Xenos Soundworks Damnation Dubstep & DnB for NI Massive KSD NMSV
Xenos Soundworks Damnation Dubstep & DnB for NI Massive KSD NMSV
'Damnation Dubstep and DnB' contains 50 high-quality, filthy Dubstep and Drum 'n' Bass patches for Massive by Bryan "Xenos" Lee, who has worked as a sound designer for many well-known softsynth developers - don't let the low price fool you!

Each patch uses the Macro Controls, the vast majority of them using all 8 for maximum tweakability and expression. 

This soundset ships in a zip file containing both KSD and the new NMSV format. 

About the Producer:

Bryan "Xenos" Lee has worked as a sound designer for many popular software synthesizer developers such as Cakewalk, Camel Audio, Image-Line, ReFX, Rob Papen and many more. He is also very active in developing his own startup company, Xenos Soundworks.

Important Note:

Massive 1.1 or higher is required in order to use these sounds.

Patch Listing:

• BA 2011 Dubstep
• BA Bismuth
• BA Bitcrushed Vowels
• BA Bubble Sub
• BA Deathstalker
• BA Doomstep
• BA Emerald Wobble
• BA Entrophic Reese
• BA Filthier Than Porn
• BA Fun With Filters
• BA Hit The Bong
• BA Just One Osc
• BA Killer Bee Reese
• BA Morphing 808 Sub
• BA Nerve Agent
• BA Old School Reese
• BA Pseudonormal
• BA Pulsating Sub
• BA Purple Slime
• BA Raspy Bass
• BA Saw Wobble
• BA Scarlet Wobble
• BA Shufunk's Cocaine
• BA Square Reese
• BA Swirly Spirals
• BA Tiger Uppercut
• BA Talking Macros 1
• BA Talking Macros 2
• BA Tarnished Bronze
• BA Titanium Swell
• BA Variphaser
• BA Wub Bass 1
• BA Wub Bass 2
• BA Xenos Reese
• BA Yai Yai
• FX Bit Drop
• FX Cacophony
• FX Macro Tweaker 1
• FX Macro Tweaker 2
• KB Vinyl E. Piano
• LD Banshee
• LD Eclectic Lead
• LD Tailspin
• PD Atlantis
• PD Ghost Winds
• PD Mindbender
• PD Wobble Pad
• SY Antarctica
• SY Asian Plucks
• SY Dubstep Plucks

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This soundset covers many different musical styles and the patches are neatly organized into various categories -- Basses, Leads, Pads, Sound Effects, etc. Xenos Soundworks have taken care to ensure that Second Wind is compatible with the original, unexpanded Gladiator 2.1 feature set. 

Emphasis has been given on the sounds' ability to fit well into a mix, forgoing overt flashiness in favor of usability and practicality. Second Wind comes in Gladiator's own GLB format, which is imported into Gladiator via the "Load All" button in the top-left area of Gladiator's GUI.

Important Note: Gladiator Version 2.1 is required to use this product.
Xenos Soundworks Pop Fusion Synths For NI MASSiVE Xenos Soundworks Pop Fusion Synths For NI MASSiVE
'Pop Fusion Synths' contains 70 premium quality presets for Native Instruments Massive, fusing various elements of urban and house music together like many of today's commercial pop hits.

Influences include Ty Dolla $ign, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Drake and more.

This stylistically versatile sonic workhorse will find frequent use in a wide variety of your projects. 

This collection is similar in concept to 'Blazing Club Synths', but with more emphasis on the urban side of things, with uptempo plucks, singing leads, heavy subs, snappy bass plucks and soulful pads.

......:::::: This Pack Contains ::::::......
• 70 NI Massive Presets
• Requirements: Native Instruments Massive 1.5.1 or higher.
• Both KSD and NMSV formats are included.
• All 8 Macros assigned on each patch for added expression and variation.
• Expressive velocity settings on each patch for dynamic playing.

......:::::: Patch List ::::::......

• AR Alpha Centauri 
• BA Bass Plucks 1 
• BA Bass Plucks 2 
• BA Bass Plucks 3 
• BA Bass Plucks 4 
• BA Bright Red 
• BA Computer Science 
• BA Dark Saw Sub 
• BA Dark Square Sub 
• BA Digital Sub 
• BA Essential Bass 
• BA Hard Bass Hits 1 
• BA Hard Bass Hits 2 
• BA Phat Subz 
• BA Pop Bass 
• BA Spiked Attack 
• BA Sub Bass 
• BA Swell Bass 
• BA Tekno Phatty 
• BA Vocaloid Rage 
• BA Wah Bass 
• BL Ethnic Bells 
• BL Soft Synth Mallets 
• BL Synth Bells 
• CH Chord Stabs 1 
• CH Chord Stabs 2 
• FX Riser 1 
• FX Riser 2 
• FX Spin-a-roonie 
• KB DX Keys 
• KB Organ Or Bass 
• KB Synth Elec Piano 
• KB Synth Piano 
• KB Tremolo Organ 
• LD Beauty Saw 
• LD Fruit Punch 
• LD Funky Duck 
• LD Funky Lead 
• LD Gray Tone 
• LD House Lead 
• LD Pop Fusion 
• LD Rusty 5ths 
• LD Vibro Glider 
• LD Warm Square Lead 
• PD Bell Pad 
• PD Old Favorite 
• PD Polished Sheen 
• PD Simple Pad 
• PD Soulmate 
• PD Starlight 
• PD String Pad 
• PD Vocal Sweeps 
• PD Winter Wasteland 
• PL Bender 
• PL Buzzy Overtone 
• PL Fisher Price 
• PL Folk Remedy 
• PL PPG-ish 
• PL Plucksynth 
• PL Save It 
• PL Spiked 
• PL Synpizzi 
• PL Unison Plucks 
• PL Uptempo Plucks
Filthy Patches Future Wobble 2 WAV Ni Massive Presets Filthy Patches Future Wobble 2 WAV Ni Massive Presets
Filthy Patches best-selling pack returns in its new version with no less than 85 bass loops, 5 exclusive drum kits, 50 Massive presets and more. 

The invasion of venomous jellyfish is coming back. 

Bringing some powerful wobbles and basslines for your next bangers. 

Once assembled with the drums included in this pack, you will have all the ingredients to release a high-class Bass House tune. 

The fusion of genres that is taking over both of the house and the dubstep scene right now and that we renamed Future Wobble. 

Included in this pack: 

• 50 Bass Presets for NI Massive 
• 85 Bass Loops (41x128bpm, 27x126bpm, 17x125bpm) 
• 85 Bass Shots 
• 30 Drum Loops (12x128bpm, 12x126bpm, 6x125bpm) 
• 22 Drum Hits 
• 8 extra Samples (fx, impacts and vocals) and an FX patch extracted from the Demo 

Every Massive preset comes with 8 macro controls to tweak and customize the sounds. 

The .wav samples are all key and tempo-labeled, recorded at a high quality rate of 24-bit/44.1hz. 

Inspired by some of the best producers of Bass House such as Jauz, Ghastly, Joyride, Habstrakt, Ephwurd or Jvst Say Yes. 

Listen to the demo! 

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in: 

• Electro House
• Presets / Patches
Xenos Soundworks Deep Dubstep And Dark Garage For Ni MASSiVE AND KORE 2 NMSV KSD-DISCOVER Xenos Soundworks Deep Dubstep And Dark Garage For Ni MASSiVE AND KORE 2 NMSV KSD-DISCOVER
64 highly expressive deep dubstep presets for NI Massive. This is for the fans of REAL Dubstep, containing deep subs, hypnotic pulsating basses and other bass sounds, ethereal pads, chilled synths, dark soundscapes and more. With emphasis on strong low frequencies and a dubby, dark feel, 'Deep Dubstep and Dark Garage' fully embraces the DEEP side.

If you enjoy listening to Proxima, Ruckspin, Kryptic Minds, Biome, Killawatt, Thelem and similar, or are a fan of artists like Burial or James Blake, these patches will surely get you the kind of sounds you are looking for.

...::: Product Formats :::...
• KSD and NMSV formats included.
• All 8 Macros assigned to each preset, for maximized variation and expression.
• Creative velocity assignments on each patch, for enhanced playability.
• Genres: Dubstep, Future Garage, Dub/Reggae, Breakbeat, Chillout, Electronica
Vandalism Shocking Tropical House For Ni MASSiVE NMSV Vandalism Shocking Tropical House For Ni MASSiVE NMSV
Shocking Tropical House For Massive' brings you bright, blissful and soulful presets for this summer's most popular genre. This soundset was crafted with care and attention to detail in both quality and sound.

These beautiful, relaxing patches will give you fresh ideas, original tones and the creativity that you were looking for.

The soundbank provides you with difficult to create Tropical House presets for Massive. Massive is always seen as a Dubstep synthesizer, which means these sounds are the epitome of uniqueness.

Massive's macros and sound design options allowed Vandalism to make an extraordinary soundset inspired by the masters of this genre, such as Kygo, Thomas Jack, and Matoma.

Product Details:

• 64 NI Massive Presets
• 16 Lead Sounds
• 13 Bass Sounds
• 16 Synth Sounds
• 15 Pluck Sounds
• 4 Pad Sounds
• 100% Royalty-Free

Please Note:
• NI Massive v 1.3+ is required.
EDM Labs Dubstep Chemist for Massive MiDi NMSV-AUDIOSTRiKE EDM Labs Dubstep Chemist for Massive MiDi NMSV-AUDIOSTRiKE
Produced by 'Alex' of EDMLabs.

‘Dubstep Chemist for Massive’, is a powerful new pack full of enormous dubstep presets inspired by the popularity of todays Dubstep sounds.

This pack features 50 specially crafted Dubstep presets that you can use, royalty free.

Each patch features 8 fully functional Macro’s, which lets you customise every sound to your preference, use this preset pack to create any style of Dubstep you wish to pursue, just listen to the demo track to hear what this pack has to offer. 


• 50 x NI Massive Presets
• 5 x MIDI Files for demo

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in:

• Glitch Hop
• Hip-Hop / Trap