Resonance Sound Heavy Trap For Spire Vol.1 SBF
Resonance Sound Heavy Trap For Spire Vol.1 SBF
Welcome to this all-new soundset for Reveal Sound`s monster synth by Derrek – Heavy Trap for Spire Vol.1! Right now Trap gains more and more attention. Inside this pack you will find all the sounds you will need for professional tracks! Inspired by some of the most famous artists in this genre like
Diplo, Dillon Francis, Major Lazer, AWE, Tisoki, Skrillex and the duo Jack-Ü!

Alongside heavy hybrid trap presets, you will also find melodic tunes for the new subgenre Future Bass inspired by Flume, DJ Snake and T-Mass. All presets have modwheel, velocity, and 4x macro assignment!

Presets in detail: 15 bass, 2 bass sequences, 3 sequences, 12 plucks, 9 FX, 18 leads, 1 pads and 3 synth sounds.


63 Spire Presets
4x Macro control assignment
Modwheel and velocity assignment


Reveal Sound Spire 1.1.1+

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Vandalism Shocking Future Bass And Trap For XFER RECORDS SERUM Vandalism Shocking Future Bass And Trap For XFER RECORDS SERUM
'Shocking Future Bass & Trap For Serum' is the long awaited soundset providing extraordinary patches inspired by the newest ideas that can be heard in tracks from #1 producer duo called Jack U. This astonishing compilation provides you with thrilling and precise presets that everybody is looking for.

Top notch sound design and the most effective techniques brings you a soundbank that for sure you can't wait to start working with it.

These sounds were inspired by artists who are erasing the boundaries between Trap, Electro House, Electronica & Future Bass music such as Diplo, Skrillex or DJ Snake.

Whether you are coming from Trap or Dubstep or even the Electro scene, this soundset invites you to create astounding and up-to-date tracks. Get your copy and refresh your productions today!

.....::::: Product Details :::::.....
• 64 Xfer Records Serum Presets
• 32 x Lead Sounds
• 19 x Bass Sounds
• 07 x Synth Sounds
• 04 x Pad Sounds
• 02 x Pluck Sounds
• 4 Macro Controls Assigned
• ModWheel Assigned
• Requirements: Xfer Records Serum v.1.0.44+ or higher.
• 100% Royalty-Free
Mainroom Warehouse Future Bass House For REVEAL SOUND SPiRE Mainroom Warehouse Future Bass House For REVEAL SOUND SPiRE
.....::::: 50 Reveal Sound Spire Presets! + Bonus :::::.....
'Future Bass House Spire & MIDI' by Mainroom Warehouse contains all the Future Bass and House sounds and presets to get your next hit sounding big and club ready. Inspired by all the top Future Bass House artists from around the world.

This product contains all you need to get those perfect Deep Bass House sounds going for your next big hits. Get inspired by the Spire presets included or even with the wide selection of Future House bass MIDI loops.

Listen to the demo and get started today.

.....::::: Product Specifications :::::.....
• 50 Future Bass House Spire Presets (Individual & SoundBank) 
• 34 x Basses 
• 09 x Leads 
• 04 x Synths 
• 02 x Plucks 
• 01 x FX
• Requirements: Reveal Sound Spire 1.1+ or higher.
• 100% Royalty-Free

.....::::: Bonus Content :::::.....
• 50 Future Bass House MIDI Loops 
• 43 x Basses 
• 05 x Leads 
• 02 x Synths

100 Reveal Sound Spire Presets!
The new sound bank "IMAGINATI0N" is suitable for most popular styles and genres of today producing: Pop, electro, Trance, EDM, Synth-Pop, even a Soundtrack! 

The pack contains 100 groundbreaking professional sounds by N0_TiTLE, most of all can be tweaked by new mod knobs of SPIRE v1.1, so you recieve more than 100 sounds, depends your imagination! You can turn pad to bass, bass to lead or a pluck and so on!

....:::: Product Details ::::....
• 100 Reveal Sound Spire Presets
• 29 x Basses
• 04 x Arpeggio
• 22 x Leads
• 17 x Pads
• 16 x Keys/Plucks
• 15 x FX/Etc
• Requirements: Reveal Sound Spire v.1.1. or higher.
Vandalism Shocking House For REVEAL SOUND SPiRE Vandalism Shocking House For REVEAL SOUND SPiRE
'Shocking House For Spire' is a high quality soundset that covers the most popular House sub-genres. This compilation is bursting with deep, analogue and FM basses, warm leads, synthetic piano sounds and distorted or classic House presets.

This collection provides you with everything you need to produce up-to-date House music. Arm yourself with the latest House sounds inspired by the most popular artists from its sub-genres such as Future, Deep, Bass or Tropical House. Find unique presets that were really hard to make. Feel some acoustic and analogue inspirations and create your next melodic track.

....:::: Product Details ::::....
• 64 Reveal Sound Spire Presets
• 26 x Lead Sounds
• 16 x Bass Sounds
• 14 x Synth Sounds
• 04 x Pad Sounds
• 04 x Pluck Sounds
• ModWheel Assigned
• Multi-Genres
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Requirements: Reveal Sound Spire v.1.0.17 or higher.
Baltic Audio Spire Essentials Vol 4 Billboard Pop And House For REVEAL SOUND SPiRE Baltic Audio Spire Essentials Vol 4 Billboard Pop And House For REVEAL SOUND SPiRE
'Spire Essentials Vol 4 Billboard Pop & House' from baltic audio is a must-have product for producers looking to get the sound of current Billboard Pop Music. You'll find 64 top-quality presets for the amazing Spire synthesizer to create hit tracks, including hand-crafted basses, leads, arps, pads and synths.

Each preset is perfectly programmed by a professional sound designer and every parameter tweaked with passion and detail and will be your essential source for creating new and commercial sounds within your compositions.

If you're looking for the sounds of Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Gwen Stefani, Major Lazer, Ariana Grande, Zedd, Carly Rae Jepsen, Selena Gomez and many more, then this product has you covered.

You can also use it for genres like Deep House, Future House, EDM, Trap, Dance and more.

....:::: Product Features ::::....
• 64 Presets for Reveal Sound Spire
• 18 x Basses
• 14 x Synths
• 12 x Leads
• 08 x Pads
• 06 x FX
• 03 x Plucks
• 03 x Arps
• Many Presets with Mod wheel assignment
• Bonus: 49 MIDI files taken from the demo
• Multi-Genre
• PC/Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Requirements: Reveal Sound Spire v.1.0.20 or higher

....:::: Please Note ::::....
• The drums, some instrument loops and FX used in the demo are not included in this product. You can get all together in 'Billboard Pop Busters Vol 1 & 2'. These presets require v.1.0.20 or higher of Reveal Sound Spire.
Trance Euphoria Future Psy Trance For Spire Trance Euphoria Future Psy Trance For Spire
'Future Psy Trance For Spire' from Trance Euphoria is the latest soundset for this amazing soft synth by Reveal Sound. This pack brings you the best full-on Psy Trance Spire sound set inspired by the world's best Psy festivals and artists. This collection of 128 sounds will become your go to sound set.
You'll find Arps, Basses, Bass Seqs, FX, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Sequences & Synths included. A bonus Ableton Live product is also included.
Product Includes:
• 128 Named Psy Trance Spire Presets (SBF Bank File)
• SPF Individual Presets
• Bonus Free Ableton Demo Project
• Preset List Patches Used (PDF File)
• 100% Royalty-Free
Patches Broken Down:
• 33 Plucks
• 27 Leads
• 16 Basses
• 12 Arps
• 11 Sequences
• 10 Pads
• 10 FX
• 6 Synths
• 3 Bass Sequences
Please use Spire version 1.0.20+. Please use the most up-to-date version of Ableton as the demo project is not guaranteed to work with older versions.