Gill Chang Inevitablity Vol 2 WAV
Gill Chang Inevitablity Vol 2 WAV
'Inevitablity Vol 2' comes with over 200 Samples, with the main focus being loops directly sampled from top tracks and remixes from label producer Gill Chang. In this pack, loops have been sampled and mixed directly from Gill Chang's edits, remixes, and originals from previous packs for you to use in your own productions. The possibilities are unlimited, so let your imagination do the work.

The pack also contains custom made loops as well as custom mixed/layered percussive snare, clap and slaps action. It will include the building blocks to the tracks, minus the original copyrighted vocals and samples.

All mixed, mastered and created for you to use in your productions. Drag, cut, pitch, and drop and you're good to go.

.......::::::: Product Details :::::::.......
• 24-Bit WAV Format
• 10 x Kicks
• 25 x Percussive Snares, Claps, Slaps
• 26 x Percussive Sounds
• 26 x Custom Melodic, Percussive, Claps, Snare Loops
• 15 x Creative Snare Rolls for Drum Fills
• 25 x Well Crafted Vocal One-Shots
• 20 x Demo Track Samples & Loops
• 56 x Loops and Samples Sampled Directly from Edits, Remixes & Originals
• 09 x Exclusive Loops & Samples from 'Zedd - Candyland' Edit

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Gill Chang Eventuality Vol 1 WAV Gill Chang Eventuality Vol 1 WAV
'Eventuality Vol 1' contains over 170 Samples crafted for the Future Bass genre. In this pack you will get a plethora of Risers, Snares and Snare Rolls in action, ready for your future tracks. This pack is sure to contain samples which will fit right in to your sound library. With processed samples that don't need much work, you will find inspiration for your Future Bass productions with ease.

Expect to find kicks with a ton of impact, creative snare claps, precise snare rolls & fills, FX, synth & vocal risers, bass one-shots, heavyweight 808s and much more.

.......::::::: Product Specifications :::::::.......
• 24-Bit WAV Files
• 25 x Kicks
• 50 x Snare Claps
• 10 x Snare Rolls/Fills
• 05 x Synth Risers
• 05 x Vocal Risers
• 25 x Hi-Hats
• 20 x Bass One-Shots
• 20 x Synths
• 20 x Toms
• 10 x 808s
• 03 x FX
Vandalism Ultra Chillstep Elements WAV MiDi Vandalism Ultra Chillstep Elements WAV MiDi
'Ultra Chillstep Elements' is a unique custom sample libary. These painstakingly designed percussions and melodic loops will inspire and help your creativity when producing your next Chillstep track. Inside this refreshing pack you will find samples created with maximum precision and made with using extraordianry tools such as household items or even made with the mouth or hand claps.

This impressive sample pack contains everything you need to start making stellar Chillstep. Inside you will find drum loops, hats, kicks, melody loops in WAV and in MIDI format, percussion, snares and claps. 

Made with maximum precision and with the highest quality, this pack is an amazing starting point for your next Chillstep and Ambient tracks.

......:::::: Product Details ::::::......
• 117 WAV Samples
• 73 x Percussive Sounds
• 10 x Drum Loops
• 10 x Snares & Claps
• 07 x Hi-Hats
• 03 x Shakers
• 13 x Kick Drums
• 10 x Wet WAV Melody Loops
• 43 x MIDI Loops
• 100% Royalty-Free
'What About Future Deep Vocal Kits' from WA Production is a beautiful collection of 10 Dirty and Fresh Construction Kits and over 250 Drum Loops, Top Loops, Bass Loops, One-Shot Samples, MIDI and Presets. Simply all you need to create your own Future/Deep banger or to get some awesome inspiration.

Inside you will also find drums, FX, synths, melodies and much more, all 100% Royalty-Free. The Construction Kits included are packed full of only the purest vocals which will set off your Future House tracks. This pack contains 3.4 GB of content and included is not only 10 Construction Kits with dry and wet versions of all main synths and vocals, but also a huge collection of drum/synth samples and loops.

This way you will receive many more creative tools for your productions together with fully mastered and mixed songstarters.

As a bonus, also included is one tutorial with FL Studio session and all loops used inside.

......:::::: Product Details ::::::......
• Dry & Wet Versions
• 10 Construction Kits
• 95 Drum Loops
• 60 Top Loops
• 35 Bass Loops
• 80 Drum Samples
• 10 Presets
• 16 MIDI Loops
• Fully Mixed Tracks, Acapella & Stems
• 100% Royalty-Free
Smokey Loops Kick Snare Loops WAV Smokey Loops Kick Snare Loops WAV
Smokey Loops presents "Kick & Loops” a drum kit sample pack. This Pack is a super collection of Kick and Snare! You will find Drum Loops, One-Shots, Kick, Snare, Snare Loops and Kick Loops specially designed for your production.

Created especially for you at 110 and 140 BPM, to give more grit to your productions.

Each file is named with Tempo.

Kick & Loops is 100% Royalty-Free.


......:::::: Product Details ::::::......
• 60 Snare Loops
• 20 Kick Loops
• 40 One-Shots
• 30 Bonus Loops
• 24-Bit Quality
• 151 Files
• PC & Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free
Loopboutique Light Shine Signature WAV KONTAKT Loopboutique Light Shine Signature WAV KONTAKT
'Light Shine Signature' from Loopboutique is comprised of 20 Construction Kits with a strong assortment of well-produced loops and samples with heavy influences coming from Ambient, Lounge, Hip Hop and EDM. This chill Trap loop/sample pack provides unique melodic phrases combined with powerful percussion created by the talented producer, "Light Shine".

This collection is prepared to give producers access to unique loops and samples which will help infuse amazing character into any track.

Each of the 10 Construction Kits in this pack is separated out into its full mix, drum mix, separate instrument loops, and percussion one-shots. This gives the producer major flexibility in using the loops and samples along with great ease.

Product Contents:

• 20 Construction Kits
• 238 Loops & Samples
• 161 WAV Loops
• 77 WAV Samples
• 1 NI Kontakt Kit
• 24-Bit/48.100 kHz

Loops (110 to 140 BPM):

Includes drum loops, kick, bass, snare, hi-hat, reverse cymbal, clap, rim shot, as well as various synth pads, bells, and leads.

Samples (One-Shots):

808 and 909 kicks, kick/bass, bass, clap, snare, hi-hat, and reverse cymbals.


The sounds, samples and loops in all of Loopboutique's products are 100% royalty-free. As soon as you have purchased a Loopboutique product, you own an exclusive license to use the sounds that are included in the product without the need for further sample clearance.

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in:

• Hip-Hop / Trap

Nasimus Records Maximal Minimal WAV Nasimus Records Maximal Minimal WAV
"Minimal Samples and Loops What's included in the pack 

• 20 Kick Loops 128 bpm 
• 51 Drum Loops 
• 85 One Shots 
• 122 Bass Loops 
• 20 Hat Loops 
• 20 Clap Loops 
• 27 Percussion Loops 
• 57 Synth Loops 
• 65 Fx 
• 10 Voice Loops 
• 5 Snare Fiils

• 318 x 24 bit Loops at 125 & 128 bpm Wav Loops 
• 141 x 24 bit One Shots Wav Loops"

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in: 

• Sound FX
• Tech House
• Vocal