Freshly Squeezed Samples Layering In Electronic Music TUTORiAL
Freshly Squeezed Samples Layering In Electronic Music TUTORiAL
One of the most common questions I get asked as a music producer and educator is "How do I layer instruments?”

The answer to this question is not easy. It’s certainly not short either. Yes, some might say that it’s simply a process of adding two or more instruments together and using EQ to make them fit, but the fact of the matter is that it’s a lot more involved.

So involved in fact, that it requires in-depth explanation, especially for the newer producer.

Here at Freshly Squeezed Samples, we were discussing what’s urgently needed in terms of educational content. A free course on layering instantly came to mind, and so we made one.

What’s Covered in the Course?

With just over 2 hours of content spread across 19 videos, Layering in Electronic Music covers a wide range of layering applications, the theory behind processes such as EQ, and also some philosophical advice on how to approach layering.

The course outline video below provides an overview of exactly what’s covered in the course.

Module 1 - What is Layering?

To kick off our free Layering in Electronic Music course, we look at what layering is, and a few reasons why so many producers around the world use the technique.

Module 2 - Course Outline

A quick overview of what we’re going to look at in this free layering course.

Module 3 - Two Ways to Think About Layering

In this video we look at the two main ways to think about layering: as an enhancement, and as a creation. Both are important, and there is a bit of crossover that you should be wary of.

Module 4 - The Importance of EQ

Aside from using the best source material possible, the most important tool you have at your disposal when layering is EQ. In this video we look at its two applications: corrective and creative, as well as looking at frequency masking, and chemistry (coherence).

Module 5A - Drums (The Time Domain)

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of drum layering, we look at the time domain and how important it is to layering as a whole.

Module 5B - Drums (Layering Kicks)

Layering kicks can be the one of the most enjoyable applications of layering, as well as the most frustrating. In this video I share two techniques for kick layering, as well how to layer a clap over the top on every beat.

Module 5C - Drums (Layering Claps)

You’ve learned a lot from layering kicks, now it’s time to move on to the next major category in drum layering – claps. In this video, I show you how to layer claps in a few different ways.

Module 5D - Drums (5 Tips for Drum Layering)

To conclude our drum layering module, I share 5 quick and easy tips that you can apply to your own layering experiments.

Module 6A - Synths (Similar vs. Different Sounds)

Not to be confused with the enhancement and creation applications of layering, similar and different sounds are both used when layering synths, and can be a great way to create new sounds or add a unique touch to existing ones.

Module 6B - Synths (Progressive Pluck)

In this video I show you how to layer two sounds together to get a nice progressive/trance sounding pluck. This sound incorporates two similar sounds (or layers).

Module 6C - Synths (Pad Pluck)

We take a different approach this time. Instead of layering a pluck with another pluck layer, we use a pad instead. Here’s how to do it.

Module 6D - Synths (Supersaw Punch)

Using the enhancement layering technique, we add a bit more of an attack to our already existing supersaw.

Module 6E - Synths (Trance Lead)

In this video, I show you how to create a new sound from scratch with two different presets from one of our popular sound sets.

Module 6F - Synths (Supersaw Piano)

It’s become increasingly more popular over recent years. In this video, we learn how to layer a supersaw and piano.

Module 6G - Synths (5 Tips for Layering Synths)

To conclude our synth layering module, I share 5 quick and easy tips that you can go away with and apply to your own layering experiments.

Module 7A - Bass (What’s the Difference?)

Is there a difference between layering basses and layering synths? I believe there is, and explain why.

Module 7B - Bass (Modern Dance Bass)

Looking to get a little more technical? In this video I show you how to create a modern dance bass with 4 different layers, including a percussion sound.

Module 7C - Bass (Uplifting Trance Bass)

The sound that everyone loves, that’s right, uplifting trance. In this video I show you how to make an intricate uplifting trance bassline using Spire and Massive.

Module 7D - Bass (5 Tips for Layering Basses)

To conclude our relatively concise bass layering section, I share 5 quick and easy tips for you to go away with.

Module 8 - Accent Layering

We’ve looked at layering pretty in-depth, but here’s one more technique you can use to add complexity and interest to your arrangement.

Module 9 - Two Approaches to MIDI

In this concluding video, I share two methods for the use of MIDI in layering which are both beneficial to workflow depending on your needs.

Will this help me if I produce genre x?

Yes. While the course is loosely based around trance sounds, the techniques shown can be applied across the board. It’s not a genre-specific course, and was never intended to be.

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BINARY WINDOWS is a user interface sound design toolkit created for multi-media sound editors, application developers and anyone interested in high-tech sound effect elements. The product includes over 731MB of royalty free sound effects made up of 24bit/96khz metadata enriched WAV files along with a bonus Expansion Pack for Twisted Tools *S-LAYER.

The package comes bundled with both unprocessed and designed sounds, making it a perfect fit for sound designers interested in creating custom sound effects or application developers looking to quickly add a finished sound into their product. When combined with S-LAYER, the Binary Windows sample library allows you to instantly generate infinite and unique sound effects by harnessing the power of S-LAYER’s world renowned sample layering and randomization engine.

Any Mac or PC program that can read .WAV files
Latest version of Native Instruments Reaktor and Twisted Tools S-LAYER 
Freshly Squeezed Samples DUNE 2 Essential Collection Vol. 3 FXP Freshly Squeezed Samples DUNE 2 Essential Collection Vol. 3 FXP
Why did we make another sound set for DUNE 2? While DUNE 2 isn’t as popular as say Sylenth1, or Massive, it’s still a unique synth that we recommend to all producers. One of the stand-out features that DUNE 2 possesses is an incredibly low CPU/resource footprint, making it a great synth to use extensively for the purposes of layering. As a result, many of the carefully crafted presets included in this sound set allow for easy layering (mostly dry with minimum FX usage).

In DUNE 2 Essential Collection Volume 3, you’ll find a pristine 256-preset collection of intricately designed pads, plucks, and leads, right next to floor-shaking bass sounds and tension-building FX. Essentially, the "bread and butter” sounds. The sound set features a range of trance-orientated sounds as well as the sounds from the more modern big room sound, with remakes of sounds from artists such as: Armin van Buuren, Mark Sixma, Tiesto, Hardwell, Above & Beyond, Funkagenda, deadmau5, Cosmic Gate, Markus Schulz, Orjan Nilsen, Eximinds, Andrew Rayel, Gareth Emery, Sunlounger, Jorn van Deynhoven, Gaia, Dash Berlin, Aly & Fila, Solarstone, W&W, Sean Tyas, and many others.

Get in quick before this sound set (and synthesizer) becomes popular!

What’s Included?
15 ARP presets.
38 BASS presets.
32 FX presets.
98 LEAD presets.
26 PAD presets.
47 PLUCK presets.

Technical Specification

Format(s): FXP
Type: Presets/Patches
Number of Presets: 256
Product Series: Essential Collection

MyLoops Revelations Vol.18 Dennis Pedersen Ableton Live Template MyLoops Revelations Vol.18 Dennis Pedersen Ableton Live Template


This Uplifting Trance Template for Ableton Live was produced by rising star Dennis Pedersen, known for his releases on Always Alive and Raz Nitzan Recordings. In this template, Dennis shows us how to build a driving uplifting club trance production with rolling basslines. You get an insight on the processing of the individual channels, through the use of EQ, compression, distorsion, delay, reverbs and more.

Did you know you can get fatter lead & bassline sounds by layering different channels together ? This template is a great example of layering done the right way. For instance, this template has several layers for the main lead (5 layers using different presets) and for the bassline (Hi Bass, Mid Bass 1, Mid Bass 2, Sub Bass). This is a great technique to make your key elements stand out and sound stronger in the mix.

The project file in Ableton Live
All MIDI and Audio channels with FX chains and mixing included
All the MIDI files included
All the Audio files included
All the Synthesizer presets included
The Ableton Live Template comes loaded up with the arrangement (as heard in the audio demo), mixing, FX chains, MIDI data and automation. It all comes loaded with all the samples and synth presets (from Serum & Sylenth1) so you will get what you hear in the demo if you have these synths. It is 100% royalty free and can be used as a base for your upcoming tracks or as an educational and inspirational tool. All sections (basslines, leads, FX, drums) are color-coded and named correctly so you know exactly what you are looking at.

In order take full advantage of this project, you will need :

Ableton Live v9.1.7 or higher
Xfer Serum v1.048 or higher
LennarDigital Sylenth1 v2.21 or higher
TruePianos v1.9.1 or higher
TAL Dub III Delay (FREE) :
TAL Reverb III (FREE) :
Type : Uplifting Trance Template (.als)
Support : Download
BPM (Beats Per Minute) : 140
Due to the differences in the audio engines / summing algorithms and mixing techniques used (side-chaining …) in the different sequencers, the projects will sound slightly different in each sequencer. That being said, a lot of hard work has been done to make sure the project sounds as good as possible in every piece of software used (and as close as possible to the demo, which was made in Ableton Live).
Black Octopus Sound Future Series by Ova9000 FL Studio Templates Black Octopus Sound Future Series by Ova9000 FL Studio Templates
FL Studio Templates
Are you ready for the future? Ova9000 is back with the new Future Series FL Studio Templates. One of the best ways to learn FL studio is to study project files to see how a track was produced and Ova9000 has provided 3 brand new FLP project files with many tricks included. In this series you will learn how to create future house, future bass & future garage by examining these FL studio project files in FLP format.

Template 1: Future House

With this template you will learn how a variety of popular future house bass sounds are creating using Sytrus, the FM synthesizer in FL studio. You will also learn layering techniques, creating effects, as well as mixing & mastering techniques.

Template 2: Future Bass

With this template you will how to create a variety of future bass sounds using the 3xosc, Harmor, & Sytrus synthesizers. This template also is a good demonstration of creating effects, track arrangement, mixing & mastering.

Template 3: Future Garage

This template covers everything you need to learn about creating soundscapes, pads, and drones for Future Garage using 3xosc, Harmor & Sytrus. Learn layering techniques, create lofi effects, mixing & mastering techniques.

Everything is creating using FL Studio 11′s native & factory sounds. All FLP’s are compatible with FL studio 11.1 & later.

The FL studio templates are designed to be used as educational tools & templates for creating new tracks. You must create your own melodies and arrangement if using the templates to create commercial releases.
Cluster Sound FX Drooms Ableton-KRock Cluster Sound FX Drooms Ableton-KRock
FX Drooms is a massive collection of FX layered percussion kits specifically designed for Ableton Live and for a wide range of electronic music styles. This Live Ready Instrument provides 5400 WAV samples, 312 percussion clips and 312 instrument racks organized into 13 categories : Congas, Bongos, Djembe, Metals, Woods, Toms, Mixed, Ethnics, Snares, Kicks, Shakers, Low Percs and Clanks.

Sample FX Layering : In FX Drooms, each of the dry percussion sample has been processed with 24 esoteric reverb and sound effect templates obtained by stressing DSP, hardware and convolution sources. Thanks to our Sample FX Layering technique you will be able to mix these external effect signals to the dry samples and manage them via dedicated controls : FX Amount, Decay Time, Pre Delay, Low Cut, Hi Cut, Pitch, Shaper, OSC Volume. 

The included Sample FX Layers simply sound different. Mixed with the solid dry sources, they give the library a distinctive glommy psycho (acoustic) athmosphere characterized by incredible hi end and definition. In addition to the dry percussions and the Sample FX Layers the included instruments implement also several sound-specific send effects created by using Ableton Live plugins.

5400 WAV samples
312 Percussion Clips
312 Percussion Racks
24 Sample FX Layers
Host : Live 8.2 or higher | Optimized for Live 9
Sounds To Sample Future House Melodics WAV MiDi-AUDIOSTRiKE Sounds To Sample Future House Melodics WAV MiDi-AUDIOSTRiKE
Continuing on with the legacy of their popular melodics series, the masters at Sounds to Sample have done it again with their latest release Future House Melodics.

Jam packed with the best hooks and melodies including bass, chords, leads and add-ons and of course the respective MIDI files of each, This allows you full flexibility in reprogramming notes and chords to your liking, changing the root key and assigning it to your favorite synthesizer or multiple synths for huge layering possibilities.

This pack comes with over 130 WAV files and matching MIDI files all in which are properly key and tempo labeled for easy identification.

Get ready to finish off that track you’ve been stuck on by adding this pack into your arsenal.

This is Sounds to Samples’ Future House Melodics. 

This pack contains:

• 131 Future House Melodic Wav files (24 bit / 44.1 KHz): Basses, Chords, Leads, Add-ons

• 131 MIDI files (corresponding with melodic Wav files)

All audio and MIDI files are tempo and key labeled. 

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in: 

• Disco / Nu-Disco
• Electro House
• Funk / Soul / R&B
• Progressive House
• Tech House