Hyperion Urban Essentials For Ni MASSiVE
Hyperion Urban Essentials For Ni MASSiVE
With 78 Presets, with over 33 lead sounds, this is the premiere pack for creating Urban music like Trap, Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggaeton, Moombahton, Baile, etc... This pack contains many sounds popularized by the genres and artists such as Drake, DJ Mustard, Fetty Wap, MIKEWiLLMADEIT, Diplo, Ty$, The Rich Homie Quan, A$AP Crew, etc... With unique and breathtaking sounds like 808 bass to feel deeply, and over 30 unique sounds to amaze the listener.

You simply have got to have this pack. This pack consists of many rich bass presets, knocking 808 and kick drums, a strong chord section to fill out the track and along with over 30 leads to hook the listener. 

Urban Essentials boasts of solid bass and rich harmonic sections, but the focus is in the 33 unique leads to cover all the bells and whistles (literally – trap bell plucks to the westcoast whistle) to obligatory FX like lazer guns and the vinyl tape stop effect. This pack contains everything you need to jumpstart a multi-genre track straight out of the box. 

Whether you are a new producer and you want to get started with the best possible tools at your disposal, or a veteran producer looking for a collection of solid, effective sounds to build new tracks, it is clear you have absolutely got to have this pack.

Urban Essentials contains over 77 sounds including:
• 12 Basses [DJ Mustard Pluck, Iggy Azalea Fancy, Hovers, Plucks, etc...]
• 16 Chords/Keys [Bells, Organs, Plucks, Pads, etc...]
• 08 Drums/808′s [808's clean and deep to distorted and angry]
• 33 Leads [Bells, Vinyl Stop, Lazers, Westcoast Whistle, Turndownforwhat, etc...]
• Please Note: Requires Massive 1.3 and up

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Redsounds Mustard On The Beat for NI Massive NMSV Redsounds Mustard On The Beat for NI Massive NMSV
New Red Sounds soundset for NI Massive – MUSTARD ON THE BEAT.

This pack is inspired by DJ MUSTARD. Signature Mustard basses, 808s, plucks and 

Plus DJ Mustard inspired drum kit as a bonus. So you can make popular type of beats with this pack right away.

Of course, you can do much more, because many sounds fit these genres like Trap, RnB, Pop, Hip-Hop/Urban in general and even EDM.

If you are looking for this mainstream plucky sound with catchy melodies and smashing 808s – this pack is perfect.

As a producer myself, I am always pushing my sounds to the point where I like them most, because I use these sounds every day in my production.

All sounds in this demo are from MUSTARD ON THE BEAT FOR MASSIVE pack, except some drums are from 808 INSPIRED DRUMS FOR MASSIVE pack.

All sounds have controllable parameters such as decay, tone, tube or glide.


35 MASSIVE presets for Dj Mustard type beats:





DRUM KIT – 13 wav samples (kicks, snares, claps, snap, vocal chants, hi-hats and cymbal)

SPF Samplers Producer Essentials Dubstep ACID WAV NI Massive Presets-MAGNETRiXX SPF Samplers Producer Essentials Dubstep ACID WAV NI Massive Presets-MAGNETRiXX
Be warned Producer Essentials Dubstep is not for the faint hearted, this pack contains nothing but pure raw power. Everything that is needed in modern day dubstep productions comes in this sample pack, lots of loops, hits and with a gargantuan dose of massive presets thrown in. Producer Essentials: Dubstep is a mammoth sample pack of 858 loops/hits and 200 massive presets. This presents you the producer with everything you need to make monster dubstep tracks that will destroy any dancefloor.

Producer Essentials Dubstep contains floor shaking basslines, dirty beats and unique glitched out leads. Also included is a folder of rootstep sounds that allow you to add a more organic dub flavor to your productions. So no matter what style of dubstep your looking to produce this dubstep sample pack is sure to fit your needs.


• Download contains: 858 x 24-bit Wav loops and hits,And 200 NI Massive Presets.
Mulperi Sound Electro Essentials For SPECTRASONiCS OMNiSPHERE OMN Mulperi Sound Electro Essentials For SPECTRASONiCS OMNiSPHERE OMN
Mulperi's Electro Essentials is a 100-Patch bank for Spectrasonics Omnisphere. Utilizing only the versatile synth engine of Omnisphere, this bank includes Arpeggios, Bass, Leads, Plucks and more and is focused on bread'n'butter and moody sounds.

Categories are:

• 12 x Arp
• 11 x Bass
• 02 x Bells
• 05 x Brass
• 13 x FX
• 03 x Gated
• 04 x Keys
• 29 x Lead
• 08 x Pad
• 04 x Pluck
• 02 x Strings
Hyperion Sublime Tropical For Ni MASSiVE NSMV Hyperion Sublime Tropical For Ni MASSiVE NSMV
Sublime Tropical is the essential Preset Pack for producing music featuring tropical elements and motifs. This pack contains 70 sounds with many tropical favorites: A plethora of leads to choose from including many different flutes from breathtaking KYGO inspired sounds to more acoustic Pan Flutes and even includes the electro-dynamic Zen Flute, along with many other popular lead sounds. 

The pack is ripe with sounds intended for chord voicing, from tropical Matoma inspired Stabs to deep trance plucks and organs; and bass sounds to provide a solid foundation to your tracks, from smooth Subs and 808 bass to Deep House basses. 

This pack features many sounds popularized by big name producers such as Avicii, Kygo, Thomas Jack, Matoma, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, Thero, Swedish House Mafia, Flume, Disclosure, etc…

It is obvious - this pack has you covered - containing everything you need foundationally to get started making awe inspiring sound immediately, as well as meticulously macroed patches for amazing timbre modulation and automation control for advanced producers. 

It is a no brainer - if you are making tropical music you simply have got to have these sounds in your arsenal. period. 

With over 70 Massive presets plus additional custom kick drum samples that feature full tone and snappy transients - a must in house music, this pack really is all you need to make fantastic music both tropical and otherwise!

• 26 Brilliant Leads including Kygo / Matoma Flutes, Anthemic Festivals Synths
• 23 Stunning Chord sounds from Matoma inspired Plucks and Rich Stacatto Stabs to Emulated Analogue Organs
• 17 Rich Basses to rattle your teeth from Plucks to deep booming 808′s
• 4 Knocking Kicks with crisp transients backed by rich tone

...::: Please Note :::...
• Requires Massive 1.3 and up
Hyperion Future Beats For Ni MASSiVE NSMV Hyperion Future Beats For Ni MASSiVE NSMV
HYPE SOUNDS PRESENTS FUTURE BEATS, the premiere pack features 90 patches to create stunning and dynamic music in a variety of future influenced genres. This pack contains patches inspired by artists such as Flume, XXYYXX, Tchami, Waveracer, DJ Snake, Pusher, etc… and contains patches to help you achieve sounds right out of the box that you can write ear catching beats with these sounds.

These sounds are guaranteed to up the energy of the mix, and deepen your arsenal of quality sounds and tools at your disposal for both amateur and veteran producers. If you have been interested in future sounds, this pack is worth having in your back pocket. 

To break it down this pack features a f*cking wealth of sounds elaborated on below:
• 32 patches intended for monophonic use as leads, a diverse collection of sounds that features Waveracer arps, plucks, saws, horns, and vocal formant synths. These sounds are to ear catching although auxiliary and meant to compliment the rich harmony that is staple in future beats. 

• 29 synths for harmonic polyphonic and chord voicing, the bread and butter sounds, which provide the rich harmony for your future tracks. How could we call it a future pack if not containing copious patches inspired by Flume, featuring intricate filter play, as well as tons of rich and evolving pads, stabs, organs and saws, and other chord sounds to give your future tracks rich harmony.

• 29 bass sounds to provide the low end power to set the energy of the mix. with all the rich low end you need with plenty of clean subs and basses to give your future tracks that energy that you need from strong staccato future bass stabs to sustained and knocking 808’s if future bass is more your speed. 

If future inspired music is your game, this pack has everything you need to get making incredible and elaborate tracks immediately out of the box. It is a no-brainer. You have got to have this pack. And you can follow along with my tutorial series!!
W.A Production What About Unborn EDM Sounds 2 For Sylenth1 FXB W.A Production What About Unborn EDM Sounds 2 For Sylenth1 FXB
What about: Unborn EDM Sounds 2 for Sylenth1' is back with totally new and kicking sounds for every EDM, Progressive and House producer. Massive leads, fat basses, huge super plucks (extremely effective in drops) and melodic plucks are included. You'll find 43 strongs sounds, which have not yet seen the light of the music scene and are ready for rocking the club.

What about having the fattest drops and sharpest melodies right from your Sylenth1 without any additional synths?

Product Details:

• 43 Sylenth1 VST Presets
• 8 Super Pluck presets
• 23 Lead presets
• 5 Plucks presets
• 7 Bass presets
• Multi-Genres
• 100% Royalty-Free

Please Note:

Sylenth1 version 2.2.1+ is required for this soundset.