Beatserv Bombs and Bits Vol.1 MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS
Beatserv Bombs and Bits Vol.1 MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS
Beatserv has announced the release of a new sound pack: Bombs And Bits. Comprised of 50 original samples, Bombs And Bits is a meticulously designed sample library of epic low end blasts and warped, yet elemental, percussion. The first of many forthcoming Beatserv sound packs, Bombs and Bits comes in Battery 3 and Live Pack formats. 24-bit WAV files are also included. 

Native Instruments Battery 3.
Ableton Live 8 Drum Rack.
24-bit WAV.
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Beatserv Dark Downtempo Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS Beatserv Dark Downtempo Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS
A continuation of our top seller from Series 1, Dark Downtempo 2 expands upon an already classic approach to the chill out beat. Timed vinyl and tape artifacts mesh with carefully placed ghost notes and all original samples to create yet another essential set.This pack contains 10 beat sets with a total of 94 loops, each in 24-bit, 44kHz WAV, .REX, and Apple Loops formats. 37 additional samples are provided as 24-bit wav, and a Native Instruments Battery kit.
Simtek’s Killer Boomers Sample Pack MULTiFORMAT Simtek’s Killer Boomers Sample Pack MULTiFORMAT
A sample pack containing 185 high quality files of seven different kicks, multisampled and covering bass notes down from C2. There are at least two octaves worth of samples for seven different styles of kick, all inspired by the classic Roland TR-808 boom. These samples have been meticulously synthesized and processed, and are recorded with plenty of headroom so you can gel them in whatever mix you would like to put them in. Each different kick features different tail lengths, harmonics and dynamic behavior so you can pick just the right kick for your track. There are also seven sampler instruments premapped for Live, Kontakt, and Logic users out there, for easy plug and play usage.

Why not just get an 808 sample and pitch it, you ask?
Depending on the quality of the sample, pitching an 808 sample can sound pretty terrible. Some are low bitrate, and do not transpose well, some have tape distortion or some other analog effect applied and when pitched sound off. Sometimes, you just want a short tail, and pitching samples up results in an unuseably short kick; while pitching them down results in distortion and a longer tail that you desire. This pack contains one sample for EVERY note at least two octaves below C2, so sample stretching is no longer necessary. 

This sample pack contains:
185 x 32 bit .wav files
185 x 24 bit .aif files
7 x sampler instruments


Ableton Live, Kontakt, EXS24
Sonus Dept Korroded Batteries For Ni BATTERY Sonus Dept Korroded Batteries For Ni BATTERY
Korroded Batteries is a collection of kits for Battery, aimed to the electronic musician who is looking for a complete and diverse source of inspiration to build aggressive and out of this world rhythms. Soundtrack composers will enjoy this compact library as well: from impactful hits to ritual percussions and reverse tensions, nothing lacks to score the most epic parts of your movies.

....:::: This is what Korroded Batteries features ::::....
• 5 Bass Kits: yes, turn Battery into a powerful bassline synth with this five carefully crafted bass patches. The powerful modulation options offered by Battery will allow you to fine tune these sounds to your needs, with the possibility even to modify in a different way every single note

....:::: 9 Percussion Kits here they are in details ::::....
• Ambush Kit, designed for modern, powerful electronic rhythms
• Armageddon Kit, the definitive cinematic hits collection
• Dark Cinema Kit, everything you need to score the darkest scenes of your movies
• Effective Kit, a bank of nasty sound effects
• Gridlock Kit, for your dark trips into the electronic abyss
• Hi Hat Bank, hi hats for all seasons
• Reduktion Kit, few bits lots of power
• Ritual Kit, hypnotic percussions to build up your rituals
• Uni(re)verse Kit, reverse sounds to bring tension everywhere
• everything you hear was sampled or rendered at 24 bits - you will notice the pristine quality of every single sound
Producer Loops GOD Limited Speed Garage Tools WAV-P2P Producer Loops GOD Limited Speed Garage Tools WAV-P2P
G.O.D. Limited: Speed Garage Tools is a new Sample Pack created by Speed Garage & UK Garage & Funky Basslines Legend "G.O.D Limited" from Nice n Ripe Records. This Sample Pack includes an excellent collection of Speed Garage samples and sounds in the form of drum hits, basslines, effects sounds and various sounds, to create the ultimate Speed Garage imaginable. All sounds have been meticulously designed and processed to meet only the highest of standards.

G.O.D. Limited: Speed Garage Tools - Contents
• Bass
• Chords
• Sound Effects
• Percussion File 1
• Percussion File 2
• Drum Kits

G.O.D. Limited: Speed Garage Tools - Formats
All of the samples, loops and sounds are in WAV format. WAV samples are compatible with a wide variety of software applications including Reason, Logic, Pro Tools, Exs24, Halion, Kontakt, Fruity Loops, FL Studio, Cubase, Sonar, Ableton Live, etc.
The Audio Alchemists The Mavrik Ultimate EDM Drums Vol.1 WAV Ableton Live Project The Audio Alchemists The Mavrik Ultimate EDM Drums Vol.1 WAV Ableton Live Project
The Mavrik: Ultimate EDM Drums Vol 1' is the hottest drum pack on the market! Tired of fumbling through thousands of one-shot sample packs only to pull a few good ones out? Well fear not because every single hit in this pack is 100% usable and mix ready!

This Producer Pack includes four genres of drum samples, with Dance, Dubstep, Trap and Live, each broken down into sub categories.

There are 93 Kicks, 125 Snares, 43 Hats, 27 Cymbals and Swells, and seven 808's. There are also 26 live drum fills and five live drum grooves, which have all been pre-quantized.
Also included are pre-made Ableton Drum Racks. You will find a drum rack for each genre, preloaded with the corresponding one-shot samples.


Ableton Live

Please Note: To use the Ableton Drum Racks requires Ableton 8.1 or higher.
Future Loops Jungle Drum Kits Vol 2 MULTiFORMAT Future Loops Jungle Drum Kits Vol 2 MULTiFORMAT
Future Loops is proud to release 'Jungle Drum Kits Vol 2', the second volume of our jungle multi-format drum kit sample packs. Featuring over 180 highly professional drum hits 'Jungle Drum Kits Vol 2' is a fantastic selection of drum sounds specially designed for Jungle but also ideal for Drum & Bass, Dubstep or Breakbeat productions.

We're loading your studio with 19 Drum Kits packed with Snares, Shakers, Hats and Kicks, ready to be built into powerful Jungle grooves!

Built from the ground up with the user in mind this fine drum kit pack includes samples in the traditional WAV format but also in other popular formats such as MPC, Giga, EXS, Kontakt and Battery.

'Jungle Drum Kits Vol 2' features:
• 19 Drum Kits featuring 184 samples in WAV format
• 4 Kontakt Kits
• 4 Giga Kits
• 4 EXS Kits
• 4 MPC Kits
• 4 NI Battery Kits

'Jungle Drum Kits Vol 2' is a must-have pack if you need quality Jungle drum hits & kits ready to be used in the most popular samplers. All for a great price and with the quality stamp that Future Loops is committed to bring to you!