M-Audio Pro Sessions Vol.29 Liquid Cinema Junkyard Sessions ACiD WAV AiFF REX2-DYNAMiCS M-Audio Pro Sessions Vol.29 Liquid Cinema Junkyard Sessions ACiD WAV AiFF REX2-DYNAMiCS
The Junkyard Sessions captures fresh percussion ensemble performances using an amazing array of strange, resonant "found" objects. Car parts, artillery shells, kitchen utensils, and cake pans are just some of the instruments in this exotic collection of nearly 200 tracks ranging in tempo from 52 to 185 bpm, plus REX2 files that can adapt to any tempo. Jeff Rona's Liquid Cinema is an extensive resource of contemporary cinematic sonic elements that delivers pure, instant inspiration for film, television, commercials, trailers, games and all-around music production.

These unique and imaginative sounds are based on the sonic palette of film composer Jeff Rona (Traffic, Homicide, Black Hawk Down, Chicago Hope, The Mothman Prophecies). 

All samples are in AIFF, WAV, REX2 and Acidized WAV formats.
Audentity Phatt Kicks In Key 2016 ACID WAV Free Audentity Phatt Kicks In Key 2016 ACID WAV Free
Audentity Phatt Kicks In Key 2016 is a special selection of our popular Kicks In Key series!
102 free Kicks for EDM,Deep House,Future House,Progressive House and more!
Acoustica Nightlife VST x32 WIN Free Acoustica Nightlife VST x32 WIN Free
Soft / VST Instruments 13-03-2016
Nightlife is a fun and inspiring virtual synthesizer instrument, packed with bone–rattling basses, otherworldly pads, beat–synced arpeggiated patterns and tons more, making it the ideal choice for modern dance, EDM, or trance styles. And with three oscillators, five built-in mod sequencers, dual filters with fifteen filter types plus a vowel filter, four LFOs, flexible mod matrix, a bit crusher, and five killer effects, Nightlife is a programmable powerhouse. For users who just want to rock the house without a lot of pushing the mouse, Nightlife includes a ton of edgy, evocative preset patches.


Create captivating patterns with five independent, beat–synced sequencers, each with up to 32 steps. Routable to filters, pitch, amplitude and more.


Three feature–packed oscillators including sync, ring mod, and FM. Choose from dozens of included waveforms, or draw custom waves with the mouse.


Dual–filter architecture with selectable oscillator input routing. Choose from fifteen filter types, including classic 24 db/oct lowpass, bandpass, highpass, and more.

Vowel Filter

Nightlife’s Vowel Filter lets you create unique vocal–like timbres with an easy and fun "bouncing ball” graphic interface.

Mod Matrix

Quickly configure up to ten individual mod routings with Nightlife’s flexible modulation matrix. Choose from nine mod sources and 36 destinations.
Best Service PLP120 VSTi AU RTAS v1.0 HYBRiD iSO-DELiRiUM Best Service PLP120 VSTi AU RTAS v1.0 HYBRiD iSO-DELiRiUM
Soft / VST Instruments 13-03-2016
With PLP 120 you get a superb collection of a thousand rhythmical grooves combined with a specially adapted user interface.

PLP 120 is a virtual instrument plug-in combining live - played percussion with an innovative audio engine. This is dramatically different from other products through the possibilities of loop settings with the so - called "loopeye." All loops are four bars in length but what makes it stunning is that you can easily change the start and endpoint of each of the loops thanks to the specially adapted and very useful interface.

PLP 120 also includes amazing new tech grooves based on electronic and acoustic rhythmic loops and a large collection of live-played percussion from all over the world. You get hundreds of construction banks sorted in numerous styles always mapped to two octaves of your keyboard. You can arrange your own rhythmical firework in a fast and uncomplicated way just by pressing some keys!

PLP 120 goes further than any soundlibrary or module ever did. Now you can explore the world!

PLP 120 Features:

o 1.5 GB of live percussive performances 
o over 1000 - 4 bar loops 
o over 400 filles, breaks and single shots 
o all grooves will combine 
o electronic & acoustic loops 
o live-played world loops 
o construction banks sorted in styles 
o played by professional studio musicians 
o recorded with high-quality equipment 
o for Dance, Pop & contemporary productions 
o audio engine for quick adaptation 
o high-quality Time+Pitch Algorithms 
o all samples recorded at 120 bpm 
o optimally adaptible from 90 to 150 bpm 
o innovative 'Loopeye' for fast loop variations 

Much more than just a collection of grooves, PLP120 allows you to adjust the tempo and pitch of the samples to match your song. The sounds remain crystal clear, retaining the highest quality thanks to the fantastic MPEX2 algorithms by Prosoniq. All licks were recorded at 120 bpm. These can be changed in tempo to +/- 30 bpm (90-150 bpm) and retain the highest quality.

The 'Loopeye' enables you to easily change the loop start and end point to create fantastic new groove variations. But the fun doesn┤t stop there: the PLP120 engine allows you to split the grooves into different splices, automatically assigned to your keyboard so you can create literally endless new variations of the original groove.
Search through specific categories like percussion instruments from all around the world - eg. Darbuka or Conga. The engine also allows you to search in categories like Latin, Oriental, Asia and more, you can even search for specific dance styles like Hip Hop and others.

All these features together with multiple ways of creativly manipulating the grooves is making the PLP 120 an outstanding instrument.

Electronisounds Mello Synthetic Ambient Sample Pack ACID WAV REX-DISCOVER Electronisounds Mello Synthetic Ambient Sample Pack ACID WAV REX-DISCOVER
Like to keep it mello? Well you might have just found what you need. This downloadable sample CD delivers all the sounds and loops you need to "keep it on the mellow vibe!" Jam packed with over 850 **all-new** samples.
For starters, Mello Synthetic provides you with heaps of one-shots to use in programming your own grooves and melodies. From basses, synths and pads, to drums, chords and trippy FX--IT'S ALL HERE! Electronisounds have set you up with soft, minor-chord hits from six different instruments: Air Choir, Fairlight Strings, Mello Pad, PWM Strings, Soft Rotor Organ and Sweet Rhodes. Drop a few of these over your beats, and get groovy! Synth chords not your thing? No problem--there's plenty!


Electronisounds have included one-shots from THREE different acoustic guitars! When layered, you can create all sorts of sounds from these guitar samples. They've even been able to get them to sound similar to a classical harpsichord! Also included are REAL accordian and indian wood flute one-shots.


On Mello Synthetic, we programmed and sampled 10 patches that are essential sounds for today's downtempo productions: Cathedral Bells, Dark Blossom Pad, Nice Trip Pad, Nu Age Crystal, Perfect Pad, Pluck String Pad, Smooth Choir, Spacey Rhodes, Syn Strings and Vibro Rhodes. Don't like programming out multi-samples on your sampler? Simply use these sounds as one-shots!


On MS, you'll find a sweet mello-sounding drumkit that is very complimentary to the other sounds here. Electronisounds have also packed in 225 BONUS DRUM SOUNDS collected from their other sample CD downloads! From ethnic percussion and real acoustic hi-hats, to vinyl and electro drumkits - they've got you covered!


In the drumloops category, Mello Synthetic really offers VARIETY. Electronisounds have created exclusively for this downloadable CD: "live-played" drumloops (played on a Roland V-Studio drumkit), "live-played" acoustic drumloops (played on a 5-piece Mapex drumkit), nu toy keyboard beats, vocoded drumloops, and a nice selection of their own programmed beats. Every single drumloop/beat is offered in TWO formats: .REX2 & .WAV, so you can easily drop these into your software of choice and instantly get the results you need! The versatility of these loops is astounding!


Lastly, they have programmed a selection of mello, groovy musical loops and phrases that you can easily drop over the included beats or your own patterns. You'll find funky basslines and synthriffs to get you in the mood for making mello electronica tracks - ENJOY!


Bringing these sounds to you in standard .WAV format means anyone programming music on a PC or mac can use thse sounds! These loops and sounds will slide effortlessly into any .WAV compatible music-sequencing program such as: ACID, Sonar, Cakewalk Project 5, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase, Fast Tracker, Orion, Fruity Loops, Impulse Tracker, Cakewalk Club Tracks, ReLoop2, Buzz, Leaf Drums, MasterBeat, Recycle...etc.

These .WAV's will also work directly with the AKAI S5000 & S6000, Roland SP-606 or any other hardware or software sampler that can read standard .WAV samples.
3 main fxb sound banks contain 128 of the same sounds each.
Emerge DRY- This is the main set of 128 sounds for owners of the full version of DUNE. This set has EQ, Distortion, and Phaser/Chorus settings, but NO Delay or Reverb used.
Emerge WET- This is the same 128 sounds, but with Delay and Reverb added to many of the sounds.

Emerge DUNE CM-LE- This set of 128 is the same sounds as the other sets, but without any effects or EQ at all. The Emerge CM-LE set is tweaked specifically for those who have DUNE CM or LE edition.

Emerge Arp DRY- This is a set of 128 Arps made using the patches from each of the main Emerge sounds.

The DRY bank does not use effects.

Emerge Arp WET - This set of 128 Arps uses all effects.
contortDistort Metaphysical Fabrications FOR NI REAKTOR Free contortDistort Metaphysical Fabrications FOR NI REAKTOR Free
Metaphysical Fabrications is a unique and creative collection of 52 evolving smooth and complex soundscapes, pulsing and arrhythmic textures, heavy and raw creations, and swirling shaped drones by Christian Kjeldsen, one of Metaphysical Function’s original sound designers.

New features include the ability to play the Resochord like a musical instrument via MIDI note input, providing faster and engaging control of each comb filter’s pitch; the ability to create chord progressions with the Resochord via Metaphysical Function’s slider automation or via MIDI note input; Oscillator trim; Stereo input toggle; Sample vs Input crossfade
; Pitch bend and Mod Wheel control; and re-triggering of Sampler and Slider Automation via MIDI note input.

Please take a look at the included ReadMe file for descriptions and how to use the new features and notes on the snap shots.


249.5 MB of disc space
Reaktor 5.9.4 or higher
Peace Love Productions Deep House Cafe MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS Peace Love Productions Deep House Cafe MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
Deep House Cafe is a unique blend of Deep Soulful House and Funky Chill House. There is NOTHING like this collection. You'll be producing instant House and Chill House classics within minutes. Deep House Cafe loops are perfect for producers and Djs alike. 

Sounds include Basses, Brass, Buildups, Chilling Chords, Chilling Elements, Chord Sweeps, Combo Beats, Filtered Beats, Lo Fi Combos, Percussions, Filtered Sweeps, Hi Hat Patterns, Kick Patterns, Drum One Shots, Percussion Patterns, Snare Rolls, Filtered Backgrounds, Filtered Rhythms, Vintage Keys, Organs, Pads, Pianos, Rhodes, SFX, and Synths. Inspired by artists such as Kascade, Om Lounge, Mark Farina, Miguel Migs, Diplo, Switch, James Amato, and Colette. 

This collection is Jazzy, Funky, and atmospheric. 528 Loops and samples (541mb) in total.
Peace Love Productions Jazzy House ACID WAV MiDi Peace Love Productions Jazzy House ACID WAV MiDi
Pianist John Hobart and PLP team up to bring you a gigantic collection of loops for producing up beat Jazzy House. This collection provides midi files, loops, and oneshot samples. Sound folders include, long solos, keyboard cut upz, kicks, snare, percussion, hi hats, basses, pads, SFX, filtered rhythms, beat layers, and kickless grooves. The possibilities of this package are practically limitless and extremely versatile when producing just about any form of House. The main focus of Jazzy House are it's Jazzy Keys.

The midi folder includes 3 long 8 measure solos and 34 House Basslines. There are two Jazzy solos and one Latin solo. Use the midi files with your favorite VSTi or synthesizer and have complete control over the performance. It's like having your very own soloing keyboardist at your finger tips (no pun intendeded). That's just the beginning. 

Use the cut up loops to put a new twist on your tunes by giving them the popular edit effect. Each drum layer adds a new dimension to the groove by providing isolated kicks, snare, snaps, claps, hi hats, percussion, kickless rhythms, and pumping layers. You'll get lost in designing your own beats for sure. There are also 83 drum oneshots to top it all off.

464 Loops and 83 Drum One Shots. 

Recorded in various keys at 120 BPMs. 

24 bit 44.1kHz Stereo
Peace Love Productions The Best Of PLP Dance Vocals ACiD WAV AiFF REX-KRock Peace Love Productions The Best Of PLP Dance Vocals ACiD WAV AiFF REX-KRock
The Best Of PLP Dance Vocals features vocal loops and vocal samples excellent for all styles of electronic music. Perfect samples for producing all sub-genres of Dance music. Includes: Hardstyle, Tribal House, Electro, Fidget House, Dubstep, Trance, Chillout and Deep House vocal samples.

The vocal loops & vocal samples in this library are taken from various other PLP releases:
• 28 Dark Hardstyle Vocals – Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle)
• 23 African Chanting performed by Johann Smit – BONUS
• 12 Sexy Female Dubstep Loops performed by Julie "Juicebox” Dutchak – BONUS
• 27 Diva/House/Soul loops performed by Carla Starla – Tech NRG
• 14 Vocoded vocals performed by Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle) – PLP Electrofied
• 7 Synthetic vocals performed by Robot Voices – Tech NRG
• 7 Vocal FX – Techno Trance Blaster
• 5 LA Underground Vocals
• 5 Vocal Stutters – Bubble Guy Bass
• 4 Ambient vocals – Warped Space 2

Zipped Contents (299 mb)
132 Loops Total
24 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo.
Included formats are Apple Looped Aiff, Acidized .Wav, Recycle .Rx2