Navi Retlav Studio Missing Pieces Octopulsethor REASON REFiLL
Navi Retlav Studio Missing Pieces Octopulsethor REASON REFiLL
Second piece from the "Missing Pieces” ReFills collection made by Navi Retlav. This ReFill focuses on sounds produced by the famous "Thor” synthesizer combined with the brand new Pulveriser, The Echo, Alligator and even Kong with optional Line6 amp effect devices from Reason 6. 

There are 5 main folders inside this Refill. All sounds are categorized into Pad, Bass, Synth, and FX subfolders.

410 Combinator Patches
256 Thor patches
Propellerhead Reason 6+ compatible

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Navi Retlav Studio Street Jazz REASON REFiLL Navi Retlav Studio Street Jazz REASON REFiLL
If you are looking for an innovative and positively twisted sound library for Propellerhead Reason 6, then you are in the right place! This Refill captures the unique feel of a true street performance played by an extraordinary jazzman. Refill contains not only great sax phrases, but also the entire atmosphere that surrounds the street artist, including all the people passing by and all the whispers. Combining the nonlinear time stretching and processing with the Radius RT technology out of Izotope Iris, pushes this library far beyond your imagination of the sound design. 

Using those special treatments, short samples were turned into lush pads with natural attack and uncanny tail and the loops with the great expression were turned into playable instruments perfect for chord progressions. All included samples and loops were recorded in mid-side technique. That gives you the full control of the stereo field and ability to process sound in a completely new way. Included effects were specially designed to polish the sounds into the real diamonds of sound design. Pick any of the patches from this library and it will perfectly fit in all mixes, from jazzy drum and bass, deep hip-hop beat, up to powerful cinematic score.

86 Combinator patches
80 REX loops
11 Kong kits
85 NN-XT patches
50 ReGrove patches
900MB of RAW MID-SIDE samples
Propellerhead Reason 6+ compatible
PowerFX eXode Mjolnir REFiLL-AMPLiFY PowerFX eXode Mjolnir REFiLL-AMPLiFY
eXode is an independent sound developer and avid user of Propellerheads Reason. He has made a couple of free ReFills for the reason community of very high quality.

eXode made a free add-on ReFill for Propellerheads and their Reason Pianos Refill. eXode is also a music producer and his song Radiant Emission can be found as one of the demo songs in Reason 4.
Maustaste Soundwelt Ambient X01 REFILL-AudioP2P Maustaste Soundwelt Ambient X01 REFILL-AudioP2P
You like wonderful ambient sounds and like to chill and relax ?
So in this refill you can make your next track lusher or give them a very own
dream note. The Combinator Patches are designed to chill between the sound you want.

14 Combinator Patches
Until now XRB was only available for iDrum. Now it is a Reason Refill! This is a huge palette of quality drum samples, Redrum kits, Rex Files, RV7000 Patches, Scream 4 Patches, Subtractor Patches and useful Combinator Drum Machines.

These drum samples were lovingly created using... Vintage drum machines: (MPC60, 808, 909, 606, DMX, SP1200, etc..), Acoustic Drum Kits and Perc, Lo-Fi gear such as the SK1 and VL1, Toy Percussion... etc

This is a huge palette of quality drum sounds and useful Combinator Drum Machines. Don't take our word for it... check out the audio demo, watch the Combinator movies, download the XRB Free Refill...

XRB Contains

2021 Drum Samples - 256 Combinator Drum Machines - 256 ReDrum Patches - 2047 Rex Files - 101 RV7000 Patches - 69 Scream 4 Patches - 24 Subtractor Patches.

The Rex files are made from the original XRB iDrum Expansion pack and use the MPC3000 swing.

You will need Reason 3 to use the Combinators
Prime Loops Essential Reason Synths REFiLL-SoS Prime Loops Essential Reason Synths REFiLL-SoS
Bored of those old Reason sounds? Why not beef things up a bit with a brand new Reason Refill containing modern, up-to-date synth sounds for the Subtractor and Malström. 

In this Refill you will be exposed to 431 expertly created synth patches for instant injection into your music production. Amongst the multitude of new sounds, you will find dedicated folders containing...big phat nasty sub-bass synths, massive leads, sawing synths, sonic synth percussion, heavenly pads, cosmic sound effects, heart-racing rhythmic synths, polysynths, mono synths, and much, much more! 

We have taken into account the current evolving music scene and felt it was time someone came along with a Reason Refill that embraces the latest sounds heard in the clubs today; the sounds found in this Refill have been specifically designed to work with all forms of current club music, check out the demo showcases to get an idea of what this Refill has to offer (all the synth/chord/bass/lead sounds in the demo showcases are from this Refill).

We know how much it means to have new inspirational sounds on demand here at Prime Loops, and being presented with over 430 brand new professional patches for instant download cant be a bad get rid of those default Reason Subtractor & Malström synth patches and go ahead and enjoy using lots of new exciting synth sounds today!

PLEASE NOTE: This Reason Refill is compatible with Reason 4+ Only.
VST Patches Reason 3 Reloaded v4 Solid Synth Bass REFILL-AudioP2P VST Patches Reason 3 Reloaded v4 Solid Synth Bass REFILL-AudioP2P
Contains 116 Synth Bass Patches for Reason 3.0 (or higher). There are 50 Combinator
patches and 66 NN-19 Patches. Also included are 12 template songs to use.