Raw Loops Glitch Vocal Hooks WAV
Raw Loops Glitch Vocal Hooks WAV
100 glitched out & melodic vocal riffs. All loops & samples can be used straight up as the front end of your track or chopped and sporadically placed for a more subliminal hook driven backing within your records.

Both male and female vocals on display in this pack, from deep & soulful to dark and hypnotic, take them a step further and put them in your sampler for even more control and manipulation capabilities during the song writing process.


Glitched Vox – 100 glitch vocal lines to be used straight up or chopped for further arrangement trickery in your song.

All loops are 24 bit wav files @ 124 bpm

100 Vocal Loops X 210.1 MBs

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Raw Loops New Skool Techno WAV Raw Loops New Skool Techno WAV
430+MBs of melancholic Techno with driving drum grooves, heavy & rolling basses, dark synth riffs, shuffling hihat loops, vocals samples & more. New Skool Techno blends two genres of techno from the dark tough beats of Detroit & Berlin, to the modern-esque sound of Techno Festivals worldwide.

Coming in at 213 loops, this sample pack musically fuses two worlds of techno with everything from thick basses, smacking sub-heavy kicks, pushing hats, breathing and movement packed synths, glitched out vocals, backgrounds & more offering every element you need to produce your next record.


Tops Loops – 37 no kick- techno tops, just add your underlying drums and for instant energy packed beats.

Bass Loops – 25 super-subby rolling groove bass loops for all out speaker rattling.

Music Loops – 24 melancholic & unique leads to kick start your next track ideas.

Beat Loops – 52 techno driver beat loops, providing a display of whats on offer in the sample pack, & can be used straight up or resampled for that extra-gritty re-sampled sound.

Percussion Loops – 20 unusual percussion loops for when you need that touch of differentiation in your song.

Vocal Loops – 17 male and female crunchy vocal loops & glitch hooks.

RAW_Kicks – 25 deep & hard-hitting kick drum loops.

Pad_Background Loops – 13 harmonic pad and background loops, perfect beds to add emotion to your tracks

ALL Loops are 24 bit WAVs @ 127 bpm

213 Total Loops X 439.8 MBs
Miami Essential Elements Tech House WAV-MAGNETRiXX Miami Essential Elements Tech House WAV-MAGNETRiXX

Victor Calderone & Mike Frade return with an Essential Elements selection to get you prepped for Miami with 650+MB of gritty analogue beats, twisted music loops, tech tops, tricked up percs, glitched vox, a huge selection of drum fills & much more. 


Tops Loops - 53 kick-free tech-tinged tops - just load a kick for an instant rhythm-rocker.

Beat Loops - 60 raw and gritty rhythm workouts with kick-free tops and variants for total production ease.

Percussion Loops - 44 mixed percussionisms for dynamic drum workouts.

Drum Fills - All killer, no filler 107 fills packed with punch and crunch. Slice, dice and rearrange or just drop straight into the mix.

Music Loops - 34 synth-based rhythmic riffs, all built to inspire.

Bass Loops - 16 deep and detailed sub-slappers for instant bottom-end beef.

Glitch Vox Loops - Choice serving of 24 tweaked male and female vocal grooves for instant topline character.

FX - 15-strong archive of deep and dark beds, glitches, modulations and more

Drum Hits - 79 prime kicks, claps & snares, cymbals & hats and percussive hits dripping with raw, vinyl-infused character.

All loops are offered as 24-bit Wavs at 125bpm

654.8 MB

* Other Genres that this package may be useful in:
• House
• Techno
• Minimal
• Progressive House
• Drums

Soundbox Afro Tech Tribal Vocals WAV Soundbox Afro Tech Tribal Vocals WAV
Another cracking vocal pack brought to you from the leaders in that Afro Tech sound that has become synonymous with the Soundbox style.

200 loops make up this whopping 202MB collection of track-ready vocal loops just waiting to drop into your latest production.

If you’re making Deep House, Techno, Glitch, EDM, Tech House or even DnB these samples can be chopped, stretched, pitched or just used straight out the box. 

Dry, processed and side chained versions at 120Bpm are available so you can work fast or take your time crafting those vocals into your next chart-topping club-smash. Apple loops format will allow you to drag and drop straight into your productions and save time. All loops are key labeled.

Give your music that hook or percussive vocal that will make your tracks stand out amongst todays onslaught of releases.

Fans of Oliver Heldens, Axwell, Claude Von Stroke, Hot Since 82, Disclosure, Prok & Fitch, Huxley, Technasia, Defected, Toolroom, and Dusky will find this pack a must have!

Please Note: Only Vocal Loops are included in this product. Other sounds in the Demo are for illustration perposes only.


24 Bit Quality
100 Unique Vocal Loops:
100 120BPM Sidechained Vocal Loops
100 120BPM Dry Vocal Loops
Freaky Loops Electro House MC Vocal Hooks WAV Freaky Loops Electro House MC Vocal Hooks WAV
Freaky Loops are very proud to present Electro House MC Vocal Hooks spoken by the known MC artist MC Freeflow, edited and programmed by Utku S.

Since 2009 MC Freeflow is one of the most hyped MC artists in the club music and electro-scene. He was signed to different independent labels like Dandy Kid Records, Big Fish Recordings, worked with big names in the electro scene and the hype just keeps growing...

Electro House MC Vocal Hooks is a great collection of original vocal performances which can be used for all styles of Dance music, from Electro, Progressive, House and more. Improve your existing tracks with characterful vocals or create a complete song around a vocal idea. With the Electro House MC Vocal Hooks you are perfectly equipped in all cases!

In detail Electro House MC Vocal Hooks includes 110 Clean Vocal Loops, 110 Pitched Vocal Loops, 110 Vocoded Loops, 50 Twisted Vocal Loops, 43 Fx Processed Loops, 150 Glitched Vocal Shots, 75 One Shot Vox. All vocal loops come in 1 bar, 2 bar and 4 bar section. All loops are tempo labeled, vocoder loops also key labeled.

This pack is suitable for electro, minimal, tech house, progressive house, grime, glitch or big room electro. No matter what genre, these vocals will top off your production nicely. Concentrating on single phrases and short, catchy lines, this is perfect for hooks and top lines. Featuring clean, Fx processed, Vocoded and Pitched variations.

Electro House MC Vocal Hooks, includes over 650 vocal loops and samples. In this unique pack you can expect to find vocoded and distorted, dry and compressed vocals.

This pack consist of, twisted vocal loops, single words, shouts, vocoder sounds, vocals effects, chops etc... plus including both dry (no reverb, no delay) and effected versions.. Vocals are stored in 4 versions with and without FX, pitched and vocoded. Vocals without FX offer unlimited mixing possibilities, while with FX versions and others are more ready to use.

Electro House MC Vocal Hooks, contains 580 MB of content featuring 423 loops at 128 Bpm, and 225 Single Hit Vocal samples recorded at 24 bit quality. This is your perfect choice for getting real vocal arrangements, including background choirs and much more, right into your track.

Tech Specs:

24Bit Quality
110 Clean Vocal Loops
110 Pitched Vocal Loops
110 Vocoded Vocal Loops
50 Twisted Vocal Loops
43 Fx Vocal Loops
150 Gliched Vocal Shots
75 Vocal One Shots

reFX Vengeance Pop Essentials Vol.2 WAV MiDi reFX Vengeance Pop Essentials Vol.2 WAV MiDi
Vengeance Pop Essentials, a leading source of chart-topping sounds, is going next level. Discover more than 2,400 samples sure to make your next hit reach number one. In addition to a generous selection of all of the basics, including kicks, snares, claps, FX, cymbals, drum loops, fills, and synths, this pack includes professional vocal hooks and live-played electronic bass loops.

All male and female vocal samples are accompanied by MIDI files (for the harmonics). In addition, more than 25 complete construction kits are included in this enormous library. Vengeance Pop Essentials Vol.2 is your ticket to radio-play production!


created by Stephan Endemann
more than 2,400 high quality EDM and Pop sounds
contains around 2/3 oneshots and 1/3 loops
all loops, fills, etc. at 128 BPM
all tonal sounds and melodic loops with root key information
live played slap bass loops and oneshots
female and male vocal hooks, including MIDI files demonstrating the harmonics
sorted into categories, such as closed hihats, effects, snares, claps, etc.
can be imported into every sampler on the market (standard WAV format)
Deep Data Loops Vocal Edits WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE Deep Data Loops Vocal Edits WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE
DDL strike back with their 3rd marvelous vocal pack. 

200 heavily processed loops crafted for Deep, Tech, Electro, Minimal House and Nu Disco. Machined voices with vocoder-like melodies and robotic characteristics (partly modulated), glitchy and chopped vocal lines - it´s all here to spice up your productions. 

Unique 361 MB guaranteeing lots of fun and serious results.


• 100 Machined Vocals (Vocoder/ Robot-like)
• 64 Glitched Vocals
• 36 Chopped Vocals

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in:

• Disco / Nu-Disco
• Electro House
• Minimal
• Tech House