Flintpope Broken Orchestra ABLETON LIVE PACK
Flintpope Broken Orchestra ABLETON LIVE PACK
This is a current snapshot of my experimentation with orchestral sounds and arrangements using modern techniques of slicing, converting harmony/melody to midi, freezing tracks and rhythm producing without drums.
Taking a leaf out of Steve Reich’s book I have used his repetitive approach to structure and his layering of instruments according to textural quality, and then applied these to sequencer-like patterns with "real” instruments.

Of course non of the instruments here exist outside of a computer but I have tried to maintain as realistic a presence as possible.
In places a sense of "samples” taken off orchestral records has been created using crackles, distortion and deliberately bad sequencing at times. Everything you hear in this pack has been created by Flintpope so there are no licensing or copyright concerns: use these sounds as you like.
What you get in this pack: 18 original loops, some relating to the demotapes, two demotapes sliced into drum racks for improv fun and finally 3 orchestral instruments based on Ableton’s packs: Clarinet, Double Bass and Marimba.

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Flintpope 36 Pads for Ableton Live ALP Flintpope 36 Pads for Ableton Live ALP
Over 100 samples from AAS Chromaphone and diverse instruments in Reaktor 6, including some as yet unreleased Flintpope presets for Mikro Prism are all loaded into Flintpope SIMPLER PAD CREATOR. I’ve paid for Chromaphone and Reaktor 6 so you don’t have to!

The result is some very interesting ambient and evolving pads grouped into:
1. Ethereal 
2. Majestic 
3. Rhythmic 
4. Industrial
Ableton Live upgraded to 9.5 halfway through the creation of this massive set so I decided to do so too. SIMPLER is the new version in this pack so you’ll need LIVE Intro 9.5 to join the fun.
Splice Tom Cosm Deep House Evolution 1 WAV Ableton Live Splice Tom Cosm Deep House Evolution 1 WAV Ableton Live
Ableton guru Tom Cosm brings you a wide collection of deep house samples, entirely created in his studio from a diverse collection of hardware. Lush keys, pads, and basses fill out this pack made from gear including the aKawai XD-5, Elektron MachineDrum, Novation Drum Station, JoMoX xBase999 and a Korg Super Drumsa. 

Sounds include multi sample / zoned instruments you can throw in any sampler of your choice to create nuanced instruments, along with carefully crafted loops that can be dropped straight into your DAW. As a bonus, Cosm has also included a set of pre-created multi-sample Ableton instruments - ranging from pulse and organ basses to fuzzy leads - to unleash the full power of these samples in your productions. 
Simpler Cinematika FREE for Ableton Live Simpler Cinematika FREE for Ableton Live
Six months ago CINEMATIKA was released…
"Flintpope have created 36 scratchy, grainy new Ableton Tension presets for cinematic/ambient/sound-design writers. Don't just think cinema, think indie cinema.”
It occurred to me that Live 9 Intro/Standard users may feel left out so I’ve converted them to SIMPLER format for everyone to enjoy. Don’t just expect plucked string sounds - expect a range of dark ambient textures reworked utilising SIMPLER’S sound morphing tools and a bundled set of FX available in Intro.
Each of the 36 racks features easy-access controls mapped to Attack, Release, Filter Frequency, Filter Resonance, LFO Shape, High Gain, Delay and Reverb.
Prime Loops Orchestra and Classical String Loops WAV Prime Loops Orchestra and Classical String Loops WAV
This extensive orchestral loops compilation is a master mix of rich orchestra loops, classical loops, synthesised and classic multi-string loops.
Whether you’re mixing these sounds into your latest dance track, soundscape, or adding an orchestral backing to a hip hop or drum n’ bass creation, these beautifully rich and concise orchestral loops will inspire your music to an epic level.

PrimeLoops have compiled and recorded this unique sound suite with extreme attention to detail mixing a combination of live orchestral instruments and digital instruments. These include Cello, Grand Piano, Violin, Horn, Brass Sections, Oboes, String Quartets and more.

This expressive sound suite has been engineered using high quality mastering equipment to give that extra punch and obtain maximum presence in your mix.
PrimeLoops have taken the utmost care in engineering these loops to deliver a clean, crisp and seamless product. This edition comes fully equiped with the following formats: Acid Loops, WAV Loops, Apple Loops, Rex2/Stylus RMX Loops & Akai MPC Loops.

Included in this extraordinary collection are a large number of real grand orchestral loops, synthesised ensemble loops, multi-string loops, brass loops, plucked & pizzicato loops and many more, in a variety of styles, moods, and tempos, all royalty-free and available for instant download.

This truly is one our best packs, and will provide solid inspiration, with over 100 unique grand orchestral loops.


• Acid
• Ableton Live
• Akai MPC
• Apple Loops
• Rex
Fox Samples Orchestra Warriors Fox Samples Orchestra Warriors
Orchestra Warriors from Fox Samples is an epic orchestral product. This product delivers you a massive 1.6 GB of content. Filled with emotional orchestral arrangements blended with a unique percussive section and large grandiose voices. This elaborate sound library is categorized into 10 construction kits and comes with both midi and wav to give you all the tools you need!


1- 10 construction kits between 70bpm and 90bpm

2- Midi Files

3- 24 bit WAV files

4- All folders are all tempo and key labeled

5- Over 1,6 GB of content

6- 100% Royalty Free
The Audio Alchemists The Mavrik Ultimate EDM Drums Vol.1 WAV Ableton Live Project The Audio Alchemists The Mavrik Ultimate EDM Drums Vol.1 WAV Ableton Live Project
The Mavrik: Ultimate EDM Drums Vol 1' is the hottest drum pack on the market! Tired of fumbling through thousands of one-shot sample packs only to pull a few good ones out? Well fear not because every single hit in this pack is 100% usable and mix ready!

This Producer Pack includes four genres of drum samples, with Dance, Dubstep, Trap and Live, each broken down into sub categories.

There are 93 Kicks, 125 Snares, 43 Hats, 27 Cymbals and Swells, and seven 808's. There are also 26 live drum fills and five live drum grooves, which have all been pre-quantized.
Also included are pre-made Ableton Drum Racks. You will find a drum rack for each genre, preloaded with the corresponding one-shot samples.


Ableton Live

Please Note: To use the Ableton Drum Racks requires Ableton 8.1 or higher.