The Unfinished Zebra Humankind Patches for Zebra The Unfinished Zebra Humankind Patches for Zebra
Humankind is a collection of four smaller soundsets that were originally released individually back in 2013. They were limited edition collections, only released for a short period of time, and in aid of Oxfam.

In Zebra Humankind there are 64 sounds for Zebra. The patches are designed for a variety of uses and genres, although with a focus on the cinematic; all with the quality and dexterity you’d expect from The Unfinished sounds.

Samplified x Floating Forest Sample Pack Collection WAV Samplified x Floating Forest Sample Pack Collection WAV
150 Loops + 50 One Shots
Loops: Drums – Plucks – Synth – Bass – Percussion – Pads

Zapz Chopworx Vol.1 WAV Zapz Chopworx Vol.1 WAV
Zapz is back with a new series (the chopworx) there will be a new sample pack dropping 18th of every month packed with sample chops ready for your production this pack has 57 samples 85mb of content ENJOY !!!
ZenSound Condensed Energy Chromaphone Soundset ZenSound Condensed Energy Chromaphone Soundset
Condensed Energy retains the power of real instruments in a smart package with very tight electric percussions, deep and soft drums, colourful and complex bells and evil soundscapes and SFX.

I think that this soundset will bring to your musical projects a huge amount of energy and realism.

The strength of Condensed Energy is that it is formed by realistic sounds and surrealistic sounds, thanks to the Chromaphone physical modeled resonators.

This soundset is formed by a vast and wide variety of 128 unique sounds, that will awake your creative strengths.

Condensed Energy is suitable for all kind of electronica compositions, media music and video games music or effects, bringing to your projects power and color.

Detail Red Brainvision Strobe2 Presets Ableton 9 Project Detail Red Brainvision Strobe2 Presets Ableton 9 Project
This Strobe 2 collection comes with an Ableton 9 project, 19 bass, 9 chords, 8 leads, 6 plucks, and 5 fx all inspired by Electronic Music and the best Analogue Synthesizers such as Prophet 8, Jupiter-80 and Oberheim OB-X

GrimmAudio LevelOne v1.5.0 CE-V.R GrimmAudio LevelOne v1.5.0 CE-V.R
Soft / Audio Soft Yesterday, 15:08
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Loudness jumps between program items is a well known phenomenon for broadcasters and producers of multi-media or game audio. So far only leveling by ear could fix this, a tedious task especially when content is collected from more than one source. International demand for a loudness measurement standard led to the ITU LKFS loudness descriptor. It forms the core of Grimm Audio's LevelOne software.

loudness, dialog, true peak or PPM normalization
batch file conversion
preset structure offers fast and easy operation
presets can be saved as droplets
processing up to 100x real time on standard PC's
data export for statistical analysis
24 or 16 bits dithered output
lossless MPEG 1 layer 2 and 3 normalizing
PC and Mac (Growl support on Mac)

Sami The Producer Mental Illness WAV MiDi Sami The Producer Mental Illness WAV MiDi
'Mental Illness' features five construction kits composed with the highest quality available.

The sounds in this create the feeling of psychological imbalance in creativity and is truly something unique and twisted. 

All sounds have been expertly mixed and are ready to be loaded into your favorite DAW. As well as WAV samples, MIDI files are included to offer you full flexibility, as are all individual drum hits. 'Mental Illness' contains tempo and key labels for easy reference.

Best of all, these Construction Kits are Royalty-Free, meaning you can use them in personal or commercial compositions at no extra cost. So take advantage NOW!

Product Includes: 

•5 Construction kits
•Royalty-Free 100%
•Key & Tempo Labeled
•All Files are 44 khz / 24bit
•65 Midi & 65 Wav Files
•Mixed & Mastered WAV loops
BeatRig SideKick Extended 6 v1.7.158 CE-V.R BeatRig SideKick Extended 6 v1.7.158 CE-V.R
Soft / Audio Soft Yesterday, 15:07
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SideKick Extended 6 is the easiest, yet most comprehensive side-chain compressor that works in your VST and/or AU compatible host on Mac and Windows. With Side chaining you change the volume from one sound by the volume of another sound. It is most commonly used to duck (bass) sounds on each kick punch. Creating room in your mix for maximum fatness. 

But you can do so much more with SideKick… Create sucking ride sounds or a wall of sound when used on a reverb. Check out the demo’s and see how they were made.
Excited to do some side-chaining? Try the free demo. Add it to your cart on the right, check out, and you’ll receive an email with download link and trial serial. Make sure to check out the quickstart guide and you will be side-chaining within minutes.
GrimmAudio BeatRig LevelNorm v1.5.400 CE-V.R GrimmAudio BeatRig LevelNorm v1.5.400 CE-V.R
Soft / Audio Soft Yesterday, 15:07
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LevelNorm brings the loudness normalization revolution right into your Avid workstation. This AAX and AudioSuite plugin is equally suited for Protools, Media Composer and News Cutter systems. Compliance to EBU R128, ATSC A/85 and CALM act requirements has never been so fast, easy and affordable! 

Avid Protools, Media Composer and News Cutter users can now enjoy super fast EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 loudness normalisation.
The user interface of LevelNorm is kept as simple as possible so R128 compliance can now be achieved by audio experts as well as video editors with limited audio engineering skills. Normalizing a piece of mono, stereo or multichannel audio is as easy as selecting the region of interest and clicking the 'process' button. For ATSC A/85 compliance, the AAX plugin optionally offers Dolby Dialog Intelligence to determine the dialog level automatically.
Application of LevelNorm is not limited to finalize a mix for broadcast, but also aids in matching levels of different recordings while editing or even prepare tracks with a preset loudness offset. The high processing speed of LevelNorm fits perfectly in a hectic production environment with tight deadlines like news item editing.

Lynda Pro Tools 12 Essential Training 101 TUTORiAL Lynda Pro Tools 12 Essential Training 101 TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons Yesterday, 15:07
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Unlock the power of Pro Tools. In collaboration with Avid Technology (the makers of Pro Tools), we have teamed up with Frank D. Cook, Avid Master Instructor and author of the Pro Tools 101 course book, to create Pro Tools 12 Essential Training: 101. Frank translates Avid's official training into an online course covering all of the fundamentals necessary to get started using Pro Tools with confidence. The lessons are designed to help you overcome the challenge of the software and get you started creating your own sessions and final mixes. Frank starts by explaining some basic concepts of digital audio and providing an overview of the Pro Tools software. He quickly moves into creating a Pro Tools session and recording tracks, including importing media and working with MIDI. He then demonstrates how to select, navigate, and edit audio within Pro Tools 12. The course wraps up by demonstrating basic mixing and automation techniques, creating a session backup, and bouncing down a final mix. You'll also get some of Frank's favorite tips and tricks for using Pro Tools in a real-world audio production workflow.