Orange Free Sounds Rain Sounds WAV
Orange Free Sounds Rain Sounds WAV
An interesting fact – Rain Sounds are among „most wanted” sound effects on whole www.

Rain sound has positive effects on human mind.
Soothing sounds of rain are very relaxing and helps you to calm down when nervous or stressed in any way.
Rain sounds for sleeping – one of the best ways to quickly enter deep, relaxing sleep.

It can be used in movies industry, gaming industry, for therapeutic purposes (sound therapy)… but we consider it’s best to choose what suits you the best.

Recording rain sounds is not a simple task as it looks. Recording equipment is not waterproof normally – if getting wet, you will have to wait a couple of days before it functions properly again.
To spare you problems, we recorded and published real rain sounds.

Sounds in this "Rain Sounds” Pack are not "foley sound effects”, i.e., rain sounds simulated and recorded in studio, but "real organic healthy rain”.
Real nature sounds, recorded in all four season of the year.
All sounds are loopable, so you can listen to it endlessly (if you like).

Recording Equipment

Zoom H4N Handy Portable Digital Recorder and microphone Neumann km 184 i

Technical details

Author: Orange Free Sounds
Inside "Rain Sounds”pack: 12 sounds
Quality: WAV 41,000 hertz, 16 bit samples

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Audio Animals Sounds Of The Korg MS20 WAV Audio Animals Sounds Of The Korg MS20 WAV
Audio Animals presents ‘Sounds Of The Korg MS-20 Vol.1’, a compilation of free fx and modulated bass sounds made using Audio Animals Korg MS-20. The samples in this pack were recorded from the Korg MS-20, via a Focurite ISA One Pre Amp, and run through a Little Labs VOG, SSL 9K EQ and SSL 9K Compressor.

This pack contains:

45 WAV FX Hits
34 WAV Bass Hits
65 WAV Modulated Bass Hits
All samples are recorded and processed in 44,100 24bit wav.

Recording Chain

Korg MS-20 Synthesizer
Focusrite ISA One Pre Amp
Little Labs VOG
SSL 9K Compressor

Recording and Processing
All samples included in this pack were recorded at 24/44.1 Khz and then mixed and mastered at Audio Animals Studios London by qualified and experienced engineers. Each sample has been meticulously processed on their custom SSL (Solid State Logic) and Maselec chain, featuring high quality SSL AD/DA converters and 24 channel summing mixer, 4k mono EQ and compressor, Super Analogue stereo EQ and compressor, as well as SSL VHD pre-amps.
Orange Free Sounds Halloween Creepy Sounds WAV Orange Free Sounds Halloween Creepy Sounds WAV
It’s end of October – Halloween time again.

As we did in 2014 (Halloween Scary Sounds Collection), we paid a visit to some other dimensions to bring you unusual, creepy sounds.
We will not discover you dimensions or technique – where & how we recorded the sounds, but some strange things happened during the sessions.

Some of us had accidents like cutting hand on the microphone (we had to clean a few small blood spots later), in the earphones we heard some sounds that where not there as we listened to the recordings later (maybe some short circuit in cables, maybe not?).

Everything was finished successfully, we are live & well and you have sounds that you can use free for your works, scaring neighborhood or for your pleasure.

Technical details

Author: Orange Free Sounds
Inside "Halloween Scary Sounds”Pack: 37 files in total
Quality: WAV 41,000 hertz, 16 bit samples
Orange Free Sounds Farm Animal Sounds WAV Orange Free Sounds Farm Animal Sounds WAV
We consider there is no need to explain the content of this Sound Pack – the title tells you almost everything, we will just list below animal sounds included.

Complete content was originally recorded for this Sound Pack and all sounds are real – we didn’t imitated animal sounds (foley sound effects).
Farm animal sounds in this sound pack are the ones you will find on most farms in middle Europe – no exotic animals like Llama sounds or crocodiles sounds.

In fact, there are peacock sounds but farmers in Europe are breeding this beautiful birds for decorative purposes. Cricket sounds, dove sounds and pigeon sounds are inevitable on almost every farm.

You can use sounds from "Farm Animal Sounds” for educative purposes, for your work, as funny ringtones – or just listen how we recorded it.


Dog sounds
Cat Sounds
Cow sounds
Horse Sounds
Pig Sounds
Sheep Sounds
Guinea Fowl sounds
Chicken Sounds
Rooster sounds
Goose sounds
Donkey Sounds
Goat Sounds
Pigeon Sounds
Dove Sounds
Cricket Sounds
Peacock Sounds

Technical details

Author: Orange Free Sounds
Inside "Farm Animal Sounds”pack: 43 sounds in total
Quality: WAV 41,000 hertz, 16 bit samples

WeatherM Astro Nature for Harmless FST WeatherM Astro Nature for Harmless FST
Last year, Astro Nature were born for space sounds.
Now 1 year later, here comes a new Astro Nature!

New Astro Nature comes with 85 sounds inspired from huge universe.
Basses, sometimes hard and sometimes soft.

Percussions, huge and sharp.
Hit sounds inspired by atmospheres.
They will support the pads and atmospheres, which will serve as the main sound sources of Astro Nature.
This is a ticket for a ride that will guide you towards the huge universe.

Some people say that the sound of Harmless isn't interesting, but their opinion will change at the moment they meet Astro Nature.

New features (Changes from the original Astro Nature):

- Will be sold at a higher price (just a little bit!).
- 55 new sounds, Astro Nature will now come with a total of 85 sounds.
- Some old sounds were modified a little bit.
- All sounds are categorized under Pad / Atmosphere / Bass / Swell / Hit / Percussion.
Bluezone Corporation Tech and Minimal Energy WAV-MAGNETRiXX Bluezone Corporation Tech and Minimal Energy WAV-MAGNETRiXX
Bluezone Corporation is proud to present Tech & Minimal Energy, a Sample Pack containing Drums, Sound Effects, Percussive Phrases and Punchy Keyboard Sounds. All of the sounds have been recorded with meticulous care for maximum effect.

Bluezone Corporation has created this original pack, designed to add a new dimension to your musical works. 

This sample pack features drums sounds that you won't find elsewhere. Furthermore, a collection of sound effects of minimal percussions were also added to enhance your compositions. The keyboards sounds have been recorded to create a punchy effect.

You will also find percussions phrases, which will give you the opportunity to create original compositions.


- Drums
- FX
- FX-Perc & Phrase
- Synth

Technical specifications:

- 516 Samples in WAV format
- Royalty-Free
Bluezone Corporation Hip Hop Edition AiFF WAV-DYNAMiCS Bluezone Corporation Hip Hop Edition AiFF WAV-DYNAMiCS
Bluezone Corporation presents Hip Hop Edition, the ultimate package for Hip Hop producers, made with hundreds of sounds, hits and loops. More than 940 loops and samples. Choose from bass sounds, fx, scratches and layers, as well as over 160 sounds ( piano, chords, brass, strings, fat synths, oriental sounds etc. ) and more than 500 drums. You will also find plenty of drum loops recorded in different bpm’s.

All the samples in this volume have been arranged with sure-fire precision to meet your everyday needs. So, if you want to get involved in major Hip Hop production, this pack is for you. Suitable for styles such as: Hip-Hop, RnB and Urban.

Hip Hop Edition Contents:

• Percussion Loops • Drum Loops • No Kick Loops • Sound Effects • Scratches • Pads / Layers / Atmospheres • Drum Hits / One-Shots • Instrument Hits

Technical Specifications:

• 716 MB Data / 1888 files • Formats : WAV / AIFF • Recorded at 65 - 132 bpm • Instant Download • Requires Winzip or similar utility to unpack • Suitable for use in all major sequencers • Royalty-Free with no extra cost • Ready to use in commercial production