Haunted House Dirty Electronics Vol.1 ACID WAV-DYNAMiCS
Haunted House Dirty Electronics Vol.1 ACID WAV-DYNAMiCS
Electronic experimentation and broken toys fuse together to create 360 filthy riffs, gargled glitches, extraterrestrial FX, circuit-bent chatters, bit-crushed babbles, and mangled modulations in this much anticipated follow-up to Electronic Critters. Speak and Spells, Furbies and other forgotten gizmos are rewired and mashed up to create insane textured, rhythmic and gritty loops for all types of electronic music: add texture to ethereal soundscapes or interesting toplines to your next techno bomb.

Dirty Electronics comes with all loops tempo-labeled (125, 128, 130, 135BPM) and each sound is provided in six unique variations, giving you a myriad of creative possibilities in your next electronic arrangement.

All samples are provided in 24bit 44khz to ensure the highest grade sonic quality.

* All sounds supplied in 24bit 44Khz Wav files.
* 360 High quality processed circuit bent loops.

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Haunted House Drum Hits Big Collection ACID WAV Haunted House Drum Hits Big Collection ACID WAV
Bumper collection of 1300+ hard-hitting drum one-shots custom-built for all forms of electronic music, from house and trance through to breaks and IDM. Containing hits and kits from Monster Kicks, Toxic Beats and Electronic Critters: Drum Hits Collection, Haunted House offer up three libraries in one value-busting library saving over 50% on individual prices. Sourced from vintage drum machines, circuit bent toys or synthesised from scratch, each hit has been processed through a high-end DSP signal chain for maximum warmth and clarity. 

Electronic Critters: Drum Hits Collection delivers sampled drum hits and one shots from a range of classic drum machines including the Roland TR606, 707, 808 and 909, The Kawai R-50, Korg Electribe ER-1, MachineDrum, Yamaha DD10, DX7, plus one shots from various circuit bent toys. 

Monster Kicks is a meticulously produced collection of analogue and digital kick drums primed to use out the box or ready to be layered together for a near infinite pool of pounding and punchy kicks. 

Toxic Beats serves 28 distorted and processed drum kits, giving you total beat-making freedom. The drum hits are arranged both into pre-packaged kits and as a separate collection of kicks, snares, claps, hats, toms and more. 

All samples are presented in industry standard 24-bit Wav format.
Haunted House Records Experimental Percussion WAV Haunted House Records Experimental Percussion WAV
Infect your dance tracks with this twisted collection of synth and noise loopscapes spanning tempos from 125 to 135bpm.

Those familiar with the acclaimed Haunted House will be familiar with the outrageous sonic adventures that comprise the Electronic Critters series.

This pack brings the label's talents to the dancefloor, offering 300 gritty, electroid, esoteric ambience loops, percussive crank-outs and tempo-syncopated loops for layering into house, techno, IDM and breaks tracks.

For added flexibility, most loops are offered in three or four variants.

Want to sound like a bunch of robotic goblins have taken up residence in your system? Then look no further.

All the samples in this collection come as 24bit wav files.
Haunted House Dirty Electronics Vol.2 ACID WAV Haunted House Dirty Electronics Vol.2 ACID WAV
Dirty and destructive synthesis combines with aircraft transmissions and radio interceptions to create 343 filthy riffs, degraded dronescapes, bit-crushed communications and more. Top secret radio and data transmissions, including voice, machine and scrambled signals from aircraft beacons and re-pitched satellite communications are mangled, mashed and processed to create insanely textured and gritty loops laced with distortion: perfect for all forms of electronic dance music: add texture to cinematic electroscapes, nasty noise loops to a industrial techno bruiser or cut chop or sidechain in add depth to electro or breaks stormer.

Dirty Electronics 2 comes with all loops tempo-labeled (120, 128, 130, 135BPM) and each sound is provided with six unique variants, giving you a host of creative possibilities in your next electronic production.

All samples are provided in 24bit 44khz to ensure the highest grade sonic quality. Please note that the drum loops in the demo are not included in the pack.
Samplephonics Static FX WAV Sampler Patches Samplephonics Static FX WAV Sampler Patches
Static FX is an exceptional collection of sweep samples, rises, dives, builds, crashes, crackles, glitches and track builders for electronic music producers.

These effects sounds have been recorded from a vast array of sound sources, include such ear candy as crackling ice, frying bacon, vinyl crackle, cracking knuckles, breaking twigs, radio interference and other malfunctioning micro-electronics.

Expect crackly textures, glitchy transitions, sweeping builds, pitched risers and dives, manipulated explosions and a tasty collection of one shot effects.

The samples switch between clean and direct, strange and glitchy and downright dirty, allowing you to shape moods and build tension, excitement and texture around your track.

All samples are provided in 24 Bit Wav and available to download 100% royalty free. The sounds come packaged with a variety of sampler instruments for straight forward playing and manipulation in your favourite sampler.

Get your hands on this must have collection today and bring your productions to life.
Samplephonics Static FX sample library by Time+Space Distribution

Samplephonics Circuit Malfunction MULTiFORMAT-KRock Samplephonics Circuit Malfunction MULTiFORMAT-KRock
Circuit Malfunction contains 1153 one shot drum, percussion and effect samples created from a large analogue modular synthesizer and various pieces of circuit bent gear. The sounds are presented in Battery Kits, EXS24, Kontakt and NN-XT sampler instruments.This is the first one shot drums library from Samplephonics, and one we've been itching to get out for some time!

Captured in 96khz 24 Bit Wav in order retain true analogue flavour, and available to download in three different sample rates, depending on your needs (just select from the dropdown menu when you add to your cart.)

All the samples have been created in the studio of sound designer and electronic musician Ignatius and painstakingly edited to provide an extremely useful and diverse selection of 24 Bit wav drum samples, percussive sounds and one shot FX.

The kits are neatly organised so it's easy to distinguish between clean analogue drum hits and downright filthy modular effects, and files are intelligently named to allow for one shot sounds to be easily grabbed from the samples folder.

These royalty free sounds can be used in a wide range of music, from experimental glitch to more popular genres such as house and techno, dubstep and drum and bass. All samples are 100% royalty free and available to download in 24 Bit Wav format.
Cluster Sound Tech Producer DSP MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS Cluster Sound Tech Producer DSP MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
Tech Producer DSP is the most impressive multi-format library designed for DJs, musicians, sound designers and any type of Club and Electronic music productions. Thanks to its more than 10 GIGABYTES of sound innovation, it guarantees infinite musical combinations that range from Minimal to House, Trance and Electro. Tech Producer DSP is compatible with all audio softwares and with the best soft-samplers and consists of of thousands of construction loops, samples, drum kits, Rex2 loops, multi-sample instruments, MIDI files and more. In addition to the 2 DVDs content, registered users can download the free XPander Packs that increase the sound power of this Definitive Studio Pack.

All audio material is in WAV 24bit / 44.1Khz native format, sampled and edited with high quality analogue and digital equipment and programmed with scrupulous care. All loops and sounds are meticulously cutted and have not annoying audio clipping, are background noise free and have absolutely no DC-Offset, a degenerative audio problem that reduces the loudness and creates audio artifacts.

Tech Producer DSP is organized into 6 main sections that contain different types of audio files :

A - Techno Bullets WAV loops library
B – Trance Tech WAV loops library
C – Dirty House WAV loops library
D – Minimal Electro WAV loops library
E – CSTP Instruments Sampling library
F – CSTP Rex2 loop library