FatLoud Dope Keyz Vol.3 ACiD WAV AiFF REX2 FatLoud Dope Keyz Vol.3 ACiD WAV AiFF REX2
'Dope Keyz Vol 3' contains 108 keyboard loops in a tempo range of 80 to 140 BPM. Loops are divided into four main categories, with Piano, EP, Misc (Synth, Organ, and Clavi) and Mixed Loops on offer. This version is a little bit "dirtier" than previous Volues, loops have a wider BPM range and the pack isn't focused solely on Piano and EP loops.

If you're a fan of keys in any form and you're looking for an original sound then this library could satisfy your needs and deliver you a nice range of material to work with. 

All loops and samples included in this pack are completely royalty-free, key and tempo-labelled and presented in 16-Bit WAV (ACIDized), 24-Bit WAV (ACIDized), REX and 24-Bit Apple Loops (AIFF).

Product Includes:

• Completely royalty-free material to use within your commercial compositions

• 5 Trap Construction Kits composed from 88 loops
AudioTechnology App Issue 18, 2015 AudioTechnology App Issue 18, 2015
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If you’re serious about audio then AudioTechnology is your magazine: whether it be the inside story behind the world’s great albums or the best-sounding concert productions, videogame sound, software tips, reviews of the latest gear, opinion and news – AudioTechnology has you covered.
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Like the sounds but lack the skills? Watch, listen and learn as we lift the lid on FM Synthesis. Often thought of as an extremely complex form of synthesis, this course shows you how to create unique harmonic and dissonant sounds in 9 easy to follow, well paced video tutorials.

Learn how the pros create those distinctive sounds only achievable with FM synthesis from classic FM instruments, drum and bass basses, and more.

ADSR - U-he Bazille A First Look TUTORiAL ADSR - U-he Bazille A First Look TUTORiAL
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For example, Bazille uses mainly FM (called Phase Distortion inside Bazille)to create sounds, which is a digital technique, and there are also lots of advanced modulation possibilities.

The morphing sequencer for example is not something you would find in an oldskool modular system!Almost everything in Bazille works with patch cables, you connect different modules together in a chain to create sounds.To drag a cable you click on a module output and then connect it to the input of another module.This way you can connect oscillators to filters, but also oscillators to oscillators, LFO's to sequencers, etc.So the cables work for audio signal as well as modulation signals (Control Voltages)

The beauty of this is that you can create totally random but awesome patches where you use your imagination to make the weirdest connections, like sending the output of a filter to the input of two other filters, or use an oscillator as modulation source.
Other than the 4 oscillators and 2 LFO's (although oscillators can also operate as LFO's) we have a sequencer, a quantizer, a sample and hold module some noise sources, an insanely awesome FX section and much more!

For those of you looking for a new and creative way to design great sounding patches this might be the end of your search!
Natura Viva Phunk Investigation Secret Sounds WAV Natura Viva Phunk Investigation Secret Sounds WAV
Phunk Investigation open the doors of his studio with "Phunk Investigation Secret Sounds”.

The worldwide respected and appreciated duo delivers for you this special samples pack, including a lot of useful loops, pads and one shots (524 MB).

Into this pack you will find:

• 16 ambient pads
• 34 bass loops
• 15 clap/snare loops
• 24 FXs
• 18 kick loops
• 47 one shots
• 18 perc loops
• 26 synth loops
• 29 top loops
Looptroniks Rock Hard WAV MIDI FLP Looptroniks Rock Hard WAV MIDI FLP
'Rock Hard' is the first of many head bangin' Construction Kits from Looptroniks. This phenomenal Rock series brings a patented flavour of guitars, bass, and drums to satisfy your Rock'n'Roll cravings. Looptroniks put together five Construction Kits with a wide variety of Rock styles, including Indie Rock, Alternative, Contemporary, Hard Rock, and so many more.

This new series brings together so many useful sounds that can easily be plugged into your productions to bring a pure Rock flavour to your next hit record. 

All sounds and samples are Royalty-Free for you to use in a commercial production or even for DJ/remix purposes. You can use these samples in as many ways as you desire.

Product Features:

• 5 Multi-tracked Construction Kits
• All parts are separated
• All parts are Royalty-Free
• Keys and tempos are included
• 24-Bit WAV, FLP & MIDI
• All tempos & key signatures included

MacProVideo Native Instruments 200 Battery: The Art of Drum Programming TUTORiAL MacProVideo Native Instruments 200 Battery: The Art of Drum Programming TUTORiAL
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Discover Bill Burgess' deep secrets about the dark "art” of programming drums while simultaneously learning how Native Instrument’s classic drum machine Battery 3 works. It's like getting two tutorials for the price of one! Check it out...

Battery 3 is one of the deepest, baddest drum machines in the Native Instruments arsenal of synths. You’ve got layers upon layers of sounds and multitudes of control parameters. But what do you do with them? How do you harness all this power to create your own unique beats? Well, that’s exactly what this tutorial will teach you.

You see, there’s no better way to learn Battery 3 than by having a Master Beat Maker like Bill Burgess show you how he makes his beats. So not only will you learn all the artistic and rhythmic techniques that a seasoned drum programmer uses to make his percussion tracks come alive, but Bill also shows you how he takes control of Native Instruments’ drum technology to squeeze out every ounce of power from Battery 3's supercharged beat engine.

So if you want to know more about what makes Battery 3 tick or want to learn the theory behind how the pros program their beats, this tutorial will inspire you to explore new ways to power up you rhythm tracks!

ADSRSounds Cinematic Zebra By Jorgalad ADSRSounds Cinematic Zebra By Jorgalad
A sound pack filled with 50 beautiful musical patches, suitable for any kind of music.

This pack is made for people who want to take their music and sound design to the next level, it contains 50 sounds that are very complex and use all different kinds of modules in Zebra.
Having years of synth experience I really tried to take it up a notch to provide patches that are not out there yet. And Zebra is the perfect synth to do so.
All 50 patches have the most useful parameters assigned to the X&Y Pads, which means that each patch contains a huge amount of additional sounds that you can modulate.

This way you can use the sounds straight away in your production, but they are also great for learning.
If you dive deeper into the patches you’ll see a great amount of synth tricks that are not commonly used, you can take these ideas and apply them to every synth out there.

The demo track is just a lot of the sounds playing after each other, nothing is layered, nothing has additional FX to it, just holding one key at a time triggering different patches.
ADSR NI Flesh Explained TUTORiAL ADSR NI Flesh Explained TUTORiAL
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Designed to be used with Reaktor, Flesh is perfect both for live sets and studio production. Developed by Tim Exile from Planet Mu and Warp, Flesh is the next step for live performers. Create custom sounds and have full control of your tracks with this powerful and amazing tool. You’ll dissect samples and completely change how they feel by using the various features that the tool has to offer.

This course will show you the ins and outs of using Flesh in 5 individual sections that mount up to almost an hour of helpful information.

.....::::: Radically change the sounds of your instruments in real time :::::.....

.....::::: Part 1 - Features Overview :::::.....
In this part, you’ll learn the basics of Flesh and get introduced to the features that you can use the Sample Engine, the Effects Section, the Modulation Page and more. This is the first step in creating your personal musical landscape.

.....::::: Part 2 - Samples Page :::::.....
Samples are what make Flesh the innovative tool that it is. In this section you’ll learn how to load, trigger and manipulate up to 12 samples to create your individual tracks. See the waveform of each sample and watch the magic happen.

.....::::: Part 3 - Sound Generators :::::.....
This tutorial will teach you how to use the five sound generators that come with Flesh: the sub synth, the mono synth, the sample engine, the polysynth and the effects section. You’ll be able to manipulate sounds like never before and enhance your live sets and studio tracks.

.....::::: Part 4 - Harmony Page :::::.....
Learn how to create rhythms and load different harmonies. Change the root note or the pitch bend of your sounds and then record the sequence. Play lush harmonies and alter their behaviour as you wish. Get creative and change how you view music production.

.....::::: Part 5 - Configuration Subpages :::::.....
In the final part, you’ll learn how to set up a variety of different modulation, change the behaviour of master macros and tweak the remote settings. Play with the LFO rate and apply an envelope to achieve the sounds of your choice.

.....::::: Get ready for a masterful performance :::::.....
After going through all of these tutorials, you’ll be prepared to use Flesh in your live sets and studio. Produce tracks by loading just a sample from your library or use amazing effects in your live performance.

This tool helps you radically change the sounds of your instruments in real time with just a press of a button. Add flair to your performances and always be in control of your music productions.

Flesh is easy and fun to use, and you’ll learn the gist of it in no time. Other live productions tools may not be as intuitive or have such a user-friendly interface as Flesh.
Freaky Loops Future Bass WAV MiDi Sylenth Massive SERUM Presets Freaky Loops Future Bass WAV MiDi Sylenth Massive SERUM Presets
We are proud to present our latest release ‘Future Bass’ - a good starting point for your next adventure!.

This smokin’ hot collection contains all the tools you need to create your next breathtaking chart-topper. You’ll find everything from speaker-ripping subs to future bass inspired synths, fierce bass stabs to swung and corrupted slo-mo beats, uber-melodic and ghostly synth hooks to luscious leads, mellow atmospheres to smoothy dubbed-out chord progressions, spacious melodic pads to emotional synth stabs, rich arpeggios to futuristic keys, evolving pads to glitched-out FX, filth-dripping reese to crispy ’n’ crunchy snares, retro toms to broken and energetic beats, trapped-out percs to cottony plucks, lo-fi smooth keys to dusty atmospheric melodies and much more! All is here that you need to start making tracks in this genre.

This future bass-y sample pack contains 203 Loops range from 90bpm to 160 bpm + 153 mind-blowing Oneshots + 95 Midi Files that give you all of the master sequences, 5 Inspiration Kits (includes 5 full mix and 47 stems) and if that wasn't enough, this pack also features with a selection of presets. Loops folder consist of; 21 Pad & Chord Loops, 19 Bass Loops, 17 Pluck & Arp Loops, 17 Lead Loops, 15 Drum Fills and 114 Drum Loops. Oneshots folder contains; 25 Chord & Stab Hits, 17 Fx Hits, 111 Drum Hits consist of 21 Hihats, 21 Kicks, 45 Percussions and 24 Snare & Claps to create your own sequenced beat. Midi Files comes with; 95 Midi files allowing you to fully customize the sound and melody. You will also find Presets folder inside - contains 25 Serum Presets (include wavetable), 11 Sylenth Presets and 5 NI Massive Presets gives you a total freedom. All loops & samples are key and tempo-labelled for flexibility.