Leap Into The Void The Abyss For Ni ABSYNTH
Leap Into The Void The Abyss For Ni ABSYNTH
The Abyss is an infinite Leap Into The Void of primeval rituals and imposing widths. Pushed towards immeasurable amounts of audiovisual colors, everything in The Abyss is organic, static and alive at the same time, where time is non-existent.

You could think of it as a new phase derived and progressed from the Enchantment volumes. The sounds of The Abyss contains completely new sound design discoveries and is also built from the now vast Leap Into The Void collection of specially tailored waveforms and envelopes. There are roughly 600 sculpted waveforms each tailored for the specific module.

Main focus are tempo-synced sounds of form and un-form, all the way from thunderous, distorted and noisy to ultra short clicks and glitches. Second focus are long sounds, be it drones, soundscapes, obscured bells and sounds with long release. Third focus are sounds of various category.
Feedback has played an important role while designing The Abyss.

To try to enable as much sound shaping as possible using the assigned macro faders, I’ve decided to mainly use two channels. This does of course vary depending on the preset.

From here on I’d like to welcome you to take part of this new order of intrepid voluptuous sculptural dissonance and grand widths.

....:::: Note ::::....
• All sounds heard in the demos come from The Abyss with no fx used but a Low cut EQ (below 40Hz) and a small amount of limiter on the output.

....:::: Details ::::....
• 128 sounds of primeval rituals and imposing widths.
• Vast sound shaping possibilities.
• Coherent mapping of the macro faders.
• Detailed patch list with comments and descriptions of each sound and tweak examples where applicable. (The descriptions can also be found in Absynths meta-data on the attributes tab).
• All sounds are based on sculpted and hand drawn or stock waveforms (no samples used).
• Requirements: NI Absynth 5.2 required.

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Tempo-synced, minimalistic, electric, experimental, digital, glitch, rhythm, bass, lead and keys from clean to distorted. The main part consists of tempo-synced sounds, from simple rhythmic building blocks to sequenced pads to the more unconventional iterations of sound, all inspired by my own history of preference and also from some of todays contemporary electronic composers. Call it minimal, experimental and Leap Into The Void.

There are lead, keys, pads and bass sounds included aswell that I’d like to describe as ”colors of vigour”, with great expressiveness both inspiring to play and to use when composing. A collection that could best be categorized as atmospheres and textures completes the Canto Con Brio Electric.

Canto is the word for a principal form of division in a long poem, especially the epic. The word comes from Italian, meaning ”song” or singing. Bazille does imho some truly great singing.

Brio is the musical term for vigour and Con brio means ”with spirit” or ”with vigour”. Combined this could be translated to ”Electric poems with spirit” which is what I’d like to use to describe the idea and essence of this soundset.

....:::: Note ::::....
• All sounds heard in the demos come from Canto Con Brio Electric with no fx used but a small amount of limiter on the output.

....:::: Details ::::.....
• 128 U-he Bazille Presets.
• Modwheel assignments on all presets for morphing and coloring.
• Detailed patchlist included with descriptions of each sound and the assignments.
• Requirements: U-he Bazille V.1.0 required.
Doctor Doubledrop Massive FX Vol 2 For Ni MASSiVE NMSV Doctor Doubledrop Massive FX Vol 2 For Ni MASSiVE NMSV
The Doctor’s back with another selection of 70 FX presets taken from his best-selling Native Instruments Massive Psy-Trance soundset collection. This soundset can be used in any EDM style too! So if you’re not looking for Psytrance synth sounds, but only need great FX then this soundset is just what you are looking for! 

Macro controls are set for each preset and the goal of the Doctor is able to enable you to create startling new sounds from each preset.Shot FX, long evolving FX, uplifter FX and downlifter FX are included! 

Macros are enabled for each preset and by changing only the macro controls you can obtain up to 5 distinct flavours of sound from only one preset! 

For example you can morph an FX sound into a long evolving sound, or into a totally crazy new style, you can transform an uplifter FX into a downlifter and much more - each one of these sounds offers superb control! 

What’s the best thing about these sounds? There’s no need for you to know anything about synthesis! Simply load up these presets in NI Massive 1.4 or higher and move the macros to create amazing new sounds! 

...::: Please Note :::...
• Requires Massive 1.4 and up

...::: Royalty-Free :::...
• All of the content in this download is 100% Royalty-Free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

...::: Bank Description :::...
• 17 x FX Up/Downlifter
• 53 x FX

...::: Note :::...
• These sounds are a compilation and are included in Doctor Doubledrop’s other NI Massive banks. Hi hat used in demo is not included in the bank.
Sonus Dept Korroded Batteries For Ni BATTERY Sonus Dept Korroded Batteries For Ni BATTERY
Korroded Batteries is a collection of kits for Battery, aimed to the electronic musician who is looking for a complete and diverse source of inspiration to build aggressive and out of this world rhythms. Soundtrack composers will enjoy this compact library as well: from impactful hits to ritual percussions and reverse tensions, nothing lacks to score the most epic parts of your movies.

....:::: This is what Korroded Batteries features ::::....
• 5 Bass Kits: yes, turn Battery into a powerful bassline synth with this five carefully crafted bass patches. The powerful modulation options offered by Battery will allow you to fine tune these sounds to your needs, with the possibility even to modify in a different way every single note

....:::: 9 Percussion Kits here they are in details ::::....
• Ambush Kit, designed for modern, powerful electronic rhythms
• Armageddon Kit, the definitive cinematic hits collection
• Dark Cinema Kit, everything you need to score the darkest scenes of your movies
• Effective Kit, a bank of nasty sound effects
• Gridlock Kit, for your dark trips into the electronic abyss
• Hi Hat Bank, hi hats for all seasons
• Reduktion Kit, few bits lots of power
• Ritual Kit, hypnotic percussions to build up your rituals
• Uni(re)verse Kit, reverse sounds to bring tension everywhere
• everything you hear was sampled or rendered at 24 bits - you will notice the pristine quality of every single sound
Daniel Strongin Tropical Bliss For XFER RECORDS SERUM Daniel Strongin Tropical Bliss For XFER RECORDS SERUM
Tropical Bliss is a collection of lush, beautiful, and groovy sounds for your next Tropical House Hit! When writing tropical house tracks, catchy melodies, blissful chords, and infectious bass lines are the main focus and this was kept in mind when programming these sounds. With these professionally polished sounds at your fingertips, you can start song writing instantly!

All sounds have all 4 macro knobs precisely mapped to give them the most dynamic sound possible, so full arrangements can be completed with just the automation of these knobs.

Sounds from the leaders in the tropical house genre such as Kygo, Thomas Jack, Robin Schulz, Sam Feldt, & Matoma, can be heard in this soundset, making it possible for you to start sounding like your favorite artists right out of the synth!

This well tuned pack will pack will give your melodies, chords, and bass lines the sounds they deserve and need for a professional track, so don’t wait on this pack!

...::: Product Details :::...
• 64 Xfer Records Serum Presets
• 24 x Plucks
• 10 x Leads
• 10 x Synths
• 10 x Pads
• 10 x Basses
• 04 x Macro Controls Assigned
• 100% Royalty Free
• Serum 1.044 or Higher Required
SoundMorph TimeFlux WAV SoundMorph TimeFlux WAV
TimeFlux: the ultimate time stretching, morphing, and spectral effects processing software.

Just like time is endless, the possibilities in TimeFlux are endless as you Morph between 8 snapshots using our custom Sphere controller area. Control TimeFlux with your mouse, or as an added bonus control it with an optional Leap Motion controller and harness the powers of time in your hand! TimeFlux takes your sound to a whole new level of control and sonic manipulation.

You can load up to 4 sounds and 4 VSTs in TimeFlux, record your performance, and export it as a .WAV file or record straight into your DAW. 

TimeFlux also contains 3.6Gb of custom made sound design revolving around the theme of time manipulation. All sounds included were carefully crafted by SoundMorph and Ivo Ivanov of Glitchmachines. Both experimental and practical, the included sound design library complements the TimeFlux software, and is also quite usable on it’s own. Time and space will never be the same!


Load up to 4 sound files
Load up to 4 VST plugins within TimeFlux
8 snapshot Sphere Controller
Optional Leap Motion controller. Leap Motion sold separately 
2 time stretchers
1 morpher
4 filters
Record and Export your performance in WAV files
3.6Gb TimeFlux sound design soundpack included made by SoundMorph and Ivo Ivanov
Compatible with Mac and PC (32 bit and 64 bit)
Future Loops Dubstep Focus Serum Future Loops Dubstep Focus Serum
Future Loops is proud to release Dubstep Focus - Serum Soundset, an explosive collection of presets for the virtual synth Serum (Xfer Records) specially developed for Dubstep and EDM! 

Serum is a wavetable synthesizer with a pristine sound quality, animated visualizations and creative workflow that makes it a serious sound design tool for music producers! 

Dubstep Focus - Serum Soundset explores the powerful capabilities of Serum and includes 100 inspirational presets perfect for Dubstep, Bass Music, DNB & EDM tracks! 

Expect to find powerful growls, massive saws, booming subs, screeching leads, roaring synths and much more ! 

You can use the presets as they are or you can tweak, change parameters and move every knob until you completely reshape these sounds - the possibilities are endless! 

Dubstep Focus - Serum Soundset is a must-have addition to your sonic arsenal that unleashes the power of this groundbreaking synth plugin! 

100 Presets for Xfer Serum 

Version 1.0 or latest of SERUM required