F9 Audio Forte Piano Chords Vol 1 Club Classics KONTAKT
F9 Audio Forte Piano Chords Vol 1 Club Classics KONTAKT
F9 Forte Piano Chords - A Groundbreaking new way to work with Piano. If you ever wanted to build a build a huge, rich Piano Riff for your next production but lack the Musical knowledge and Keyboard agility then you need Forte Piano Chords from F9 - 12 musical sets of chords laid out across your Midi controller of choice.

All the chords in each of the 12 sets have been split between BASS note and MID Chord voicing (normally played with right hand). This makes them perfect for creating the kind of classic piano riffs that have spanned every major era of Electronic dance music since Disco. Additional FULL chords allow for one finger building of chord sequences whilst the TOP section of the pack adds some magic high octave dust to proceedings.

The next problem many producers face when adding piano to their track is: the sound. James Wiltshire of Freemason has EQ’d, compressed, parallel processed and carefully overdriven his way through every single one of these sounds bringing 15+ years of experience in modern piano recording & processing to the table. These chords will set in your tracks effortlessly and have been carefully controlled right from the raw recordings not to exhibit the "Ultra wide’ Problems of many piano libraries and have all the bite needed for modern production.

Each patch for Logic, Ableton, Kontakt , Maschine and Reason has been meticulously put together to bring out a particular favour of 40 years of dance music from the Sharp and powerful NYC disco Styled Midi Grand Piano Patches to a dusty old Lo-fi Upright (perfect for those Big Beat moments / Booties).

The Decay portion of the piano has been kept in full and as you will be triggering midi notes and there are absolutely no loops involved these chord sets work in absolutely any given tempo and genre. They even work perfectly with tempo changes.

This is not a subtle library. FORTE means play with force in classical terminology. Forte is a bank of huge sounding piano chords that will slice their way through any contemporary production & Mix.

To keep the Pad workflow of Maschine there are 4 lots of 8 Samples in each Chord set hence the slightly lower pricing (The DAW and Kontakt versions have 4 lots of 12 /11 Samples in each). We have picked the best 8 for Each Maschine project.

Please Note: This is a Piano chord library and all additional sounds and drums in the audio demos are for demonstration purposes only. 

We have honestly not stopped playing with this since it’s creation and is only the start of FORTE from F9.

......:::::: Product Details ::::::......
• 1 GB Of 24-Bit Piano Samples
• 12 Sets Of Chords
• Multiple Pianos Sounds
• Genre Specific Sounds For Each Chord Set
• Many Passed Through Analogue Tape
• Works At ANY Tempo
• Totally Cross Genre
• 572 separate Samples (DAW + Kontakt)
• Learn Piano Part Rhythms
• Play Chord Sequences With 1 Finger

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We’ve even included some of those pop sounding emotional chords melodies that will lift up your breakdowns! 

Midi files are included for full editing capabilities into any DAW and we’ve also included the 24-Bit/44kHz audio loops with our very own layered pianos sound so you can use the files right away. (Rex, Wav, Apple Loops Formats) 

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Build on them with some drums, synths and bass for a perfect beat - or use them as they are for beautiful royalty free music for Film / TV. Or you can even chop up the chords, and resample them if you want to get creative.

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Played and recorded by classical pianist Sebastian G (classical soundtrack composer) This is the closest you can get to a real classical pianist playing in your music :)


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This collections focuses on original piano left hand movements. Sebastian says:

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These patterns improve the originality of piano tracks drastically. These loops are therefore useful to either learn from the left hand patterns or it is also possible to use the midi and drag & drop them into projects to focus on the melody, etc."


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This includes several random HQ piano loops that don't belong to a certain category. There are scale runs (major,minor and even a whole tone scale run), some additional theme piano loops and one shot samples such as deep bass,etc.

Over 80 full loops (231 files in total, over 500MB of content)

Organised into folders (Basic, Advanced, Complex, Left Hand Movements, Instant Inspiration etc)

HQ 24 bit WAV. format (MIDI files also included)

Each loop comes in two flavours - Dry and with reverb.

100% Royalty Free - ideal for commercial use.

Works in ALL DAW's, software and hardware
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Quote from an Electronic Musician test report: "The best part of Total Piano is how well all of the various timbres throughout the entire library work together. It really does sound like the creators concentrated on maximizing the potential of a single instrument. And they succeeded. Total Piano is a winner."
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We are proud to present our latest release "Atmospheric Piano Themes Vol 4” featuring 20 Cinematic crescendos and heart-wrenching piano phrases in WAV and MIDI format - all you need do is pick the right sound!

This pack brings you 20 professionally played and inspiring piano themes and 20 meticulously programmed MIDI files ranging between 70/90/100 BPM with durations from 1:00 up to 1:30. All files are BPM and key-labeled to make choosing the right file even easier. You have the ultimate freedom to choose your own sounds, edit the tempo, change the key, velocity, length and more.. We have given you as much flexibility as possible - that will perfectly fit into your productions. MIDI files are 100% compatible with all major DAWs. Try layering your own sounds with the included wav files for huge powerful melodies and hooks. This natural sounding piano will work in just about any track mix and will give you that rich-sounding piano that will fill up your song and make your next production a hit.