Future Loops G-Funked Soul and Hip Hop Kits WAV REX
Future Loops G-Funked Soul and Hip Hop Kits WAV REX
Future Loops presents G-Funked - Soul & Hip Hop Kits, a super funky collection of royalty-free Construction Kits infused with an irresistible head nodding G-Funk vibe! 

G-Funked - Soul & Hip Hop Kits is packed with tight beats and swinging drums , trippy synths , groovy leads , phat bass lines , warm chords , licking guitars , keys , percussion and more!

Each kit in G-Funked - Soul & Hip Hop Kits features full drums, standalone drum elements (kick, hat, snare, clap & more), individual instrumental loops & one shots. You can edit, cut, mix, mash and squeeze these babies to create bangin G-Funk tunes! 

Here is what you can find inside G-Funked - Soul & Hip Hop Kits: 

//Drum Loops// 
Each beat includes full mix variations 

//Drum Multi-Tracks// 
Individual Kicks, Hats, Claps, Snares, Percussion etc.. You control the beat...! 

//Loop Elements// 
Bass, Synth, Keys, Guitar, Piano, Brass, Strings & more! 

//Drum One Shots// 
Pristine Drum One Shots 

- 401 WAV 

( 334 WAV Loops + 67 WAV Drum One Shots ) 

- 315 REX Loops

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Future Loops Fresh Pop-Modern RNB Kits WAV REX Future Loops Fresh Pop-Modern RNB Kits WAV REX
Future Loops presents Fresh Pop - Modern RNB Kits, a platinum ready collection with over 450 samples & loops ( WAV & REX ) filled with pop anthems with a contemporary RNB vibe!

Fresh Pop - Modern RNB Kits brings you all the tools you need to build memorable Pop tracks and top charting hooks! With 15 Construction Kits that melt the best of Pop Music with a trendy RNB style ( taking a cue from artists like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown ) you will be instantly inspired by the hot drums , laid back guitars , mellow pianos, urban synth works , melodic leads and many other production elements for your next tunes!

Each kit in Fresh Pop - Modern RNB Kits was designed with all the separate multitrack loops so you can easily start mixing, editing and mashing up : From full drums and standalone drum loop elements (such as kicks, claps, hats, snares, percussion, etc), to instrumental and melodic elements ( Bass , Guitar , Piano , Synth etc.. ) plus 90 highly must have drum one-shots to design new POP and RNB beats from scratch!

Fresh Pop - Modern RNB Kits is your go to resource for instant Pop and R&B gratification and guaranteed track hotness!

Here is what you will find inside Fresh Pop - Modern RNB Kits:

Full Drums
Drum loop Elements ( Clap, Kick, Snare, Hat, Tom, Percussion & more)


Drum One Shots (Clap, Kick, Snare, Hat, Tom, Percussion & more)

454 WAV samples & loops ( 364 WAV Loops + 90 WAV Drum One Shots)

// REX
327 REX Loops
Future Loops Trunk Bangerz WAV REX Future Loops Trunk Bangerz WAV REX
Future Loops is proud to release Trunk Bangerz, a supreme collection of Hip Hop Construction Kits in WAV & REX format. 

Trunk Bangerz is packed with flawless, chart-buster material and offers you crucial elements to produce killer beats and hip hop tracks: deep 808's , rich synth leads, running Arpeggios and Pizzicatos, urban Strings and Guitars , Hard Kicks, phat Snares & Claps and more! 

Perfect for different styles of Hip Hop & RNB Trunk Bangerz features tempos ranging from 66 Bpm to 83 Bpm and with each Construction Kit you get all the separate tracks for full production control : cut it, edit & mix as you please...! 

With over 2.7 GB, Trunk Bangerz also includes standalone Drum Multi-Tracks for optimal Drum Loop Mixing and the Drum One-Shots if you like to create your own beat patterns from the ground up. 

Here’s what you can find inside Trunk Bangerz: 

Drum loops & Drum Multi-Tracks // Kicks, Hats, Claps, Snares, Percussion, etc.. 

Loop Elements // Bass, Piano, Synths, Arpeggio, Strings, Guitar, Brass, Pads, FX and more!

Drum One Shots // create your own beats!
Future Loops Boom Bap Dark Kits WAV REX Future Loops Boom Bap Dark Kits WAV REX
Future Loops proudly presents Boom Bap - Dark Kits an awesome collection of premium construction kits that brings you dark tones , sleek urban elements and underground synths !

If your´re looking to produce edgy Boom Bap tracks with a dark twist , you need your Beats hard, your Basses phat and your Instrumentals menacing ! And that´s just what Boom Bap - Dark Kits delivers featuring all the elements you need to produce intelligent Hip Hop that has real depth and character .

This sample pack will appeal not only to the Boom Bap / Old-School crowd but to all Hip Hop producers who want to access a truly inspirational collection of Synths , Flutes , Pianos , Instrumentals , Bass , FX´s and Drum Loops as well as must-have Kick , Hats , Snares , Claps and other professional drum samples with virtually endless mixing possibilities!

Boom Bap - Dark Kits' impeccably produced and key-labelled loops were all kept at 90BPM and with each Construction Kit you get all the separate instrumental tracks for full production control: just cut, edit & mix as you please...!

Boom Bap - Dark Kits also includes separate Drum Multitracks for easy Drum Loop Mixing and all the Boom Bap Drum One-Shots.

Here’s what you'll find inside Boom Bap - Dark Kits :

Drum Multitracks // Standalone Kicks, Snares, Hats, Claps, Toms, Percussion loops for your mixing delight!

Drum Loop Full Mix // Ready-to-drop Beatz !

Loop Elements // FX, Bass ,Synths & Instrument loops

Drum One Shots // Percussion, Kicks, Claps, Snares, Hats and much more ! Create your own beat patterns a la carte !

Featuring 753 Loops & One Shots

Over 4GB of content
Future Loops Soul 77 WAV REX Future Loops Soul 77 WAV REX
Future Loops presents Soul 77 - Hip Hop & RNB Kits a deluxe collection of soul drenched construction kits in WAV & REX formats.

Soul 77 - Hip Hop & RNB Kits brings you a super fresh and silky set of samples , loops and kits that are deeply immersed in a 70\'s Soul & Funk infusion with a sexy , irresistible vibe!

From funked guitars , rusty keys or mellow strings to groovy basslines, crispy drums or dramatic pianos , Soul 77 is equipped with over 500 top notch sounds that will make your soulful side shine through in your next Hip Hop & RNB tracks!

All 100% Royalty-Free , here\'s what you\'ll find inside :


Full Mix Drums 
Multitrack Drum Loop Elements



Kicks , Snares , Claps , Hats ..Each Construction Kit includes valuable Drum One-Shots !

With a diverse sound selection & bursting with creativity and inspirational content , Soul 77 is a must-have collection of instrumental elements that will delight all Hip Hop and RNB producers that are looking to add a distinctive 70\'s flavor to their productions !

In total you will find 548 Samples & Loops:

458 WAV Loops
90 WAV Drum One Shots

335 REX Loops
Future Loops Trapstep Evolution Future Loops Trapstep Evolution
Future Loops presents Trapstep Evolution, an innovative and cone-melting sample pack with over 500 infectious sounds in WAV & REX formats! 

Trapstep Evolution features brain-tearing samples and loops that push the boundaries of Trap, Electro and Dubstep - The result is a unique and bad ass collection of samples that allows for endless possibilities for mixing groundbreaking Trapstep tracks ! 


Trapstep Evolution includes Full Drum Loops , Kick Loops, No Kick Loops, Percussion and extra crispy Top Loops to add depth and texture to any track. 

//Melodic Elements// 

You will find a wide variety of inspiration loops from dirty basslines, ripping synths and bouncy leads to fresh chords , jump up synths, sound effects or Vocal FX ! 

The diversity and quality is outstanding and offers you valuable production material ! 

//BONUS One Shots// 

For producers that like to roll out their own beat pizzas, Trapstep Evolution has got over 120 drum one-shots ingredients ready for baking that will make you cook huge trapstep beats in no time ( Kicks , Snares , Hats , Claps etc.. ) ..! 

Over 500 sounds to add to your sample arsenal, all 100% Royalty-Free! 

In sum you will find : 

539 WAV Samples & Loops 
359 REX Loops 

- Drum Loops 

Drum Loops 
Kick No 

-Melodic/Instrumental Loops 


- Drum One-Shots 

Smokey Loops Slow Down Bounce Ethno WAV MiDi-AUDIOSTRiKE Smokey Loops Slow Down Bounce Ethno WAV MiDi-AUDIOSTRiKE
'Slow Down Bounce: Ethno' from Smokey Loops is a super collection of mixed Construction Kits ready for your track. This release is dedicated to 'Ethno Drops' and contains five Construction Kits with drum loops, basslLoops, Ethno drops, one-shots, MIDI and FX. You can mix your tunes with MIDI and adapt them and create your sound through the Ethno samples.

'Slow Down Bounce: Ethno' is 100% Royalty-Free and contains tempo and key labels for easy reference.


This product contains full drum mixes and one-shots such as kicks, claps, snares, hats and rides.

Music Loops:

Inside you will find Ethno drops fully mixed, with & without sidechain, basses, synths, strings, FX and more.


MIDI files are included to allow you to trigger your favourite synths and samplers using the included phrases. Speed up, slow down or change pitch to extremes without any problems.

Product Details:

• 5 Construction Kits
• 48 Drum Loops
• 41 Music Loops
• 39 One-Shots
• 11 FX
• 24 MIDI Files
• 262 MB on Content
• 24-Bit
• 169 Files
• PC/Mac
• Tempo and Key Labelled
• 100% Royalty-Free