Loopmasters Kate Wild Vocal Hooks and Acapellas Vol 3 MULTiFORMAT Loopmasters Kate Wild Vocal Hooks and Acapellas Vol 3 MULTiFORMAT
Loopmasters present Kate Wild Hooks and Acapellas Volume 3 – another stunning collection of vocals from this versatile and established industry professional. With Lead Vocals, lush Harmonies, warm Adlibs and a selection of solid Backing Vocals, Kate Wild 3 is available now for your productions and 100% royalty free!

"Since graduating from BIMM Brighton with a 1st Class Degree in Professional Vocals and Musicianship, Kate Wild has made herself known for her distinctly striking power pop vocals and engaging onstage performances. Now a highly sought after session and lead vocalist, she is also a backing vocalist, producer, top-line writer and label owner. 

Kate has been singing her whole life, studying music production since the age of 16. She has written, recorded, produced and performed on three highly acclaimed vocal sample packs for Loopmasters. And her voice and top-lines can be heard on a number of renowned sample brands such as Native Instruments, AKAI’s MPC, Splice and CAPSUN ProAudio. Most recently, Kate’s vocal features on the accompanying track for internet sensation People Are Awesome''s viral stunts video, racking up over 107million views on Facebook and 4 Million on Youtube.
MacProVideo Logic Pro FastTrack 114 Vintage B3 Organ TUTORiAL MacProVideo Logic Pro FastTrack 114 Vintage B3 Organ TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 23-02-2017
The Vintage B3 Organ is one of the best Hammond and Leslie emulations ever created… and it comes bundled in Logic Pro X! But to get the most out of it requires a bit of learning. Here’s Booker Edwards to show you the way!

There is nothing like the sound of a Hammond B3 pumping through a Leslie rotor cabinet. It’s an iconic timbre that can enhance and transform a track like no other instrument on the planet. Logic Pro X’s Vintage B3, with its double registers, vast array of customizable tone controls and built-in Leslie configurations, is a pretty complex beast. We’re pleased that Apple Certified trainer Booker Edwards is here to tame the B3 beast in this laser-focussed, FastTrack™ course.

So, no matter what kind of music you play or produce, whether it’s blues, rock, gospel or even EDM, pull out those drawbars and get those rotors revving. This course is designed to get you comfortable, experimenting and jamming with Logic’s Vintage B3 Organ software instrument…. FAST!

8Dio Free You KONTAKT 8Dio Free You KONTAKT
Free You is a new-generation art software instrument created in collaboration with our talented community. Free You was partially created by 200+ sound designers and partially created in-house by 8DIO. The instrument is best described as a deeply personal and unique textural composition tool. You can literally touch and feel the library at times – from the brightest heavens to the darkest of nightmares.

Free You contains over 4.5GB of heavenly sound designs divided into three core sound categories, including Tonal Textural Melodic Tools, BPM-Synced Rhythmic Pads and a unique Stuttery Rhythms. The Tonal Textural Tools are designed to add sustained and plucked textures to your music. The Rhythmic Pads are fantastic for a momentum and pulse – propelling the music to new places. The library contains over 300 organized presets – that each contains 3 unique sound layers that you can freely sculpt between. Free You contains 26 core banks that each contain 12 different patches. You can move and choose patches in real-time, since they all come pre-loaded.

Free You is not a conventional sample library. We would rather call it a piece of art software – liberated from normal and orthodox conventions of how things should be. It is beautiful, wild and free, yet completely organized easy to use. It is a library that is designed to surprise you and we added a variety of randomization features that can bring you into another dimension with a single click.

Music Production School Power Effects Course TUTORiAL Music Production School Power Effects Course TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 23-02-2017
The Power Effects Course is an extension of the Power Mixing Course and focuses specifically on effects processing techniques. This course is designed to teach you the inner workings of effects processing with detailed explanations and audio examples of each effect. Through this course you will learn how to quickly and efficiently achieve any effects sound you are looking for.

More than just a series of tutorials on effect plugins, you will learn in detail what each setting means and how it is used. The skills learned will allow you to quickly achieve the sound you are going for regardless of the plugin manufacturer or DAW you use. You will never feel lost when calling up an unfamiliar plugin in any DAW.

In addition to the detailed information on individual effects each class will also feature historic vintage effects processors including as many of the plugin emulations that are available in the market. My personal perspective on this is that the historical context of the vintage gear informs the modern day usage in the DAW. The effects processing techniques and methods of the past are super-critical to the success and effective application today.

Computer Music CM198 Maison Sky TUTORiAL Computer Music CM198 Maison Sky TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 23-02-2017
Maison Sky – We chat to the house hoodlums then step into the studio to get the goods on their production techniques
Vir2 Instruments Apollo Cinematic Guitars KONTAKT Vir2 Instruments Apollo Cinematic Guitars KONTAKT
THE NEW STANDARD IN SOUND DESIGN: Created for all forms of music production, Apollo: Cinematic Guitars offers five innovative categories packed with features to enhance the creative process, as well as save time and increase productivity. The goal of Apollo is to provide the modern composer with real guitar samples, strums, and sounds made straight from the best guitars, effects pedals, amps, and signal flow possible.

The Ambient Designer category delivers an experimental approach to sound design by engineering various tonal and non-tonal sounds to create custom guitar-based atmospheres. It utilizes various noises and sounds made solely with the guitar, including guitar plucks, phrases, violin bow on strings, fingers sliding on strings, white noise, amp buzz, and much much more. Each of these sounds can be combined, mixed, and panned to create the perfect atmosphere for compositions across all genres.
SHORTNOISE 2 delivers an amazing 10 GB library with more than 800 instruments, geared towards musicians, film, TV and game composers.

All instruments are roaylty-free and can be used within any production aspect. (Music production, Songwriting,Trailers and so on…)

It features a ton of electronic and hybrid sounds, that can be tweaked using a lots of effects, sequencers, arpeggiators and more.
It will be expanded with new sounds via so called "S2 Expansions" on a regular basis. (FREE as well as paid expansions)

The unique core of S2 is the pattern-based Step-sequencer, that offers 288 steps per instrument with flexible effects modulation.

Cinesamples Abbey Road Classic Upright Pianos KONTAKT Cinesamples Abbey Road Classic Upright Pianos KONTAKT
Cinesamples is proud to present our new pianos library for Kontakt (Player), Abbey Road Classic Upright Pianos. Recorded at the world famous Abbey Road Studio Two in London, and mixed by our very own Tim Starnes, the Abbey Road Pianos library brings two of the record industry’s most iconic upright pianos — and the legendary studio where they reside — right to your fingertips.?

Dieguis Productions Cinematic Motion KONTAKT MULTiFORMAT Dieguis Productions Cinematic Motion KONTAKT MULTiFORMAT
This massive 6.6 GB collection (2.7 GB of 24-bit WAV files) of Cinematic Pulses, Rhythmic Sequences, Soundscapes, Atmospheres and Textures is the premium choice for Film Composing, Video Games, Sound Design, Documentaries, Media Trailers, Commercials, and Contemporary Cinematic and Ambient Songwriting.

Inspired by soundtracks and composers like Hans Zimmer, Cliff Martinez, James Newton Howard, Thomas Newman, Gravity, Oblivion, Solaris, Dark Knight, Inception, Traffic and many others; Cinematic Motion gives you freedom to create instant cinematic moods, atmospheres and dramatic textures in seconds!

Cinematic Motion includes Soundscapes, Rhythmic Pulses, Sequenced Synths, Cinematic Percussion, SFX, Brass Synth, Strings and Orchestral Layers, Ambiences, Drones, Pianos, Pads, and so many more; giving you the freedom to simply use one layer of the instrument by itself or increase the depth, complexity and beauty by adding additional complimentary instrument parts. 
Groove3 Peter Magadini Jazz Drums TUTORiAL Groove3 Peter Magadini Jazz Drums TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 22-02-2017
In this information-packed Hal Leonard video series, Master Jazz Drummer and Clinician Peter Magadini reveals the essential ingredients of Jazz Drumming. Inspirational live performances, concise explanations, demonstrations and exercises provide a comprehensive overview of Traditional and Contemporary Jazz Drumming Styles and Techniques.

Throughout this fantastic series, Peter covers topics such as Playing the Jazz Ride Cymbal, Playing with a "two” feel, The Ride Cymbal and Independence, Jazz Form and Structure, Latin and Latin-Jazz patterns including Samba and Cascara. You’ll then learn techniques for Improvising on the Drumset, Playing Fours & Eights, How to Trade Solos with The Band, Brush technique, Interpreting Drum Charts in all Styles, Jazz-Rock Fusion and much more.