Sample Diggers Omar Vocals WAV
Sample Diggers Omar Vocals WAV
Omar Vocals' from Sample Diggers is a fantastic collection of ad-libs, short ideas, one-shot samples and fully produced loops from this chart-topping vocalist designed for producers of Neo Soul or any other genre that needs soulful world-class vocal performances.

To get Omar away from his busy schedule was no mean feat, but once Sample Diggers got him in the studio, the result was pure gold. Omar had a massive chart-topping hit in the 90s with There's Nothing Like This, but that was only the beginning and since then he has gone from strength to strength, releasing numerous albums, also doing collaborations with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Common, Erykah Badu, Angie Stone, Estelle & Rodney P, to name a few.

Omar's unique signature sound and vocal tone is unmissable and for Sample Diggers to be able to bring you this exclusive pack is a real honour. Omar Lye-Fook has been described by some as the father of British Neo Soul; a title that is well deserved.

With radio support from Giles Peterson, Trevor Nelson and a genuine respect from his fans, not only in the Soul scene, Omar also has a following in the Hip Hop, Garage and House scenes too and has been remixed by top producers such as Zed Bias, Henrik Schwarz and many more. 

Omar's latest album The Man has been well received and recently he did a Boiler Room appearance live from Giles Peterson's basement alongside his brother The Scratch Professor, who is also another talent from this extremely musical family.

With this pack all bases are covered, but the focus is on straight-from-the-heart Soul. The samples range from 80-120 BPM and were recorded through the Universal Audio 6176 and a Focusrite ISA preamp, to add that extra warmth at the input stage. The pack offers clean and processed versions of the samples and there are also produced loops at 120 BPM aimed at the Garage and House producers. 

There are also spoken word samples, ad-libs, one-shots, short ideas and sound designed vox FX that can be used in a variety of genres. All the samples and loops are tagged in the file name by tempo and key, making them easy to use in any DAW or sampler.

If you want the real sound of UK Soul in your productions, be sure to grab this pack today. Make sure you check out the demo track and samples, or download the free taster pack. The pack features over 400 MB of Royalty-Free original samples recorded at 24-Bit/44.1kHz.

Please Note: 

The vocal samples are completely Royalty-Free but the use of Omar's name in any production is forbidden without prior consent. The backing track for the demo was produced by Danny Modular.

Tech Specs:

• 430 MB
• 24-Bit/44.1kHz
• Tagged by BPM and Key
• 80-120 BPM
• 366 Samples
• 41 Ad-libs
• 14 Short Ideas
• 91 One-Shot Samples
• 10 Produced Loops
• 36 Spoken Samples
• 16 Vox SFX Samples
• 184 Studio Processed Samples

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Inside you’ll find rare sounds, designed and collected over many years – which make it even more attractive. This pack features a lot of samples from legendary analog synths, such as SH-101, Jupiter 8, Juno 106, Waldorf Wave, Virus, Nord Lead and many more. They are transposed in modern sounds for bass music, classic sounds of 90’s jungle & house and vocals & instruments: analog basses, breaks, classic rave sounds, textures etc.

Sample Diggers label sampler contains over 600MB of loops and one shots for electronic and live music genres.

108 Loops from our premium packs
274 Exclusive bonus One shot samples
24 Bit 44.1 Khz Wav files
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Audio Animals Repulsive Wavz WAV Audio Animals Repulsive Wavz WAV
This sample pack was made exclusively for Audio Animals by The Repulsive Wavz crew, so big thanks to them also for their contribution to our community. We hope you enjoy, and as always look forward to hearing what you come up with. You can hear a taste of what is possible, in the exclusive demo track produced by KS, which is included in the download for your listening pleasure. This track has been mixed and mastered by Audio Animals ensuring this track is of the highest quality and ready to play out or listen to at your own pleasure. All samples have been process at the Audio Animals Studio through our SSL desk.

This pack contains:

5 Bass Hits
5 Bass Loops
17 Drum Hits Kits
20 Drum Loops
10 FX Hits
5 Lead Hits
10 Pad Loops
5 String Loops
Includes free exclusive bonus track
All samples are recorded and processed in 44,100 24bit wav.
Sample Diggers South Coast Dub WAV Sample Diggers South Coast Dub WAV
Fat bass, pumping riddims, funky guitar licks, skanking keys and dubbed out horns are the order-of-the-day, as we present you with South Coast Dub.

Sample Diggers tracked this session all night using vintage gear and amazingly tight musicians, to bring you a collection of classic style live Dub loops. Drop these samples into any DAW or Sampler and create endless ideas that will shake your speakers.

If you own a controller, assign your own VST or native effects parameters to knobs and sliders and have great fun by applying Dub style delays and Spring Reverbs, just like the pioneers did. 

This sample library features over 800mb of loops at varied tempos, but with most modern DAW’s you could use them at any tempo using Warping or Time-stretch.

Dub is a sub-genre of Reggae, with the main focus being the drums and bass, and we have captured that authentic sound in this pack. As a bonus we also recorded live Sax, Keys and funky Guitar licks making this a comprehensive pack for all your Dubbed out needs.

All the loops are tagged by BPM and key, so building compositions with this pack is a breeze.

For the Junglist producers we have also added a collection of loops at 170bpm, these live samples are a great compliment to digitally produced material and will add a more organic feel to your productions.

The preamps we used were the ISA’s from Focusrite and the Universal Audio 610’s and we also used the legendary 1176 compressors to fatten things up even more.

The pack was recorded at 44.1khz, 24bit and all the loops are 4 bars in length, BPM included 130, 135 and 170.

24 Bit Quality
451 Samples
110 Drum Loops
73 Organ Loops
106 Bass Loops
94 Guitar Loops
68 Sax Loops

Freaky Loops Electro House MC Vocal Hooks WAV Freaky Loops Electro House MC Vocal Hooks WAV
Freaky Loops are very proud to present Electro House MC Vocal Hooks spoken by the known MC artist MC Freeflow, edited and programmed by Utku S.

Since 2009 MC Freeflow is one of the most hyped MC artists in the club music and electro-scene. He was signed to different independent labels like Dandy Kid Records, Big Fish Recordings, worked with big names in the electro scene and the hype just keeps growing...

Electro House MC Vocal Hooks is a great collection of original vocal performances which can be used for all styles of Dance music, from Electro, Progressive, House and more. Improve your existing tracks with characterful vocals or create a complete song around a vocal idea. With the Electro House MC Vocal Hooks you are perfectly equipped in all cases!

In detail Electro House MC Vocal Hooks includes 110 Clean Vocal Loops, 110 Pitched Vocal Loops, 110 Vocoded Loops, 50 Twisted Vocal Loops, 43 Fx Processed Loops, 150 Glitched Vocal Shots, 75 One Shot Vox. All vocal loops come in 1 bar, 2 bar and 4 bar section. All loops are tempo labeled, vocoder loops also key labeled.

This pack is suitable for electro, minimal, tech house, progressive house, grime, glitch or big room electro. No matter what genre, these vocals will top off your production nicely. Concentrating on single phrases and short, catchy lines, this is perfect for hooks and top lines. Featuring clean, Fx processed, Vocoded and Pitched variations.

Electro House MC Vocal Hooks, includes over 650 vocal loops and samples. In this unique pack you can expect to find vocoded and distorted, dry and compressed vocals.

This pack consist of, twisted vocal loops, single words, shouts, vocoder sounds, vocals effects, chops etc... plus including both dry (no reverb, no delay) and effected versions.. Vocals are stored in 4 versions with and without FX, pitched and vocoded. Vocals without FX offer unlimited mixing possibilities, while with FX versions and others are more ready to use.

Electro House MC Vocal Hooks, contains 580 MB of content featuring 423 loops at 128 Bpm, and 225 Single Hit Vocal samples recorded at 24 bit quality. This is your perfect choice for getting real vocal arrangements, including background choirs and much more, right into your track.

Tech Specs:

24Bit Quality
110 Clean Vocal Loops
110 Pitched Vocal Loops
110 Vocoded Vocal Loops
50 Twisted Vocal Loops
43 Fx Vocal Loops
150 Gliched Vocal Shots
75 Vocal One Shots

Sample Diggers Sounds For The Underground Sample Diggers Sounds For The Underground
Sounds for the Underground is a producers toolbox of loops and one shots that span the electronic genres. It’s a musical journey inspired by the early Rave sound of the 90’s, through to the present day sound of modern Bass, Glitch Hop, House and Techno.
The sample pack loops range 65-175 BPM, so if you are looking for a Glitch Hop beat or a dirty House baseline, this sample pack has something for you.
In detail expect to find 671MB of content, 24 Bit Quality including 46 Bass Loops, 123 Bass Loops, 37 Music Loops, 57 Analog One Shots, 18 Atmospheric One Shots, 17 Bass Hits, 20 Ghost Drum Hits, 35 Hi Hat Samples, 44 Kick Samples, 20 Perc Samples, 64 Snare Samples, 28 Hoovers & Stabs, 15 Impacts Whooshes, 8 String Pad Samples, 24 Synth Samples, 1 Vocal Sample and 14 Perc Loops.
Produced by Danny Modular, an artist who over the years has put out records on TraxAcid, Hard Leaders, Flex Records, Lab Logic and J-Tek to name but a few.
As a producer Danny has released records under many alias’s and he’s no stranger to mixing up the styles. He came through as a Drum & Bass producer, working with his brother in the 90’s under the name of Stomp & Weaver, since then he has put his hand to producing House, Garage, Jungle Tekno and Hip Hop, hence the reason why this sample pack is so varied in style.
The pack features personal samples from his collection and a plethora new samples that were created specifically for this pack.
Sounds for the Underground fuses Dubstep, Jungle Tekno, DNB, Deep House, Breaks and Detroit Techno. All the samples in this pack are tagged by key and BPM, which makes the production process a breeze.
24 Bit Quality 671MB 46 Bass Loops 123 Bass Loops 37 Music Loops 57 Analog One Shots 18 Atmospheric One Shots 17 Bass Hits 20 Ghost Drum Hits 35 Hi Hat Samples 44 Kick Samples 20 Perc Samples 64 Snare Samples 28 Hoovers & Stabs 15 Impacts Whooshes 8 String Pad Samples 24 Synth Samples 1 Vocal Sample 14 Perc Loops

Sample Diggers Basement Techno WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE Sample Diggers Basement Techno WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE
Basement Techno goes deep into the contemporary realms of dissonance and euphoric modern stomping Techno.

Washed out pad samples, tribal riffs, big baselines and stomping beats are all present in this stunning sample pack for the modern Techno producer. Forget big room stuff, this pack is from the basement, where club goers don’t need flashy lights and lasers, it’s all about the groove and music.

Basement Techno by Sample Diggers offers 340 samples that will inspire you to think out of the box, all samples in this pack of the highest quality and are 100% royalty free to use in your productions. This sample pack features over 700mb of Techno Loops and One Shot samples, all music loops are tagged by key and loops are also tagged by tempo, so they are easy to use in any sampler or DAW.

If you are looking for that modern Techno sound, this is the pack for you. So what you waiting for, grab Basement Techno now.

24 Bit Quality
170 Loops
75 Drum Loops
30 Percussion Loops
20 Bass One Shots
20 FX One Shots
20 Texture One Shots
35 Bass Loops
30 Music Loops
170 One Shots
90 Drum One Shots
20 Stabs One Shots