Roland L-CDP-11, L-CDP-14 Africa
Roland L-CDP-11, L-CDP-14 Africa
One of the first discs of authentic African sounds created for the serious World Music and Film Composer. This disc is part travelogue and part history lesson in the rich tradition of African Music. The many instruments on this inspiring and educational disc include: Kalimbas/Sanzas/Thumb Pianos, Mozambique Flutes, African Zither, Conch Shells, African Harps, Ugandan Drums, Hunting Horns, Bull Horns, Balaphones, Nigerian Udu Pots, Slit/Log Drums, Anklungs, Talking Drums, Pot Gongs, Bata Drums, Djembe Drums, Kora, and Gududu. The Voices Section covers a wide variety of exquisite multisampled Tribal Oohs, Aahs, Eees, Humming, Chants and Phrases. The Human sounds also include Body Percussion, Mouth Percussion, Tribal Claps, Stomping, and Marching. Many vocal and instrumental phrases are also included as a starting point for your creativity. Many of these sounds were sampled in actual African villages and have been used on several major motion picture soundtracks. Take a trip to Africa with Roland!
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Foreign Allegiance Foreign Library WAV Foreign Allegiance Foreign Library WAV
Production duo Foreign Allegiance returns with their biggest drum kit yet. After a successful run with their previous drum kits, they return with a brand new series, "Foreign Library”.

This is Foriegn Allegiance's largest and most focused kit yet.

Foreign Allegiance is well known for their hard hitting drums and Foreign Drums certainly won’t disappoint anyone looking for some knockin drum samples

Foreign Drums features 101 Industry Standard WAV Files. These sounds include a variety of kicks, (including their specialty 808 drums), a slew of snares, fx’s, hats, and all sorts of percussion.

All sounds have been mixed and mastered to perfection & taste by Foreign Allegiance
Big Fish Audio Blister Pak CDDA WAV-DViSO Big Fish Audio Blister Pak CDDA WAV-DViSO
Now this is one we KNOW you've all been waiting for! Over and over, you ask our stable of Big Fish producers, "where do you guys get those drums?!" Well, there's no more need to wonder. Pop out a kick or snare from this MASSIVE Blister Pak of drums! Over 4000 electronic drum hits in WAV and audio, created by the biggest sound designers/recording artists in electronic music, including atom™, Jamie Myerson, Matt Wand and Matt Haines. This whole Pack is divided into easy to use categories (kicks, snares, hats, etc.) as well as huge collections of related sounds that bear no resemblance to their origin. Over 600 kicks, 500 snares, 350 percussion hits... you get the idea; there's also a section fo electronic percussion phrases and tonal hits that are sure to melt your gear! Put away your bottle of generics and pop one out from the name brand producers who drive the industry!

HiHats & Cymbals
Drum Phrases
Tonal Hits
Evergreen Golden Drums Vol.V WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE Evergreen Golden Drums Vol.V WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE
Evergreen - Golden Drums Vol. 5

Including 453 sounds, the „Evergreen Golden Drums Vol. 5", offers a various amount of drums, percussions and Efx-sounds for producing high-level-quality hip-hop and electronic beats or any other genre.

Golden Drums Vol. 5 contains 453 x 16 Bit 44.1 KHz Wave One-Shot Samples with the following categories:

• African Drums: 7 sounds
• Bongos & Congas: 31 sounds
• Crashes: 11 sounds
• Cutty Claps: 10 sounds
• Cymbals: 15 sounds
• Efx: 52 sounds
• Hard Claps: 31 sounds
• Hard Kicks: 34 sounds
• Hard Snares: 34 sounds
• Hi Hats: 28 sounds
• Percussions: 57 sounds
• Rides: 14 sounds
• Rim Shots: 9 sounds
• Shaker: 21 sounds
• Short Base Drums: 12 sounds
• Snaps: 7 sounds
• Snare Claps: 10 sounds
• Soft Claps: 21 sounds
• Soft Kicks: 14 sounds
• Soft Snares: 27 sounds
• Synthetik Drums: 14 sounds
• Toms: 15 sounds
Charlie Lab Megabit One AKAI-SynthX Charlie Lab Megabit One AKAI-SynthX
Charlie Megabit One is a great collection of diverse synth sounds. Dont be put of by the size, this CD holds many very useable samples for all genres of music. It has a fantastic percussion section with many different instruments sampled in wet and dry. Other sounds include bass's, strings, pianos and more, but this is foremost a percussion CD.
Samplebase Soundblock World Percussion Africa v 2 SCD-SPiRiT Samplebase Soundblock World Percussion Africa v 2 SCD-SPiRiT
World Percussion - Africa 2 is the second of three African Percussion SoundBlocks within I/O's "Ethnic Percussion" series. This SoundBlock contains well over 50 loops and velocity-sensitive drum hits that are sure to add depth and variety to any mix. Every sound in I/O's "Ethnic Percussion" series was meticulously recorded with class-A gear, and each instrument was played by a pro percussionist specialized in performing these instruments. 

World Percussion - Africa 2 contains the following instruments: African Cahon, African Cowbells, African Gourd, African Gourd Rattle, Apetia, Bendir, Djun Djun, Kpoko, Shekere (small and large), Square Drum (small and large), Toke.
Discovery Firm History of Roland AKAI-DViSO Discovery Firm History of Roland AKAI-DViSO
History of Roland, by Discovery, brings us all the classic synths originally produced by the company Roland.

Like no other electronic music company in history, Roland has always been innovative and on the cutting edge of technology. Even in the days of analog only synths, Roland consistently brought to the market a large number of synths that eventually became classics. Discovery has solved the problem of where to find all of these in working order and how to do so inexpensively. This disc includes the Juno-106, Juno-6, SH-1 / 2, SH-101 / System-100, RS-09, MC-202, MKS-80, Jupiter-6 / 8, VP-300 vocoder and a special section of wonderfully conceived phrases that combine all of these