SonArte Sound Objects for Ableton Live v9.x ALP
SonArte Sound Objects for Ableton Live v9.x ALP
Sound Objects is a unique collection of sampled objects typically found in a hardware store, including saw blades, joist hangers, ABS and metal plumbing pipes, ceramic tiles, metal sheets, gardening forks, ground plates, metal rods, electrical boxes and the like.

Sound Objects is a unique collection of sampled objects typically found in a hardware store, including saw blades, joist hangers, ABS and metal plumbing pipes, ceramic tiles, metal sheets, gardening forks, ground plates, metal rods, electrical boxes and the like. The Sound Objects collection also features a number of exceptional vintage instruments, including Thai gongs, tubular bells and various Chinese cymbals and gongs.

The library can be divided into two main categories: percussive and bowed instruments. The Sound Objects have been sampled with many different types of attacks and with up to five dynamic levels, creating the feeling of real instruments. Within Live, they deliver stunning keys and mallets, ethereal pads, unheard-of basses and guitar-like instruments, bells and percussion. The samples include virtually no room tone and no reverb. This technology allows for layering and transposition with minimum artifacts, and for maximum transformation and processing. The quality of the samples and their complex harmonics make for stunning organic instruments.

The impressive sound quality and originality of the Sound Objects collection offer a near infinite range of combinations and creative possibilities. With Live and Sampler, possibilities are endless: Sound Objects instruments can be transformed through filters, oscillators, LFOs, effects, layered with Live instruments and more.

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SonArte Crystal Sounds for Ableton Live v9.x ALP SonArte Crystal Sounds for Ableton Live v9.x ALP
The Crystal Sounds collection is composed of two main instruments: a Cristal Baschet--a "sonorous sculpture" with a truly unique and haunting timbre, and a large variety of crystal glasses.

All instruments featured in the collection were multi-sampled with extreme attention to detail, offering the maximum in expression. It's a must-have library for composers and sound designers alike.

The Cristal Baschet instrument sampled in this collection (also known as the Crystal Organ) is composed of twenty-four chromatically tuned glass rods linked to a heavy block of metal via metal stems. In order to produce a sound, glass rods are rubbed with moistened fingers, creating unique vibrations responding intimately to the action of the fingers. Two different resonators were used--fiberglass and metallic--in order to amplify the sound and give it its unique color.

The crystal glasses sampled in this library add another dimension to the collection--a unique crystalline color, with high-quality sampled glasses. They were captured with many different types of attacks and dynamics, giving the feel of a real, organic instrument.

With Ableton Live, through filters, LFOs, oscillators, effects and various instruments of the Live collection, we have sculpted versatile and original instruments, pads and percussive sounds of various and unique textures. Possibilities with Live are endless: Some instruments are reminiscent of the human voice, others of the harmonica, the hurdy-gurdy, the French horn and more.
Tonehammer Shake Vol 1-DYNAMiCS Tonehammer Shake Vol 1-DYNAMiCS
This deep sampled collection is dedicated to shakers, rattles and bell tree percussion. The fuzzy, buzzy, sandy -sounding "chuff”, "shuck” and "jingle” of hand-held shakers and bells is an essential part of orchestral, latin, electronic, hip hop and even rock music.

We found, collected and even hand-made 14 different instruments for this library, covering the whole spectrum of shaker instruments. We included deep sampled strikes and shakes for custom rhythm creation. We also captured sustaining rolls, grooves and gliss effects, in both natural and host-tempo synching arrangements. We also included a bonus collection of ambient drones and percussive elements created by heavily manipulating the shake source material.

Shake is meant to deeply explore an under-represented niche of percussion and nally allow composers and electronic musicians instant access to truly life-like sound and playability. It's the perfect addition to any serious composer's core instrument arsenal. We also made sure to include a variety of metal percussion, which is the perfect high-pitch compliment to epic percussion scoring.
Max for Live Starter Kit 2 by Maxology Max for Live Starter Kit 2 by Maxology
The Starter Kit 2 PeRColate by Maxology gives you the possiblity to explore the new physical modeling capabilities in Max 7. The PeRColate objects stem from the Synthesis Toolkit by Perry R. Cook and Gary Scavone, including physical modeling, modal, and PhISM class instruments.

It includes a Pitchtracker module showing how PeRColate synths can accompany acoustic musicians, sound generators, or prerecorded performances. There are also four additional Max for Live devices from Tom Hall available for free for those of you who don't get into Max programming:

GenRandom Synth: algorithmic wavetable synth with six probability algorithms
GenWave Synth: exponential b.p.f. wavetable generator
Grain Face: granulates incoming signal for different transposition and granular sampling effects
Scrub Face: variable rate delay lines with overlapping, ramping & LFO
you need MAX7!!!
Djsh Music Nova KONTAKT Djsh Music Nova KONTAKT
A huge collection of pads, atmospheres and sound design. Created from analogue synthesizers and found sound.

Each instrument has been meticulously crafted, combining the power of analogue synths and found sound. This results in 5gb of sounds almost 15 x BIGGER than Texture with 5x the samples.

More attention and emphasis has been put into the idea of tone, while each instrument has been created with the ability to play chords and melodies (some in thier own kooky way) unlike Texture, which was based soley on found objects and sound design.

The custom designed interface alows you to sculpt any of the 100 patches to fit your project perfectly. With built in effects such as distortion, phaser, rotary, reverb and more.

Nova is perfectly suited to those who compose for media. Add moodiness and drama to your music with 5gb of inspiring sounds at your disposal.

100 instruments.
5gb of sounds (uncompressed).
Custom designed GUI to perfectly sculpt any sound to your project.
Impact Soundworks Resonance Emotional Mallets KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX Impact Soundworks Resonance Emotional Mallets KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX
Evocative, custom-made stone, metal, wood and glass instruments that range in timbre from warm and beautiful to haunting, spine-tingling, mournful and everything in between.

Resonance - Key Features
Over 4,000 pristine 24-bit samples
Deep sampled velocity + RR layers
Dry, close-miced sound with a touch of air
Mallets, fingers, hand and bowed playing
Tonal, atonal and percussive sounds
Extensive sound design/FX patches
Aquarion, stonaphone, pipeharp, wrenchaphone
Boltophone, glass gong, bass tongue drum
Glass tongue drum, metal whale drum, metal sheet
Metal ensemble, pot lids, gamelan ensemble
Sound design collection

Requires KONTAKT 4 (full version, not player) or higher
Requires 2.4GB of disk space
Bluezone Metal Impact Sound Effects WAV AiFF-AUDIOSTRiKE Bluezone Metal Impact Sound Effects WAV AiFF-AUDIOSTRiKE
Metal Impact Sound Effects' is a new sample library providing a wide collection of recorded, meticulously edited and layered metal sound effects. This sample pack contains 161 metallic impacts in WAV and AIFF format for Trailer, Video Game and Cinematic sound design projects, as well as powerful additions to any comtemporary music production. The impacts were recorded using various objects : cargo containers, anvils, industrial parts, medium and large fuel tanks, crashing debris and much more.

Whether you want to add dynamic, hyper-detailed and heavy metallic hits, loud iron clangs and metal drops to your projects or create background ambiences for dramatic tension, atonal soundscapes or added suspense, 'Metal Impact Sound Effects' delivers a serious dose of inspiration. This downloadable sample pack is perfect for adding that unexpected edge to your sound. As all Bluezone Corporation sample packs, this sound bank is royalty-free and comes to you in 24-bit high definition: you can use these sound FX in your commercial productions without having to worry about any additional licensing fees.


Editor : Bluezone
Reference : BC0209
Delivery : Download link
Extracted size : 339 MB
Format : WAV + AIFF
Resolution : 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz
Channel : Stereo
License : Royalty free
Total files : 341
Total samples : 161 WAV + 161 AIFF