Splice Sounds NEON FSTVL WAV
Splice Sounds NEON FSTVL WAV
From pyrotechnics, air cannons, massive stages to a sea of fluorescent colors, Splice Sounds Neon FSTVL is the latest release that encompasses the sound of the festival season.

Neon FSTVL contains over 300 samples ranging from epic synth shots, heavy sub layered kick drums to ethereal builds of melodic pianos and ethnic chants to create that chart topping hit.
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Splice Sounds Lex Luger Official Drumkit WAV Splice Sounds Lex Luger Official Drumkit WAV
Splice Sounds and Lex Luger are proud to present his first Official Drumkit, an exclusive collection of unique samples provided directly from the undisputed King of Trap. Full of the freshest 808 Kicks, Snares, Hi Hats, and FX, this pack contains everything you need to rattle your trunk and wake the neighbors.
Splice Sounds Rooftop Afterhours WAV Splice Sounds Rooftop Afterhours WAV
The production team at Splice Sounds have crafted some deep melodic sounds perfect for vibe’ing out in the studio with their latest release Rooftop Afterhours. These sounds are perfect for sculpting that late 3am Deep House track that everyone will want to trainspot. This release contains 6 construction kits, 47 individual drum one-shots with melodic keys, guitars, synthetic pads and pure atmospheric bliss.
Splice Pegboard Nerds End Is Near Sample Pack WAV NMSV FXP Splice Pegboard Nerds End Is Near Sample Pack WAV NMSV FXP
Danish producers Pegboard Nerds blend every style of bass music in their creations. Pink Cloud, their recent EP on Monstercat, is a showcase of their eclectic style. The Nerds are releasing all of the stems and samples from the Pink Cloud EP on Splice.

For each song on the EP, they will be offering the full stems, midi, one shot samples, loops, and presets. Download the stems from the "End Is Near" DNA Player. Sign up for Splice Sounds to download royalty free samples and presets used in "End Is Near"
ModeAudio Neon Dream For Ni MASSiVE ModeAudio Neon Dream For Ni MASSiVE
Slap on your jet-black shades, lace up those hi-top trainers and dive into your glittering red sports car - it's time to hit top-speed and blast your music back to the future with Neon Dream - Massive Retro Presets!

Vibrant, retro 80s character comes pouring out of every fibre and frequency contained within these 70 Bass & Synth Presets, with 70 accompanying, key-labelled MIDI Loops and 30 epic Drum Samples completing this royalty-free Synthwave sound pack.

Glowing with the intense, electric-blue glare of Neo 80s, Synthwave and Computer Funk, the included NI Massive patches range from squelching, cavernous Basses, sparking, fusing Synth Leads, warm, evolving Pads, brooding Chord Synths, hyperactive Arps and splintering SFX Presets.

Subtle tube-modelled drive, the constantly shifting modulation of chorus, wavering pitches, rolling delay lines, thick, resonant low pass filtering, stacks of softly detuned oscillators and more - each and every one of these sounds packs an all-mighty retro punch!

For the first time ever, we've packed in a choice selection of 30 huge synth Drum Samples with this presets pack, spanning towering 80s Kicks, mountainous Snares, sweet Hi Hats and bold, bouncing Toms. That's a whole lot of vintage drum and synth bang for your buck!

As with all our Massive preset releases, every patch included in this pack comes with all 8 macro controls assigned for quick and seamless sonic transformation - load up Neon Dream - Massive Retro Presets in your project now and bask your music in electrifying 80s power!

....:::: Pack Contents ::::....
• 15 x Synth Lead Presets
• 12 x Bass Presets
• 12 x Pad Synth Presets
• 05 x Arp Synth Presets
• 08 x Synth Chord Presets
• 06 x SFX Presets
• 11 x Drum Synth Presets (Kicks, Snares, Hi-Hats & Toms)
• Requirements: NI Massive Version 1.3.1 or higher

....:::: Bonus Content ::::....
• 70 MIDI Loops (Key Labelled)
• 30 WAV Samples
• 12 x Kick Samples
• 06 x Snare Samples
• 08 x Tom Samples
• 04 x Hi-Hat Samples
Splice Sounds by MdL Vol 2 WAV Splice Sounds by MdL Vol 2 WAV
As producer of Justin Bieber's #1 hit "What Do You Mean," MdL is no stranger to commercial success. The Grammy nominated producer offers up a selection of his signature loops and one-shots in Volume 2 of Sounds by MdL.

MdL also produced Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend," and records with Chris Brown, Mike Posner, Maroon 5, Cee Lo Green and many more. Each sound is from his own personal collection!
Splice Sounds Gazzo Essentials Vol. 1 WAV Splice Sounds Gazzo Essentials Vol. 1 WAV
"Gazzo Essentials" includes a majority of the signature sounds I use in almost every single track. Whether they are in your face or hidden behind an array of other sounds, this pack is everything you'll need to achieve the "Gazzo" signature.