Tantra Factory Expansion
Tantra Factory Expansion
Factory Expansion is a collection of 64 presets for Tantra. The soundset includes expressive rhythmic patches suitable for processing any kind of sounds, no matter whether it is electronic or recorded in the real world.

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Sampleism CL-Projects Bronze Pad Factory Inspiring Pad Sounds KONTAKT-KRock Sampleism CL-Projects Bronze Pad Factory Inspiring Pad Sounds KONTAKT-KRock
THE BRONZE PAD FACTORY is the third library in the Pad Factory series. It's a Kontakt 5 sample library dedicated to inspiring pad sounds. The sounds are perfect for Ambient and New Age music. The sounds were sampled from multiple hardware and software synthesizers and were edited and layered before sampling. Sounds can be customized to your own taste.

is a great addition for the Golden and Silver Pad Factory libraries. You can create your own Instruments and Multis by combining and edit the sounds to get huge soundscapes. The patches that use the Modulation Wheel as modulator for the Filter are marked with MW.

For Kontakt 5 (Full version, not for Kontakt Player)
10 main pad sounds, 10 modwheel variations and 10 multis
AMP ADSR, Filter ADSR with Cutoff, Resonance and Env. Amount
7 FX: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, 2-Band EQ & Rotator
Samples in 44.100 Hz, 32 Bit NCW
TheMaschineWarehouse SynthPlosion Maschine Expansion DVDR-KRock TheMaschineWarehouse SynthPlosion Maschine Expansion DVDR-KRock
SynthPlosion is a collection of over 200 Maschine Formatted Instruments and 15 Workstaion style Drum instruments(based on classic drum machines). SynthPlosion was designed to fit any style of music. So rather you need blazing leads, Euphoric Pads, or Heavenly string sounds, SynthPlosion has got you covered. From Trap to EDM this Maschine Expansion will have you inspired in no time.

List of some of the Hardware synths used for some of the sound design in SynthPlosion: 
- MiniBrute, Moog SlimPhatty, Moog Minimoog Voyager, DS Tetra, DS Tempest, Jupiter 80,, SH-201, Gaia SH-01.
- Size: over 3 GB
- Expansion requires Maschine 1.8 and up.

1. Unpack.
2. Burn or mount the image.
3. Enjoy...!!
Output SIGNAL Tape Loop Expansion v1.2 Output SIGNAL Tape Loop Expansion v1.2
Expansion for Output SIGNAL:


125 Signal Presets

Unique rhythmic and creative playable tape loops for modern production
Progression Soundset for Tone2 Gladiator (win/mac) Official Expansion Progression Soundset for Tone2 Gladiator (win/mac) Official Expansion
Progression is a Gladiator 2 soundset featuring 128 new and exciting presets designed by Marco Scherer.

It’s an exclusive collection of lush pads, animated arps, pumping basses and fierce synth sounds, suitable for Techno, Minimal, Psytrance, Progressive, Goa, Electronic and a wide variety of other music genres.

The Progression soundset perfectly integrates to the user interface. All sounds are properly programmed, not only simple samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality.
Output Sounds GLOW Expansion Pack for Signal Output Sounds GLOW Expansion Pack for Signal
Expand your SIGNAL preset library with 100 new dance and pop presets!


100 Signal Presets
Driving pulse of iconic dance and pop hits
Output Signal Cinematic Expansion Output Signal Cinematic Expansion
SIGNAL is the world’s most powerful pulse engine, combining the warmth of fat analog and digital synths with beauty of organic instruments. Released on March 31st, SIGNAL has seen incredible success finding a strong following among composers, producers and sound designers alike.

The new expansion packs, Tape Loop and Cinematic, each offer 125 new Pulse Instruments (presets) made by Output’s leading sound design team. Adding on to SIGNAL’s existing 500 Pulse Instruments, SIGNAL owners now have an even greater arsenal of starting points.

Tape Loop includes pulse instruments utilizing SIGNAL’s proprietary Looper, a feature much like a tape loop infinitely repeating while a note is held. This fun and unique tool ranges from gritty, worn out tape repetitions to clean minimalist patterns, all of which loop in real time and lock to tempo.

Cinematic features pulse instruments begging to be placed in film and TV. The 125 presets were all created with the composer in mind stretching from beautiful and haunting atmospheric pads and pulses, to high energy cinematic plucks and sequencers.