Discovery Firm TechnoLama ACID WAV REX-Al
Discovery Firm TechnoLama ACID WAV REX-Al
The spiritual and digital worlds have combined to create a new world of sound and visuals. It will make people ecstatic by passing all levels thought possible. 
The glory of Techno will not be replaced in discos. However the floor of the disco is not ruled by the DJ, but by the audience. The DJ is but a messenger and the audience his partner. It would mean trouble for techno if the audience realized the cold repetition in the electric sound today. 

The DJ and the audience are also known as the sender and the recievers. They are tied to each other in a balance between spirituality and musicality. The sender must work hard to learn new methods to reach the receivers. "Technolama" will surely become the light at the end of the dark tunnel for the senders in need. 

Backgrounds, from flashy to exact, can be made for a beat on the edge. Plus it's full of tools to help build the imagination with sound effects, vocals and sax phrases that give you an acoustic, surreal feel.

Techno sound has reached the stage where it must be judged on how well you reach your audience. "Technolama" makes this possible. There is no stronger tie than that of the spirit.

BACKING LOOP (92 files):Bass 01-11 / Bass 06 high cut / Bass 06 low cut / Bass 06-09 low cut / Bass 07 high cut / Bass 09 high cut/ Bass 12-13 high cut / Bass 12-13 low cut / Bass 13 / Bass-cmaj7-01-03 / Crystal 01 / Gt-riff 01 / Hit loop 01/ Noise loop 01-02 / Org riff 01-12 / Org riff 09 low cut / Pad-01 01-02 / Pad-01-shot / Pan 01-02 / Reverse 01/ Riff 02-05 / Riff 05 high cut / Riff 05 low cut / Riff 06-08 / Strange 01 / Syn-arp 01-02 / Syn-brass-chord C/ Syn-brass-riff 01-24 / Syn-brass-riff-01 shot / Syn-chord 01-03 / Syn-chord 02 loop 

BEAT LOOP (48 files):001-BD-SE 01 / 001-No-Kick 01 / 001-Rhythm 01-02 / 002-Rhythm 01 / 002-Rhythm hi cut 01/ 002-Rhythm low cut 01 / 003-BD-CHH 01 / 003-BD-CHH hi cut 01 / 003-BD-CHH low cut 01/ 004-BD-SD-142-4ber 01-02 / 004-Rhythm 01-02 / 04-Rhythm-141-4ber 01 / 005-Rhythm 01-04/ 006-Voice hi fi 01 / 006-Voice lo fi 01 / BD 01-04 / BD-CHH 01-05 / BD-SE-141-4ber/ CHH 01-02 / Everybody Sing / Hand-Clap 01 / Percussion 01-04 / Rhyth 01-09 

SAXOPHONE PHRASE (10 files):Sax-Phrase 01 / Sax-Phrase 02 / Sax-Phrase 03 / Sax-Phrase 04 / Sax-Phrase 05 / Sax-Phrase 06 / Sax-Phrase 07 / Sax-Phrase 08 / Sax-Phrase 09 / Sax-Phrase 10 

SOUND EFFECT HOOK (100 files):Back 01-02 / Beep 01-02 / Bell-01 01-07 / Bell-02 01-05 / Bell-03 01-04 / Bell-04 01-02/ Boom 01-02 / Boom hit 01 / Break 01 / Chaos 01-03 / Chord 01-02 / Click 01 / Crack 01/ Crisis 01-09 / Cut 01 / Damage 01 / Down 01-03 / Down up 01 / Explosion 01-02 / Flash 01-02/ Glitter 01 / Gun 01-02 / High frequency 01-06 / loat 01 / Moter 01 / Noise 01-03 / Phrase 01-02/ Poo 01-02 / SE-01-06 / Spark 01-02 / Strange voice 01-02 / Strike 01 / Strings 01-02 / SYNTHE/ Synthe 01-02 / Tenderness 01 / Triangle 01-02 / Up 01-05 / Up down 01 / Water shake 01 / Whistle 01-04 

VOICE HOOK (7 files):1-2-3-4 / ai / Brilliant man / Female voice 01 / Female voice 02 / love / Yes 

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:: ACID WAV [161 files]

Type-A Loops [81 files]
80 bpm: Loops [12 files]
90 bpm: Loops [22 files]
100 bpm: Loops [26 files]
120 bpm: Loops [9 files]
140 bpm: Loops [12 files]

Type-B Loops [80 files]
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80 bpm: Loops [12 files]
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Trance Euphoria Future Sound Of Progressive Trance Songstarters WAV MiDi Trance Euphoria Future Sound Of Progressive Trance Songstarters WAV MiDi
Trance Euphoria are proud to release ‘Future Sound Of Progressive Trance Songstarters’ bringing you 8 x Professional Construction Kits containing 24-Bit WAV Files and MIDI Files for ultimate flexibility.

Inspired by all the top trance artists from around the world and top trance festivals, ‘Future Sound Of Progressive Trance Songstarters’ is here to inspire your next trance hit.

Each kit featuring enough material to spawn an entire new track, including MIDI & WAV audio loops plus all of the professional features you’d expect from Trance Euphoria, Loops are provided in both wet (with effects) and rendered dry (no FX) so you’re free to add your own to help gel these superb trance samples in to your own mixes.

For audio loop users there’s filter up and down sections as well as FX tail loops to allow you to easily use the samples in build ups and breakdowns. With MIDI files included for main melodic parts you’re also free to break out your own synths and use your favourite presets to create your own sound.

Advantages of midi is you can use them as is or as a basis for your own ideas, Learn and see how they have been constructed, add your own vst instrument to create a different sound to your taste, modify or transpose to your own taste.

.....::::: Product Details :::::
• 8 x Professional Progressive Trance Construction Kit Songstarters.
• All WAV Files 24-Bit.
• MIDI Files For All Kits For Ultimate Flexibility.
• Wet/Dry 24-Bit WAV Loops
• Drum Compressed/Uncompressed 24-Bit WAVs
• Several Percussion Variation Loops 24-Bit WAVs
• FX Tail Loops Allowing You To End A Phrase With The Decay Of The Reverb/Delay Applied To The Loop.
• Demo Mixdown Of Each Kit.
• BPM & Key Info.
• Professionally Produced.
• 100% Royalty Free.
• 293 x Kit Files (Includes 24 x MIDI Files).
Rast Sound Ceremonial Vocals WAV KONTAKT Rast Sound Ceremonial Vocals WAV KONTAKT
Ceremonial Vocals is the second library within the world vocals series of Rast Sound. We feel lucky and excited to have met/worked with an amazing performer who spends most of her time within the ceremonial act and performance.

The library provides vocal performances from South American ceremonies, indigenous rituals and more. Just like in Mideast Vocals, the library provides vocal performances within different forms from complete songs to a huge collection of loops (processed and natural), phrases and one shots to sweet extra’s like overtone singing, shruti box samples and words.

Ceremonial Vocals also comes with a set of Kontakt 5 instruments such as multisample instruments to loop and phrase players and a sweet shruti box sample instrument.

We believe this library is useful for anyone related to music production, composers for cinema and media, electronic music producers of any genre and world-fusion lovers.

.....::::: Content :::::.....
• Kontakt & WAV (24-Bbit 44.1kHz)
• 22 Long Improvisations and songs
• 85 Loops (Natural & Processed)
• 45 One-Shots
• 20 Phrases
• 11 Kontakt 5 Instruments (Multisample, Loop, Phrase)
• 207 Total Samples & Instruments (with sweet extras)
E-Instruments Session Keys Grand Y version 1.2 Update Only KONTAKT E-Instruments Session Keys Grand Y version 1.2 Update Only KONTAKT
Session Keys Grand Y captures the clear, transparent and dynamic sound of a Yamaha CFIIIS Concert Grand Piano. Rich overtones, sparkling high end, and a powerful bass range make this outstanding instrument the perfect complement to the Grand S.

e-instruments have released Maintenance Update 1.2 which drastically improves the CPU load of our acclaimed Session Keys Grand S/Y Pianos.

Session Keys Grand Pianos are Kontakt based instruments and each one comes with two acoustic characters to choose from: concert and studio. The workflow features the flexible Animator riff generator for inspiring piano performances, Smart Chord Mode for easy pad controller use and the unique Pentamorph for creative real-time sound design.
Sounds In HD Scattered RnB Vocal Pack Sounds In HD Scattered RnB Vocal Pack
Scattered R&B is a vocal sample pack geared for R&B inspired and urban producers to bring a live vocal touch to their music productions. This kit contains 30+ folders of vocal sample phrases featuring dry, delayed, chords and long throat vocals popular in modern music production.


Adding reverb and/or delay and other effects to add mood to tracks
Chopping, Stretching and Re-sampling
Inspiration for lyrics to your own songs and beats

Every folder contains dry vocal variations to build with. Add effects, stretch, cut and chop to get precise results to your tracks.


Some folders in the sample pack contain the vocals in the form of a chord. These were created with Antares Harmony Engine to showcase fast results and inspire your own chord structures. *You will need the Antares Harmony Engine or another VST capable of forming chords or vocoding. Add these into your production with a quick pitch shift or build around them.


Most folders include Long Throat versions of the vocal samples. This style is popular in modern and electronic music and gives the singer the effect of a deep bellowing voice without actually pitching them down. There are many ways to achieve this effect (FL Studio Pitcher can accomplish this). Antares Harmony Engine was used to achieve the ones in this vocal pack.  These are perfect for adding that modern feel to your productions.


These were included sparsely to give you inspiration on what is possible with the vocal pack. We chopped individual words or cut-off phrases and added delay to draw attention to the last or only word in the phrase. This can help add a certain mood and rhythm to your tracks by using the vocals. We hope you experiment with your own to add new depth to your own tracks.


Among all the phrases and variations this vocal pack contains vocal laughs, hums, and other vocal sounds to play with. Build your own melody lines with boops and oohs.
Nano Musik Loops Progressive House Trance Drops Vol.2 WAV MiDi Nano Musik Loops Progressive House Trance Drops Vol.2 WAV MiDi
Progressive House & Trance Drops Vol 2' from Nano Musik Loops features eight Construction Kits full of huge massive drops, infectious synth leads and powerful drums for your club bangers. Designed at the highest level, these mastered loops are suitable for Electro House, Progressive House, Trance and other EDM Genres. Wet and dry files are include.

Razor-sharp tonality and bold phrasing make these loops perfect for modern, cutting-edge Progressive House and other electronic productions.

MIDI files are also included, allowing you to make tweaks to the riffs so they fit perfectly into your existing mixes.

For users looking to simply drag and drop, the 'wet' files contain all of the effects processing heard in the audio demos. But for producers looking to create their own effects mix, 'dry' loops are also included. Don't like the wet loops? No problem; add your own effects.

This sample library also comes with unlooped/tail versions allowing you to end a phrase with the decay of the reverb/delay applied to the loop.

All of the loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free, so once purchased, you can use these loops in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs.

Product Specifications:

• 8 Construction Kits
• 16 MIDI files
• 159 Individual audio files
• Includes bass, drums, synth leads & drops
• ACIDized WAV files
• Loops sync to 130 BPM
• 44.1 kHz/24-Bit
• Royalty-Free