Synth Magic Analogue and LO-FI ACID WAV KONTAKT
Synth Magic Analogue and LO-FI ACID WAV KONTAKT
Amazing collection of analogue drum and lo-fi sounds recorded using a very old analogue mixing desk with vintage EQ.
Systems used : Korg DSS1, Ensoniq Mirage, Philips Videopac video game, cassette deck, Pearl Drum-x analogue drum system, Yamaha RX11, Minibrute.

Kontakt 5.2.1 and higher

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Synth Magic Wonky Tape Polymoog KONTAKT Synth Magic Wonky Tape Polymoog KONTAKT
This small collection of sounds are just some sounds from experimentation with a Polymoog 203a and a basic home reel to reel tape.
It all came about from working on a ZOM ZOM update that is coming and I wanted to try out some tape sounds.

Wonky Tape Polymoog is for Kontakt 5.2.1 and higher (full version)
RV Samplepacks Vintage Beat Machines MULTiFORMAT RV Samplepacks Vintage Beat Machines MULTiFORMAT
RV returns with a wonderful collection of Drum one shots recorded from fourteen different hardware machines ranging from analogue classics to sonically rich digital beat boxes that are full of vintage soul and punch.

Vintage Beat Machines is the perfect collection for all electronic producers needing authentic high quality drum sounds recorded directly from the real deal hardware drum machines. Included in this collection we have sounds from classic machines alongside a couple of curious rhythm boxes to ensure the collection has a full sonic palette of sounds.

Many of the of the original machines also include sound effects or instrument sounds or further expansion cartridges which have all been sampled here for the definitive beat machine sample package.

Expect to find sounds from the Casio VL Tone, Cheetah MD16, Oberheim DMX (with pitch variations), Omnichord, R70, Sequential Drumtracks, Sequential Tom (all Cartride sounds + resampled HOT through an MPC60 for added saturation) Roland machines such as the TR606, TR626, TR707, TR808, TR909, XD-5, and the Yamaha RY30

In Detail you will find 178Mb with 745 Drum Sounds taken from 14 different drum machines and 42 Soft Sampler patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Sfz and Reason Nnxt formats. Also included are 59 Bonus Loops that were created especially for the demo track.

If you produce electronic music and are looking for a solid set of authentic drum shots to build your own beats then check out the demo and get ready to sample Vintage Beat Machines from RV_Samples TODAY!


14 different drum machines
59 Bonus Loops
745 Drum Sounds
42 Soft Sampler patches
Wave Alchemy Drum Tools vol.2 Mini Pack ACID WAV Wave Alchemy Drum Tools vol.2 Mini Pack ACID WAV
A labour of love spanning over 2 years, Drum Tools 02 delivers thousands of ground-breaking electronic drum samples and percussive hits, each carefully crafted by hand from the ground-up using a huge array of drum machines, analogue synths, foley recordings, acoustic sound sources; processed individually using a boutique collection of high-end outboard gear…

Each sample has been produced and layered to perfection by Wave Alchemy’s own Dan Byers (producer of Drum Tools 01), with additional sound design by Matt Urmenyi (co-creator of Synth Drums), and Garrett Rowland (producer of our forthcoming SFX Collection 03).

Drum Tools 02 raises the bar in drum sound design; offering contemporary, production ready drums for modern electronic genres such as Techno, EDM, DnB, Dubstep, Deep House, Trap, Electronica and everything in-between!

Drum Tools 02 Kit List
Sound Generation
Elektron Analog RYTM
ARP 2600
MFB Tanzbar
Roland System 100
Roland Jupiter 8
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
Roland TR-808
Roland TR-909
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-606
Roland CR-78
EMU Drumulator
Sequential Drumtraks
Linn Linndrum
Future Retro XS + Moog CP-251 & Moogerfoogers
Mutable Instruments Ambika
Korg MS-20
Acidlab Miami
MPS Drum Synth
Pearl Syncussion
Jomox Mbrane
Jomox MBase 11
Jomox Xbass 999
Vermona DRM
Metasonix D-1000
Various acoustic drums, percussion & foley recordings
Thermionic Culture Vulture Mastering Edition
Ampex ATR-102 Analogue Tape Machine
Eventide H8000
Eventide DSP-7000
API 2500 Compressor
API 5500 EQ
API 512c
Studer A80 Analogue Tape Machine
Elysia XPressor 500
A-Designs EMPEQ
SSL E Series EQs & Compressors
Empirical Labs Distressor
Empirical Labs Fatso
Oto Machines Biscuit
Schippmann Ebbe und Flut
Spectra Sonics 610
Valley People 610
Akai S950 Sampler
EMU SP-12 Turbo

FXpansion Goldbaby Synthetic Expander for Geist FXpansion Goldbaby Synthetic Expander for Geist
Goldbaby Synthetic is a Geist Expander lovingly crafted from an extensive collection of analogue and digital hardware. It features stunning drum, percussion and synth one-shots programmed from scratch on an array of classic synths - no drum machines were used during the creation of Goldbaby Synthetic!

The included drum and percussion kits are imbued with trademark Goldbaby punch and flavour: heavy slabs of analogue fatness, tuned and experimental percussion, futuristic digital hits and much more. Goldbaby Synthetic's synth one-shots provide killer basses, stabs, chords and textures with many in Akebono and Pentatonic alternative scales.

The raw material in Goldbaby Synthetic is coaxed from vintage and modern analogue synths, old FM instruments and vintage 12-bit sample-based keyboards. Sounds are squeezed through esoteric pedals and high-end multi-FX with everything recorded through premium AD conversion. Goldbaby Synthetic features presets for Geist but the included samples can also be used in any software or hardware that supports 24-bit WAV and REX2 format samples.

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SPF Samplers Analogue Techno Synth Loops ACID WAV-MAGNETRiXX SPF Samplers Analogue Techno Synth Loops ACID WAV-MAGNETRiXX
Spf Samplers presents "Analogue Techno Synth Loops”. The sample pack was produced with an arsenal of analogue synths and sequencers. Analogue Techno Synth Loops is packed with 250+ synth loops that can help add that warmth and texture you get with analogue synths. So if your looking to warm up your productions this pack is perfect for you. Analogue Techno Synth Loops was produced with a large array of synthesizer including Access Virus C, DSI Evolver , DSI Mopho Keyboard, DSI Tetr4, Elektron MachineDrum, Elektron Monomachine, Elektron Octatrack, Novation KS Rack, Waldorf Q Rack, Waldorf XT every one of these synths was run through the Empirical Labs Distressor and the Joemeek SC2 and everything was sequenced on the dynamic beast the Octatrack. 

As you can see from that impressive list you are truly getting a huge array of synths to choose from. Instead of having to spend thousands of pounds on equipment you can get the true sound of these analogue synths in one techno sample pack. And to help you out each loop is name with the synth that it was created with.

Analogue Techno Synth Loops is perfectly suited for Techno, Deep Tech, Minimal Tech, Minimal House and IDM. The techno sample pack has a raw quirky edge that can help inspire any producer.

The techno sample pack continues an abundance of arpeggio loops, bass loops, drones, atmospheres and synth loops. Everything is at 127BPM and key’d where necessary.
SM White Label Raw House SM White Label Raw House
Inspired by the rough and woozy house music emanating from labels such as White Material, L.I.E.S and Mister Saturday Night, Raw House delves deep into the New York sound with a expertly crafted selection of hazy analogue melodics and distressed drum grooves synonymous with the underground east coast sound.

Raw House utlises an enviable array of hardware synths including the Roland SH-101, Juno-106; a Eurorack modular system; Dave Smith Pro-2, Tempest and Prophet 08; Arturia Minibrute and Moog Little Phatty alongside a host of outboard processing including the OTO Machines Biscuit, Waldorf Streichfett and Roland RE-201 Space Echo - and even a Tascam Portastudio cassette tape deck - for an original and authentic vibe.

What's Inside

Drum Loops > 100+ languid lo-fi beats offered in beat families with stripped stems as standard and MIDI versions where applicable.

Percussion & Tops Loops > Choice selection of gritty, re-pitched and heavily processed hat and percussion loops extracted from a variety of analogue and found-sound sources.

Bass Loops > Deep and dreamy to weird and wired: stacks of bassline licks to underpin the groove. Key-labeled throughout and served with raw MIDI where possible.

Synth & Pad Loops > Gorgeous analogue keys and pads, Basic Channel dub chords, alien transmissions, oddball arpeggios, wonky organs and weird strings - key-labeled throughout and served with MIDI where possible.

Music Loops > From seductive and spacey to dark and moody: 10 all-analogue tack-starters packed with narcotic melodics. Served with stripped stems for full-song control.

One Shots > 150+ distressed kicks, claps, hats, shakers, cymbals, toms, snares and more. Bundled with 3 custom drum kits and generic hit-type patches.

Download Contains:

458 x 24-bit Wav files
297 x Apple Loops
297 x Rex2 files
66 x MIDI files
3 custom drum kits and 8 hit type sampler formats for Ableton Drum Rack, NN-XT, EXS24 and Kontakt.