Engineering Samples Avant Garde Charity Collection WAV
Engineering Samples Avant Garde Charity Collection WAV
"Avant/Garde Charity Collection" is a collaboration between London based Record Label Avant/Garde and Engineering Samples. 

Together we created a unique, artist driven Sample collection with the signature sound of the Avant/Garde Protegés. 

It contains 6 Construction Kits with over 500 MB from Groovy Basslines, melodic Lead Synths, powerful Drums, punchy Kickdrums to energetic tonal & Noise FX and much more. 

Engineering Samples is teaming up with London based Record Label Avant/Garde by Chris Avantgarde.

To celebrate this successful year 2015 we decided to donate all of the sales income of this pack to a charity organization. With a little help of our friends we were able to make this possible. 

Featured Kits by: 

• Chris Avantgarde (Size Rec, 
Dirtybird, Cr2, Dim Mak) 
• Supernatet (Zerothree, Avant/ Garde) 
Aacht (Avant/Garde) Maxon (Avant/Garde, Big&Dirty, Void) 
• Corey James (Protocol, Sosumi, Code Red) 
Waysons (Revealed, Avant/Garde)

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in: 

• Drum & Bass
• House
• Sound FX
• Deep House

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Camel Audio Luftrum Ambient: Alchemy Soundbank 1.50 Camel Audio Luftrum Ambient: Alchemy Soundbank 1.50
Luftrum: Ambient is a journey between worlds, from summer afternoons to the icy depths of space. With dense washes of warm, shimmering pads and soundscapes, gentle guitar and piano arpeggios, music boxes, delicate, and ethereal sound effects that totter between beauty and despair, this is a particularly inspiring collection for the ambient musician, film, TV or game soundtrack composer. Its darker elements include chilling machine sounds, disturbing alien atmospheres, the voices of haunted children, water droplets, plus a sprinkling of the avant-garde.

This library incorporates a 127 MB sample library full of fascinating details covering interior and exterior atmospheres, rural ambiences, creatures at rest, and synth soundscapes. Luftrum is a respected sound designer and electronic experimentalist, known for his Ambient ReFills and atmospheric field recordings.

This release is part of a community effort to collect all official v1.50 soundbanks for the discontinued plugin Alchemy by CamelAudio.

This bank has been modified to remove all user data and will work with any legit copy of Alchemy 1.55. This bank will also work with Alchemy Player Expanded 1.55, released separately. All presets contain full browser tagging features.

This is not compatible with older releases of Alchemy and is not related to the older keyfile based soundbanks.

Many thanks to everyone that has donated, the collection will be completed very soon.
Big Fish Audio Alien Guitars Vol.1 WAV Big Fish Audio Alien Guitars Vol.1 WAV
You won't find traditional funky, wah wah or metal guitars on this disc. Instead, these guitars were struck, beaten, brushed with chains, prepared, yelled into and abused - then, through post-production, their screams turned into mutant sound entities! Composers working in styles from hard edged electronic music to avant garde scoring will find Alien Guitars an indispensable tool for bringing an organic, but other worldly edge to their productions. Alien Guitars brings perfect bizarre sounds and awesome textures from beyond the scope of what is real.

With Alien Guitars 1 many thought Sisko and Libertino had taken the post-modern guitar to its logical end. Ironically, it was only the beginning…
Zero-G Haunted Ground Zero-G Haunted Ground
HAUNTED GROUND - Ambience & FX from Abandoned Places, by Adam Pietruszko.
Haunted Ground is an avant-garde sound library inspired by the unique character of abandoned places. The structures that man left to crumble as time ticks away, now brought to life in this collection of samples. Created by sound designer Adam Pietruszko specializing in visual and aural documentation of forsaken buildings, to provide you with the atmosphere and spirit of these forbidden locations. This library took a year to plan, prepare and record. Carefully choosing locations as recording sites and inspiration was taken from countless photographs, schematics and abandoned structure history resources.
The mood of abandoned factories, warehouses and installations has been recreated via means of analog and digital synthesis, along with the sounds captured on-site via field recording, to bring you closer to the exploration, all properly mangled and warped, for that particular eerie feeling.

"A very successful collection… An inspirational place to start all manner of dark work.. Very high quality recordings.. Full of warped atmosphere… Sufficient (but not overpowering) effects to take everything beyond its constituent parts to the other side of eerie… You could use some of the sounds as incidental effects across many other genres of music… There are even musical ideas that you could use to underpin tunes." (Music Tech magazine, UK).

"This sample library falls into that category of "something new” or "something special”.. geared for the production of soundtrack, dark ambient, horror and game music.. The sound of Haunted Ground is the result of capturing the spirit and atmosphere of forbidden places.. The material is broken into 4 main folders of Entities and Spirits, Exploration Echoes, Forgotten Atmospheres and Forsaken Technologies. If you like one-shot samples for fills in your compositions, Exploration Echoes has some really good useful sounds. For cold, otherworldly sounds, I like the samples in the Forgotten Atmospheres folder. There are some really great sinister sounds for use in horror films. Bottomline: this is a good all-rounder EFX library that has a horrifying twist to it."

Shpitz Audio Granular Synthesis Vol. 1 Shpitz Audio Granular Synthesis Vol. 1
Free loops in various BPM. High audio quality – 24 bit, 48khz. All samples made with HourGlass. Don’t expect loops that fit into any musical scale. This sample pack is aimed for experimental, avant garde, industrial, dark ambient, etc. However, you might find some of the loops suitable for more dance oriented music.
Sample pack contains:
3 Bass loops,
10 Drones,
15 Mechanic loops,
16 Rhythmic loops,
2 Uncategorized
Modernbeats RnB Klub Drum Loops Vol. 1 WAV ACiD SCD-SPiRiT Modernbeats RnB Klub Drum Loops Vol. 1 WAV ACiD SCD-SPiRiT
RnB Klub Music Loops 1 - Construction Style R&B Music Loops: Featuring over 330 R&B instrument music loops in construction-style format, ModernBeats delivers "RnB Klub Music Loops 1". This melodic construction style loopset provides 20 multi-track 
modern R&B music themes. Each multi-track theme delivers layered performances of R&B and urban instruments where each layer is separated into its own instrument loop file. Capture the platinum sound of today's RnB Club hits! RnB Klub Music Loops styles are modeled after Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Chris Brown, Usher, Flo Rida, & more!

acked with a large variety of contemporary and classic R&B instruments, 'RnB Klub Music Loops' provides users with a plethora of hit-worthy club R&B performances! Plus, all loops mix-match seamlessly together, allowing users to combine and create hundreds of original multi-track musical compositions with ease! Loops are modeled in the style of platinum R&B music producers such as Stargate, Timbaland, Bloodshy and Avant, Red Zone, Darkchild, Scott Storch, Dr. Dre, and the Neptunes.

RnB Klub Music Loops 1 - Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Brass Section, Chorus Synths, Synth Bells, Synth Worms, Choir Pads, Clavichord, Electric Piano, Ensemble Strings, Flange Synths, Flute, Hammond B3 Organ, Harp, Harpsichord, Horns Section, Leslie Organ, Leslie Electric Keys, Mandola, Monophonic Glide Synths, Phaser Synths, Piano, Pizzicato Strings, Portamento Synths, Rhodes, Saw Wave Bass, Saw Synth Leads, Sine Bass, Square Synth Leads, Sub Bass, Tremolo Strings, Vibes, Violins, Xylophone, and more!