Loops De La Creme Percussive Boomwhackers Free Sample Pack ACID WAV
Loops De La Creme Percussive Boomwhackers Free Sample Pack ACID WAV
I've been recently sampling two Boomwhackers sets with the goal to create realistic and funky melodic instruments (the library will be soon available!). At the end of the last recording session, I also captured various hits and extra percussive sounds, by playing the Boomwhackers Sticks with brushes, hands and mallets, hitting them against the studio walls and floor, or even beatboxing into them.
Here is a small selection of 32 of these raw percussive samples. You'll find snares, kicks and hi-hats substitutes, original percussions and punchy one-shots. Three ‘tonal’ samples are also included: they can be imported in a sampler and chromatically pitched to play melodies.

The sounds were recorded using 6 different microphones (Beyer M88, Audix D4, Sontronics Sigma, AT4022 pair, Lauten Clarion)

This sample pack is available as 'donation ware' (pay what you want, no minimum) 

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If silky smooth Hip Hop grooves, Trap infused beats and Deep melodic RnB are your thing, this super tight sample collection will be an essential tool in your production suite. Jam packed with stunning melodic grooves, beat making material, instrument chops and multi format sampler instruments, there is enough material here to satisfy even the most hungry of producers!

Inside this epic sample pack you will find a blistering selection of loops and samples covering deep Rhodes and piano chords, processed keys melodies, sparse 808 drum loops, rapid Trap snare rolls, crisp acoustic R&B drums, bendy lead melodies, fat synth bass samples and a whole host of other inspirational sample material.

All sounds in this sample library are 100% Royalty-Free, available for instant download and come in a range of file formats including 24-Bit WAV and ACID Loops with sampler instrument patches for EXS24, Sonar SFZ, MachFive, Ableton Sampler, Kontakt, Reason NNXT and Halion, all included in the pack.

Technical Specifications:

• 969.9 MB of Content
• 205 Loops
• 135 One-Shots
• Sampler instruments for EXS24, Sonar SFZ, MachFive, Ableton Sampler, Kontakt, Reason NNXT and Halion
High and Low Toasted Percussion Sounds KONTAKT High and Low Toasted Percussion Sounds KONTAKT
Toaster Percussion is exactly what the name suggests – a sample library made entirely from a toaster!

Every part of a toaster was recorded creating a great range of sounds that are perfect for underscore or percussive music.
Audio Animals Sounds Of the Boxes WAV Audio Animals Sounds Of the Boxes WAV
A collection of free samples we have created using a variety of boxes of different sizes, shapes and texture, which are aimed for percussive use or any creative way you see fit. There are a total of 213 percussion hits across 20 different box types.

This pack contains:

213 Box Hits
20 Box Types

All samples are recorded and processed in 44,100 24bit wav.

Recording Chain

Oktavamod Hulk 990 Mic
ISA One Mic Pre
SSL 9k Compressor
Recording and Processing
All samples included in this pack were recorded at 24/44.1 Khz and then mixed and mastered at Audio Animals Studios London by qualified and experienced engineers. Each sample has been meticulously processed on their custom SSL (Solid State Logic) and Maselec chain, featuring high quality SSL AD/DA converters and 52 channel summing mixer, 4k mono EQ and compressor, Super Analogue stereo EQ and compressor, as well as SSL VHD pre-amps.

Bluezone Corporation Tech and Minimal Energy WAV-MAGNETRiXX Bluezone Corporation Tech and Minimal Energy WAV-MAGNETRiXX
Bluezone Corporation is proud to present Tech & Minimal Energy, a Sample Pack containing Drums, Sound Effects, Percussive Phrases and Punchy Keyboard Sounds. All of the sounds have been recorded with meticulous care for maximum effect.

Bluezone Corporation has created this original pack, designed to add a new dimension to your musical works. 

This sample pack features drums sounds that you won't find elsewhere. Furthermore, a collection of sound effects of minimal percussions were also added to enhance your compositions. The keyboards sounds have been recorded to create a punchy effect.

You will also find percussions phrases, which will give you the opportunity to create original compositions.


- Drums
- FX
- FX-Perc & Phrase
- Synth

Technical specifications:

- 516 Samples in WAV format
- Royalty-Free
District Dark and Dangerous Sample Pack Vol. 1 WAV District Dark and Dangerous Sample Pack Vol. 1 WAV
I'm very pleased to put forward my first sample pack, comprising of my own processed drums, atmospheres and bass sounds. 

The first edition is just under 1gb (928MB) of 16 bit, 44.1 kHz samples featuring:

103 x atmospheric hits and stabs
36 x atmospheric loops and drones
45 x system shaking kick drums
41 x sharp, snappy snare drums
25 x hi-hat sounds
147 x one shot percussive hits

and a whopping 

218 x individual twisted low mid bass sounds (including some really messed up reeses).

All royalty free and ready for you to put into your own productions or mangle even more.

Freaky Loops Selected EDM Drums WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE Freaky Loops Selected EDM Drums WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE
Round two! We are here with second part of "Freaky Loops Selected" series with "EDM Drums” from the house of Freaky Loops. The selected series presents the best loops & samples from all the previous Freaky Loops releases.

"Selected EDM Drums” features 117 MB of sample material hand-picked from a selection of our most popular sample packs released to date. We have picked the best EDM Drum Loops and Drum Shots then put them in this library. This is the chance to get hold of this sample pack - just £9.95 !!

In detail the pack includes 50 Drum Loops and 50 Drum Hits includes, 10 Claps & Snares, 10 Hihats, 15 Kicks and 15 Percussions. All loops & samples are in 128 BPM.

Great for EDM - whether you are making big-room, electro, progressive, house, techno, minimal or other forms of electronic music, this collection could be a great starter point for new inspiration.

24 Bit Quality
50 Drum Loops
10 Hihats
15 Percussions
10 Claps & Snares
15 Kicks