Sonic Academy ANA Presets Vol. 6 Progressive Trance WAV MiDi
Sonic Academy ANA Presets Vol. 6 Progressive Trance WAV MiDi
Another 128 patch sound bank ready to make your productions truly next level. Created by world renowned sound designers Bluffmunkey and Aiyn Zahev Sounds, this massive bank includes crisp plucks, soaring leads, lush pads, phat basses and some awesome sequences using ANA's G-Env to its full potential.

Also included are 4 MIDI Templates, 22 Audio Stems and 14 One Shot Drum Hits from the audio demo.


18 Bass
13 FX
3 Key
28 Lead
26 Pad
23 Plucks
7 Seq
10 Stab

4 MIDI templates
22 Audio Stems
14 One Shot Drum Hits

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Magic Trance Music Beatsole Trance Essentials Vol 1 For U-HE HiVE Magic Trance Music Beatsole Trance Essentials Vol 1 For U-HE HiVE
The first kit sound bank 'Trance Essentials' from Beatsole for a new, but already very popular VST Synthesizer U-He Hive. Patch includes high quality sounds that is perfect for creating tracks in genres Trance, Uplifting Trance, Progressive Trance, Tech Trance, Progressive House, Electro Progressive, Drum & Bass, Breaks. The kit also includes MIDI as a Bonus.

......:::::: Product Details ::::::......
• 40 U-He Hive Presets
• 20 x Bass
• 10 x Lead
• 10 x Pluck
• Format: H2P/MIDI
• Type: Presets/Patches
• Number Of Presets: 40
• Requirements: U-He Hive.
Aiyn Zahev Sounds Tundra Vol.2 for Dune Aiyn Zahev Sounds Tundra Vol.2 for Dune
Tundra Vol.2 is the follow up to the very well received Tundra Vol.1 bank. 
This set brings out D.U.N.E.'s more aggressive nature. Dark pads and distorted bass, sub basses and Rough leads. It also highlights some of the more beautiful and serene sounds it can produce, so there are also light delicate leads, complex evolving pads & tranquil plucks.

This 105 Preset bank caters to a wide array of electronic styles but especially suits trance.


25 bass, 4 sub basses.
4 soft, 6 hard leads.
4 trance (big room) leads, 11 plucks.
17 pads, 6 gated pads, 4 strings.
9 sequences, 5 synth.
5 texture, 3 FX.

Synapse Audio DUNE 1.4 or higher

Aiyn Zahev Dune 2 Spice Vol.1 for Dune 2 Aiyn Zahev Dune 2 Spice Vol.1 for Dune 2
The first in a new series for DUNE 2, Spice Vol.1 delivers 70 quality sounds, suitable for Trance, Electro house, Psytrance, Ambient and other electronic styles.

The sound design uses the new analog modeled envelopes in version 2.5, as well as the excellent effects, deep mod-matrix and the independent control of unison voices. The results are rich and thick, and can easily fill out a mix. Huge supersaw leads, dense and lush pads, deep and punchy basses, interesting texture patches, and variety of leads and plucks of character make this bank a great expansion for Dune 2.

This bank features 70 sounds in total: 7 Arps, 20 Basses & Bass sequences, 18 Leads, 11 Pads, 10 Plucks & 4 Sequences.

Patches feature Modwheel assignment and various patches are sensitive to velocity. Also included are royalty free MIDI files and the Ableton Project with the parts arranged as heard in the demo.
Aiyn Zahev Elevation for U-he Hive Aiyn Zahev Elevation for U-he Hive
Elevation is a collection of 85 presets for U-he HIVE, aimed primarily at trance music producers. It takes it’s cue from modern and classic trance sounds but HIVE’s signature sound provides a fresh take that works well in modern productions.

The bank takes advantage of HIVE’s three distinct filter models to deliver squelchy resonant & screaming acid sequences. The fast envelopes allow for snappy, crisp plucks. The supersaw stacks are used for those massive anthemic leads, for the all important "breakdown”. The bank also has several lush, dense pad sounds.

HIVE’s fat, analog-like oscillators are put to use to provide your track with 27 foundational bass sounds, 17 of which feature a programmed sequences. Most bass sequences are programmed in octaves so as to be usable in any key.

The effect section is used judiciously, subtle to extreme distortion, small EQ adjustments help the sounds stand out in a mix & delay and reverb set to match the mood and common usage of each style of sound.

Also included are individual midi files from the audio demo, royalty free. For producers engaged in 138 or Progressive trance, EDM or even ambient electronic music, there is a lot this bank has to offer, whether as a spring board for your own sound design, or finished sounds right out of the box.

7 Acid Sequences
17 Bassline Sequences
10 Basses
4 FX sounds
16 Leads
12 Pads
12 Plucks
7 Melodic Sequences
– 85 Presets in total

Mod wheel Assignments on all presets
Velocity on many preset
Individual MIDI files from the demo
Trance Euphoria Future Psy Trance For Spire Trance Euphoria Future Psy Trance For Spire
'Future Psy Trance For Spire' from Trance Euphoria is the latest soundset for this amazing soft synth by Reveal Sound. This pack brings you the best full-on Psy Trance Spire sound set inspired by the world's best Psy festivals and artists. This collection of 128 sounds will become your go to sound set.
You'll find Arps, Basses, Bass Seqs, FX, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Sequences & Synths included. A bonus Ableton Live product is also included.
Product Includes:
• 128 Named Psy Trance Spire Presets (SBF Bank File)
• SPF Individual Presets
• Bonus Free Ableton Demo Project
• Preset List Patches Used (PDF File)
• 100% Royalty-Free
Patches Broken Down:
• 33 Plucks
• 27 Leads
• 16 Basses
• 12 Arps
• 11 Sequences
• 10 Pads
• 10 FX
• 6 Synths
• 3 Bass Sequences
Please use Spire version 1.0.20+. Please use the most up-to-date version of Ableton as the demo project is not guaranteed to work with older versions.
Electronisounds Artisan EDM for Dune 2 Electronisounds Artisan EDM for Dune 2
'Artisan EDM for Dune 2' from Electronisounds is a bank of skillfully crafted patches that will bring you instant inspiration. This bank of skillfully crafted patches will bring you instant inspiration. All of these sounds are based around a new custom set of 64 wavetables allowing for new and unique sounds and timbres that were previously not possible with Dune 2.
This patch library is sure to appeal to producers of many different genres both within and outside of EDM and is perfect for sound designers who like to experiment and break into uncharted sonic territory.
In detail you'll find 100 presets including: 
• Electro basses
• Inspiring leads
• Side-chained "pumping" sounds
• Driving plucks
• Chilled and evolving pads
• Tempo sync'd arps and sequences
• FX sounds and drum sounds
This preset library is a perfect match for Electronisounds other libraries for Dune 2; 'Renegade EDM' and 'Filthy Basses'.
Whether you're producing straight-up EDM, Electro House, Big Room, Festival House, Trance, Psy Trance, Minimal, IDM or beyond, you'll find the perfect sound within these 100 presets.
Mod wheel programming is featured in most patches for extreme sonic flexibility and sound variation.
Detailed Contents:
• 9 Arps
• 13 Basses
• 2 Chords
• 12 Drums
• 5 FX
• 26 Leads
• 6 Pads
• 4 Plucks
• 14 Sequences
• 9 Synths
All of the original MIDI files for the "Sequence" patches are included so you can use the melodies with other sounds or edit/customize them further.
The demo MP3 showcases 23 of the 100 patches. Everything in the audio demo is coming from Dune 2, except for some of the drums.
The analog-rhythm-box sounding IDM drums from 00:46-1:16 are, however, from patches in this bank. The risers, downlifters, analog snare build-up and bass drop are also from this bank.
There are no sidechain plug-ins used in the demo; all "pumping" sounds are coming straight from Dune 2.
These sounds are 100% Royalty-Free, meaning you can use them in your productions without worrying about any clearance hassle.
Please Note:
This soundset requires the Dune 2 VSTi from Synapse Audio.