuation of each single dynamic layer for maximum dynamic response...)
master realism control and specific control over release trails, key off, resonances and pedal noise levels
envelope controls
17 custom, high quality IR reverbs
22 (+ 22) compressor + tape presets
23 factory presets + user-savable presets
works as stand-alone, AAX, RTAS, AU and VST for Mac and PC


4 GB Ram (more if in need of loading more sample sets)
Core2Duo or equivalent Mac or PC
Kontakt Retail Version: v. 5.4.3 or newer
MIDI Keyboard

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AKOUSTIK PIANO - one of the most accurate software pianos. Emulator combines sampled sound, expressiveness and brilliant sound of the three most recognized brands grand piano: Steinway D ™, Bechstein D 280 ™ and Boesendorfer 290 Imperial ™, as well as the charismatic Steingraeber 130 vintage upright piano ™. The emulator includes the entire range of sounds and styles of piano, makes it possible to mix in different proportions on your computer sound characteristics and subtle tonal nuances of all four instruments. Piano emulator AKOUSTIK PIANO - the perfect complement for studios, rehearsal bases, stages and clubs.

Native Instruments Akoustik Piano Virtual Instrument at a Glance:

Three first-class grands and a classic upright in one compact virtual instrument
Warm, transparent sound captured with high-tech setup
Real piano response from multi-velocity samples
Create your own room with built-in convolution

Three first-class grands and a classic upright in one compact virtual instrument
Native Instruments Akoustik Piano fuses the sampled sound, expressiveness and playability of three of the most reputable grand pianos - the Steinway D, Bechstein D 280 and Bosendorfer 290 Imperial - as well as the charismatic Steingraeber 130 vintage upright piano, into one application. Akoustik Piano covers the entire range of piano sounds and styles, transfusing the sonic characteristics and subtle tonal nuances of all four into your computer - the perfect complement for studios, rehearsal rooms, schools, stages and clubs.

Warm, transparent sound captured with high-tech setup
Akoustik Piano is the new benchmark in sound quality, capturing the full body and feel of the originals with unprecedented authenticity. The latest recording technology as well as a specially developed microphone setup was used for all four pianos in Akoustik Piano. The result is a uniquely warm, transparent and flexible sound that delivers the same distinctive character of each individual piano in exacting detail and can still be adjusted to meet specific needs.

Real piano response from multi-velocity samples
Akoustik Piano plays and responds exactly as real pianos do. The keys were sampled at varying velocities and great care was taken to capture the entire sustain and release phases. Native Instruments' brand new Layer Morphing Technology generates a seamless dynamic gradient. The characteristic resonances caused by use of the pedals can be adjusted as can the subtle mechanical noises of the pedals and keys themselves. From perfect pianissimo to forceful fortissimo, Akoustik Piano delivers the same breadth and depth of tone as the originals.

Create your own room with built-in convolution
Akoustik Piano has a first-class integrated convolution module, allowing highly authentic spatial characteristics to be added to the sound. Place the piano in a studio, jazz club, concert hall and a cathedral or use the dry signal as it is. The acoustic parameters of these spaces, such as the size, can also be manipulated. From the close mic setup of a jazz combo to the more ambient nature of classic solo performance, Native Instruments Akoustik Piano covers the whole spectrum!

Native Instruments Akoustik Piano Virtual Instrument Features:

Three famous grand pianos and one vintage upright piano
Extremely intuitive and clearly structured user interface
Integrated convolution module for high-quality controllable room acoustics
Four different room types with distinctive characteristics
Exceptionally high sample quality including. sustain and release phases
Layer Morphing Technology ensures a seamless velocity gradient
Highly efficient sample engine based on Kontakt 2, including Direct from Disk streaming
Adjustable mechanical noises of pedals and keys
Integrated metronome, recorder and flexible 3-band EQ
Keyboard velocity curve allowing response to be adjusted for different master keyboards
Standalone, Audio Units, RTAS, VST, DXi, CoreAudio, DirectSound
Wavesfactory The Tack KONTAKT Wavesfactory The Tack KONTAKT
The Tack is a recreation of "Mrs Mills”, a tack piano from Abbey Road Studios with which The Beatles, Elliot Smith and many others recorded some of their tracks.

The tack piano (sometimes referred to as jangle piano, junk piano, honky-tonk piano or harpsipiano) is a permanently altered version of an ordinary piano, in which tacks or nails are placed on the felt-padded hammers of the instrument at the point where the hammers hit the strings, giving the instrument a tinny, more percussive sound.

What's nice about the library is that it relies on an ordinary upright piano and you can add the amount of "tack" sound you want.
This is an "W-Honky" update for what we re-recorded the same upright piano with 3 velocity layers, 3 round robin, time-based multi-release samples, pedal noise, sustain resonance, velocity remapping, EQ, reverb, chorus and compressor effects, all controllable from the brand new interface. State of the art scripting for perfect response of the instrument. 

I feel very proud of this instrument. It's my go-to upright piano library. 
You can have it now for only €19.95!

Tech Info

Stereo WAV files, 44.1KHz 24bit (NCW compressed).
3 velocity layers.
3 optional round robin.
Sampled chromatically.
Multi release samples.
FX section.
Velocity remapping.
New GUI and script.
1GB installed.
For Kontakt 4.2.3 or above.
Kontakt Player will run in demo mode for 15 minutes, full version required.
Price: €19.95
Chocolate Audio The 88 Series Model 80 Electric Grand KONTAKT Chocolate Audio The 88 Series Model 80 Electric Grand KONTAKT
Sampled from a Yamaha CP80 compact electric grand, the Model 80 is a work of love and an homage to the sound that defined an era.

The electric piano was properly restored and tuned before being sampled. Special care was taken in recreating the characteristic edgy sound of the middle registers, the shallow tone of the lows and the stingy highs.
Chocolate Audio BBassV Electric Bass KONTAKT Chocolate Audio BBassV Electric Bass KONTAKT
The BBassV Blectric Bass comes after several years of R&D at our headquarters and we think it sets a new benchmark in terms of playbility and sound.

This virtual instrument is derived from a Yamaha BB415 5-string electric bass, one of the few "non-classics" instruments which we find has tons of character.


964 MB (lossless compressed) library size, 6517 samples
Samples are looped after roughly 6 seconds to save on RAM
4 sustaining dynamic layers, chromatically sampled
4 round robins for each note/dynamic
all 5 Strings sampled in their length
8 release trails layers for each note/string
Fingered, Fingered Mute and Harmonics main articulations
sampled with a Millennia DI preamps fed direct into Apogee converters
ease of use thanks to our custom advanced scripting
recorded at 24 bit / 96 KHz, released at 24 bit / 44.1 KHz
easy-to-use effects section for extreme sound-mangling

Kontakt engine features

custom User Interface
velocity curve management
intelligent auto-fretting algorithms developed in-house, emulate different bass players' way of playing
manual fretting for advanced users
advanced legato and slide-to technology allows for slides of any duration and interval, controllable with your playing
custom vibrato, modeled after real bassists' vibratos
effects section specially tuned for bass instruments
no need to learn tons fo key-switches thanks to well-tought-out user interface design choices
172 custom cabinet + mic combinations IRs for maximum tonal realism
26 factory presets
works as stand-alone, AAX, RTAS, AU and VST for Mac and PC

Audio Demos

This is a selection of audio demos for the BBassV created by some of our testers and friends. For more info on the demos, please go to our Soundcloud page.
Hephaestus Sounds Gran Coda V1.4 KONTAKT Hephaestus Sounds Gran Coda V1.4 KONTAKT
Gran Coda V1.4 is a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt that offers you a stunning detailed experience of a real Concert Piano. This new version (v1.4) now features a stunning new interface. Sampled from a real Steinway & Sons concert piano, immediately after an accurate tuning operation.

The sound is extremely clear, dynamic and realistic, thanks to the sampling of all the sound details with very hi-sense microphones.

....:::: Features ::::....
• 48 KHz 24-Bit Stereo sample resolution
• 6 .NKI Presets
• 5 dynamic layers smoothly connected to avoid sudden sound changes
• Keys, Sustain pedal & Damper FX
• Sustain pedal samples with Hephaestus' IR Harmonic Restoration and Hephaestus' Real-Time Engine to switch between closed & damper samples in real-time when pressing the sustain pedal
• Resonance & Key-off samples
• Release key noises have a dedicated script to avoid the sustain pedal release conflict
• Distance knob to move the piano away from you
• Stereo knob to adjust the sound field
• Soundboard, Presence and Exciter knobs to adjust the sound frequencies
• Dedicated environment with an IR sample reverb
• Requirements: NI Kontakt Version 5.2.1 or higher

Puremagnetik PM Grand MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS Puremagnetik PM Grand MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS
A multi-sampled Yamaha Conservatory Grand Piano that includes a library of advanced instruments and looped clips in various styles.

This Pack contains a collection of 9 advanced instruments and 50 looped clips optimized for Ableton Live, Native Instruments Kontakt and Apple Logic. The included instruments contain multi-sampled programs with release and sustain tones, a "lite” version with a much smaller footprint, a reverse piano, an infinte sustained piano and several electrified tones.

Recording Specifications
Piano Type: Yamaha C3 6'1" Conservatory Grand
Microphones: Ccombination of a close pair of Neumann KM 84s in an XY configuration, along with a spaced pair of Earthworks omnidirectional mics. All mics recorded through a True Systems Precision 8 mic pre.

Programming Specifications
• 3 velocity zones on each of 88 keys.
• Key Release sounds for realistic mechanical nuances
• "Sustain Leakage” has captured the sound of all strings resonating when the sustain pedal is activated

System Requirements
• Requires Ableton Live 7 or higher, Kontakt 3 or higher, Logic 8 or higher
• 300 MB of physical RAM
• 400 Megabytes (MB) of free hard disk space