Homegrown Sounds Timbres MULTIFORMAT-AudioP2P
Homegrown Sounds Timbres MULTIFORMAT-AudioP2P
This Sample CD has a distinctly electronic feel, TIMBRES is a collection of vibrantly retro sounds spanning the musical spectrum, suitable for any kind of electronic music (with some outstanding techno leads along the way!), from krautrock through to Vangelis, Orbital and the Aphex Twin.

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Platinum Audiolab Electronic Producer Essentials MULTiFORMAT-MAGNETRiXX Platinum Audiolab Electronic Producer Essentials MULTiFORMAT-MAGNETRiXX
'Electronic Producer Essentials' contains all of the tools needed to produce the next club hit! Right out of the box you have perfectly rounded, pumping kicks, pristine hats and percussion, snappy snares and a lush sound palette of multisampled synths, instruments, found sounds, and mutating atmospheres to choose from. 
You'll also get a huge assortment of stabs, drum loops, chop-ready breaks and loops of all varieties. Each sample and patch was crafted to perfection so you don't have to spend hours engineering your sounds to sit in the mix.
'Electronic Producer Essentials' contains over 30 club-thumping, custom drum kits, 71 looped drums, synths, sequences, instruments and FX, nine pads, six multi-modulated playable FX synths, 14 leads, bass, synths and sweeps, and 19 hits and stabs spanning across 127 individual programs. 

Everything is covered Hardcore, Breakbeat, Dark Ambient, D&B, Dance, House, Euro, Synthpop, EBM, Industrial, and much more.

Product Details:

• Over 30 Club Drum Kits (over 410 Individual Samples)

• 71 Looped Drums, Synths, Sequences, Instruments & FX

• 19 Stabs & Hits

• 14 Leads, Basses, Synths & Sweeps

• 9 Pads & Ambience

• 6 Multi-modulated Playable FX Synths

• 127 Individual Programs/Patches

• Over 200 Bonus Promo Samples

Homegrown Sounds Radiance MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS Homegrown Sounds Radiance MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS
Collection of Atmospheric Pads
This Sample CD is a new collection of Pads and textures to add to the Homegrown Sample Library. This collection ranges from angelic beautiful ‘scapes in the region of Eno, Budd through to darker harsher sounds, Trans Global Underground and Coil etc...
The sounds can be used for any project requiring an interesting flavour, and will be a great addition to any studio. The Sample CD contains 200 long Wavs with well defined loop points weighing in at a huge 675mb. There are patches for Halion, Kontakt, EXS24 mkII, and NN-XT, and the WAVS can be used in any application which reads WAVS such as SX, Nuendo, ACID, Fruity Loops and Ableton Live.


200 Parent Presets.
24 Child Presets for each instrument (4800 total Child Presets):
AMB A/B – These are a collection of Ambient Presets.
GRUNGE – Distorted Sound.
HPF – Uses a High Pass Filter
LEGATO A/B – Mono Legato Variations
MELLOW – Mild Ambient style.
MONO – Mono Lead
PAD A/B – Selection of Pad styles
PLUCK – Short pizzicato variation
RESO A/B – Highly Resonant Styles
SCAPE A/B – Atmospheric Soundscapes
SH – Sample & Hold style
SLOW - Slow Attack
STAB A/B – Short Decay Variations
TWANG – Bright Short Decay style.
UPFRONT – Compressed upfront variation.
WALL A/B/C – Ambient walls of sound (think ‘My Bloody Valentine’)
Homegrown Sounds Frequency Arps MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS Homegrown Sounds Frequency Arps MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS
tracks to give an electronic edge. The sounds range from harsh electronic phrases to deep bass tones through to delicate atmospheric phrases, with a bit of everything in between. They are suitable for any type of music which is bpm based, and most useful as a library of arps\sequences for dropping an instant electronic feel into any project.

All the loops on this sample cd range between 70 – 120bpm, all with ACID friendly loop points and the REX files can be used in any compatible application such as Reason or Cubase SX. The sample CD is produced by Astral Pedestrian, creator of Organic Breakbeats and Elemental Guitar Loops.
Tantra Factory Expansion Tantra Factory Expansion
Factory Expansion is a collection of 64 presets for Tantra. The soundset includes expressive rhythmic patches suitable for processing any kind of sounds, no matter whether it is electronic or recorded in the real world.
SoundBreeze PowerSynth Ultimate Vol.1-3 MULTIFORMAT-AudioP2P SoundBreeze PowerSynth Ultimate Vol.1-3 MULTIFORMAT-AudioP2P
Powersynth Ultimate Contains Powersynth vol 1+2 and additional 700 MB Multileads. This offers you professional Pads & Synth sounds for: Trance, Hardtrance, Techno, HandsUp & Dance productions.

• 55 SF2 / Soundfont Leads & Pads 
• 77 NNXT patches for Propellerheads Reason
* ACID WAV Synth Hits
Pro Samples Vol.53 Classical Prepared Pianos Multiformat-CoBaLT Pro Samples Vol.53 Classical Prepared Pianos Multiformat-CoBaLT
The Pro Samples version includes: classical piano in outstanding quality as well as an acoustic Pop piano - velocity layered. Also prepared piano: unconventional playing techniques, Harpsichord, Flageolet effects, glissando cluster, Honky Tonk, playable piano effects. On one hand really brilliant pianos, on the other sounds you have never heard before.

Quote from an Electronic Musician test report: "The best part of Total Piano is how well all of the various timbres throughout the entire library work together. It really does sound like the creators concentrated on maximizing the potential of a single instrument. And they succeeded. Total Piano is a winner."